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The penguin looked curiously up at him, big black eyes staring into his. He cocked his head. The penguin did too. He opened his mouth. The penguin opened his beak.

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She was sensitive, he could tell. Sensitive emotionally, sensitive physically. The back of his mind – traitorous thing – wondered how long it would take to break her through torture. Solitude wouldn’t have worked, obviously.

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The Order has come.
It will enforce Order.
Do not resist, or you will be named Chaotic.
The Chaotic will be destroyed.
Do not resist.

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We all run in circles
Chasing our self-righteous tails
Blaming the -isms when there’s only lack of ability
There’s no progress made
Only circles

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The gasoline fell out of the container as the hooded vandal sloshed it over the mansion. Carpets and antiques were soaked in the flammable liquid, and the cool night air prevented it from evaporating. Nothing was moving except for her, and she nervously looked around, almost wishing to be caught.
Hours passed, and dawn began to tinge the horizon. The mansion was well and truly soaked through. The job was done. The vandal drew a single match from her sweatshirt pocket and struck it against the wall. She dropped it, and the gasoline caught easily.

She did not move as the flames rose around her.

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The tip of my thumb glided across the glossy surface of the photographs, trembling as I bit back tears. Wind whistled past my ears and ruffled the paper leaves; a symphony of memories and nostalgia.

With a single step forward, the pictures exploded into the air, and the sky became my collage.

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“Hello there,”

The little boy turned to look at the old man standing behind him, his eyes wide and shiny. “Hello,” he said.

“What are you doing out here, so alone?” the man asked. He moved to sit down beside the boy.

“I don’t know,” the boy replied, turning to look back across the crystalline waters. “My father gave me this fishing rod, telling me to come out here and use it, but I’m not really sure how.”

The stranger nodded knowingly, watching the little boy’s lazy movements. “Decades ago, I was exactly as you are right now.

“Come, cast the rod. Let’s catch some dreams.”

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They sat together beneath the auburn rays, their faces a picture of nothing less then absolute bliss. Radiant smiles tainted their features, and there was an aura of peace and serenity about them.

They vowed to make their final day last.

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sometimes human beings just need
to stop and
about the lives they are living
about the panic that they constantly
about the time that the effortlessly
put to waste

sometimes human beings just need
to stop and
the smaller

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Tales is a character in Sonic the Hedgehog. Kidding, that’s a portmanteau. A poor’s man’s toes are less likely to be french pressed. That was another one. How do you like that? Anyway, Tails definitely wants Sonic’s D. That’s right. What happens to this parable? Doe!

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I walked down the aisle. I needed to find a solution to this. What was going to happen if I didn’t?! Oh god i didn’t want to think about it. The people in danger, my family, friends, what about THEM, oh god this was bad. I’m running out of time..tick quickly its going by

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head of an arrow

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multi items above each other

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A small amount

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Ach. I’ve already written about a trailer today. Maybe, however, this is a different type of trailer. It’s one of those pod-things that you’d attach to the back of a ford f150. I think grandma lives in there. I wonder if the driver knows that she’s still in there? Maybe she’s alive. Maybe not. there are too many doilies hanging from the window to be sure.

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The trailer park was dark and dingy. At least, it appeared that way from the entrance. Some old, mistreated trees tried desperately to stay upright above the entryway. The yellow old lights illuminated the winding rows of mobile homes.

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i’m almost there. are we almost there? long car rides to the beach around 6 hours, but sometimes shorter if dad’s driving. but he got a speeding ticket 3 times, from the same cop, in alabama. it was pretty funny.
almost, but not quite. not good enough. just short of perfect.

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she was stuck in the middle of the playground again, threatend on every side by little villians. the teachers never believed her, but they were there all right, every recess, screaming and calling her names. and she felt so alone caught in the middle like that.

no matter what she did, they were always there. no matter what she said, they never went away.

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forge that’s where you make things of metal right? yes swords, hammers, axes, ect. hmm pretty fun stuff eh? wow this is knid of boring…..

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i was so very certain that when she looked at me she saw her one love. now I know that the doubts have eaten away at her so deeply that love can only ever be a shadow. she is lost.

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she wore an apron. A flowery, stained old apron. I could see he lumpy shape underneath, but that didn’t matter. She could cook. Apple pie, oh so tasty, the aroma flitting around my head. Strange so strange. It’s as if I could just eat it right out of the air

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