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As he searched through the wilderness, he looked for what was in his mind. There was a piece to the puzzle that he had not yet found, and he did not know what the object looked like in the first place. The search might have lasted for hours before he saw the glitter.

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It was this night that he will always remember. One thing happened after another, and after another. He did not realize how much he could take until this night occurred. What it did to him was derail his mind, and cause him to kill everyone in the house. When he woke up, he looked upon the grisly sight.

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Um. Gifted. What can I write about it besides superheroes? I dunno. Darn it I still have the writer’s block so what can I think of to break it down. I suppose I can talk about my character but the minute is almost up. What about him is gifted, though? I cannot think at the moment. It sucks.

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Hello, I cannot think of anything to write at the moment because I have writers block so I may as well write about gifted. Harry Potter comes to mind, in the sense that Hermione Granger is gifted. Not so much, Ron, but hey, he’s the best friend. Oh nothing creative said.

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“What would you like to have?” he asked her.
“You know that I really like chocolate, but today I’d prefer the butterscotch pudding.”
“Yuck, why butterscotch?”
“Because it’s my favorite pudding.”

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In the clothing store I look for the latest style, like what Marilyn Monroe wears. There are so many people who are styled like her, and I am envious of every single one of them. Well, I suppose I’m not really, but I’m just writing for fun.

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I could not get over how this paper was looking. There is no choice but to revise it all, but there are only a couple of hours before it is due, and it is a twenty page essay. I am pretty much screwed at this point, and I hope the teacher shows leniency.

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I lay on the forest floor with wolves eating my flesh. My cries for help do not reach the ears of any who can help. I know that my life will end here, I realize that I am dying. I close my eyes in a deep slumber.

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I leave my family back at home because I do not wish for them to see me like this. The last breaths that I take will be for me alone, and I do not wish for them to see them. The hole in my chest makes the pain that much worse. But hey.

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