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Rose quartz. It was beautiful, this cavern that was filled with the semiprecious stone. The quartz glittered and shone, seemingly make the light dance in ways unexpected and abstract.

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“He’ll recover, but the brain damage was extensive.”
“Are you sure he’ll be the same person when he wakes up?”
“I hope so.”
Kylo Ren only nodded. Dr. Autrati was the best neuroscientist in the galaxy.

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The fabled Stag Nation – the nation of stags.

Okay, fine, I don’t know what stagnation means off the top of my head. Does that mean I’m a horrible writer? Do you want to fight me over it? I have to warn you, I’ve fought before.

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The stranger slipped into the tavern, drawing no notice, and slipping over to a table. A waiter came up.
“I’m just resting,” he said, cutting her off.

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The drummer paraded up and down the street, watching for the sign that his conductor had given. Something was off, something wasn’t right.
There! A glimmer of light! Was that the Unbalancer that was haunting this band?

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The everlasting covenant. The one thing that had held his people together.
But it was broken, sealed in a glass case in a forgotten wing of a forgotten museum, only waiting to be touched by the right person…

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“I need a lift. Can you get me to Coruscant?”
“Sure, kid. Hop on the shuttle – I’ll pay.”
“Thanks. I really appreciate it.”
Rey sprinted up the ramp and into the ship, off for Coruscant – and, possibly, her family – at last.

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The thieves came in the night, stealing all the people’s gold and silver and all manner of precious things. That was okay though, because they were Mormons and believed in treasures in heaven.

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She walked over to the group, trying to introduce herself, but they turned their backs. Just like every other group that she had ever met.
Would she ever find a group of friends?

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“He’s a certified florist.”
I harrumph. Certified florist, my foot. That man couldn’t name a rose if the answer was waved in front of him.

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“There are steps you need to take. This isn’t just a one time thing–nothing of importance ever is.”
“Okay. So, what’s the whole point of this?”
“To gain an unbiased and knowledgeable view of the universe we live in.”

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“Stop! Ren’s not evil!”
“That’s impossible!”
“It’s true! He’s just misguided! Snoke tricked him!”
“Okay, now you’re just messing with my head.”

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Underground, she was safe.
Aboveground, where the normal people were, she was despised and hated. Aboveground, she was driven from place to place.
But here, underground, she could be free. She could sing and scream as loudly as she wanted to, and never worry about another finding out.

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The haunt was deserted. Callas called for any other ghost (to humans, the ghost language just sounded like BOO over and over again), before deciding to move in. He had hated the dorms back in ghost college.
He dropped his stuff down. His new home sweet home.

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There were changes to be made, rules to be kept and enforce, plans to set in motion. Oh, this was so exciting! He hadn’t felt so good in years! Of course, that was mostly because he was a control freak.

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The trek was long, but they held out, long after the others had fallen by the wayside and given up. It was long, but they had to do it.
For if they didn’t, they would die.

Priscilla moaned, in pain. Why had the others left her? Didn’t they know she was the one who could save them?

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He was locked up, waiting the end of the days, waiting until the gates opened and he could run free again, could smell flowers again, be with his wife again. But he had to wait, all because of a bribed judge.

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The slideshow went on, but Paul wasn’t really paying attention. He doodled in his notebook, letting all the little images in his head out onto the paper. He was bored, no doubt about it.

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The worth of souls is great in the sight of God.

He ran, tears streaming down his face. The soul-hunters had come for him, and if he didn’t want to be dragged down to the Devil’s domain, he needed to run.
He looked back and saw his best friend at the head of the pack.

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He was misunderstood, like always. But what did one expect when one constantly had to speak in riddles? The future was too great and powerful for any oracle to say straight, so they spoke in twisting, weaving ways that they hoped the hero would be able to understand.

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He pulled the coat over him, trying not to shiver in the cold night air as he walked through the desolate town. Everything around him was deserted, and he got a sense of loneliness from the ghosts that were supposedly haunting the town.

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“Do you have your passport?”
“Hold on a moment. I’l get it.” The older woman unbuckled and climbed into the backseat.
“We’re at the border. We need to get out before the guards realize I’m helping you escape.” The terrified children nodded, and the adult opened the back and wished them luck.

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The lint on his jacket piled up as he wore it again and again, not being noticed, not being cleaned. The jacket was dirty–nobody knew the last time the owner had washed it.

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Onward, ever onward

He pushed the handcart up the hill, knowing that this time, maybe, they would finally get to the right place.

As we glory in his name

He sang as he pushed, to give him strength and hope in the Lord. The Mormons would have a home, and no one would molest them.

Forward, pressing forward

He saw a little girl, wincing. He came over and asked her if she wanted to ride in his handcart. She said yes, and he gained new energy.

God our strength will be, press forward ever called to serve his name!

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He was working on his Bachelor’s when the raiders came. Strangely, they paid him no attention.

How ironic. Because this Bachelor’s was in driving off raiders.

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He was trying to act all casual, but it was getting harder by the second. Padme was right there. The most popular girl in school. And she was talking to him.

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He was a safeguard, a simple creation meant to keep intruders out and the treasure in. It was his purpose, the only thing he could do.

So why was he so unsatisfied with his existence?

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The apron was heavy, digging into her neck – but really, what had she expected when the pockets were filled with rocks? She ran, knowing that if she stopped, she would be shot down. But that was really just routine. She had done this thousands of times.

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“A salmon?”
“Yea, a salmon. The legend specifically says that a golden salmon will come and save our people from certain doom. Though how, it doesn’t say.”
“You have no idea.”

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So many unanswered questions. So many mysteries. So many clouds, obscuring her vision. She could not know that her questions – all of them – would be answered soon, sooner than anyone could have imagined.

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