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My heart leaped and my stomach fluttered as heat and joy rushed through me like a river broken free of a dam. It was a joyous sensation.

» Posted By Serryphae On 06.27.2013 @ 6:51 am


The blame is falling on me for having my little “clique” all separate from the group. But guess what, you flaming bastard: they wanted to be away from you. You’re the only one to be blamed for making an environment so stressful that people can’t stand to camp next to you. You’re the one to blame for being such an ass that you slept alone.

» Posted By Serryphae On 06.26.2013 @ 6:18 am


Remember that old tongue twister. She sells sea shells down by the sea shore… So difficult. Just like this oneword every day thing. I can’t always even begin to type logically. Frustrating. Just like the tongue twister.

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His mind tumbled down along with him, falling over rocks and rolling over stones as he tumbled down the hill.
Tumblr. Why do they call it that? Why is it tumble-r?

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She stared down at the pairs of shoes. There were so very many and she was only allowed one guess as to which ones would be hers the rest of her life. It would determine everything: what job she had, how she walked, what she learned, and thus in turn, what she thought, who she was. One chance. One pair… out of thousands.

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The wires were strung from one side of the the room to the other, wrapped around and tangled through each other, one giant ball of mess. I stare hopelessly through it to the other side. This was a worse security system than lasers.

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She stared hard at the screen as the pixels slowly went from low to high definition, turning the picture from a blur into something that actually looked like it might be coherent. Or at least, it would be, were it to actually make sense. She could see the man now, but there were so many other possible suspects in that single frame alone.

» Posted By Serryphae On 06.15.2013 @ 6:21 am


Terror raced through her, followed swiftly by adrenaline that spurred her only to move quicker, run faster, lest they catch up. She checked behind her as she moved, bolting through life, dodging people, diving around the words they offered her, the feelings they felt. There was nothing to do but flee from everything.

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She stared at the carcass that lay on the side of the road. Watching it slowly decompose as she walked past it each day was one of the only interesting things that happened in her life. It had been there for over a week now and the flies buzzed constantly around it, the stench of rotting meat rising slowly to her nose.

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The silent manner in which her coach stared at her for that moment made her cringe. She knew that she would never be able to match up to his expectations. The trainer sighed slightly, looking away, and finally breaking that freezing glare. There was nothing she could do to help this child.

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Fools, all of them. They were blithely walking towards the edge of a cliff, staring at the sky. Fate would not save them, not this time. They would fall to their deaths, and they would pay for the harm they had done me. Those who had hurt me would hurt in turn. I would accept my karma for it.

» Posted By Serryphae On 06.10.2013 @ 5:28 am


The shadows slip through the night undetected, their murderous intent unknown. Like dark knives of stolen breath they slide through the halls, lethal, the only sign of them the bare shine of teeth glowing in what little light there may be. Knives blackened by fire, they are as invisible as their masters.

» Posted By Serryphae On 06.09.2013 @ 5:15 am


Alarming. An alarmed llama. It’s alarming how charming I feel! My mind is so strange right now, I’m rather alarmed myself. To alarm, to frighten, to make cautious. Yea, I don’t know anything of what alarming really can be.

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The entire wall was colored and papered and shoved stock full of everything she had ever dreamed of having. Men, clothing, dresses, beaches, couches…. It was an entire collage of every thought that went through her head. If only it were so easy to express oneself in words as it was in images. Or perhaps it was the other way around for most.

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O.O I never see this word used. I don’t even have a context to put it into and my brain is so tired early in the morning that I can’t even begin to write a sentence for it. So I’ll ramble on. Anti puts it as the opposite of. Is it the opposite of a thesis?

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She shivered in her thin coat, wishing she had thought to grab a different jacket the last time she had stopped by what used to be her home. For all that she was welcome back, she could not go. The abuse she would receive was not worth it. So she curled up on herself, and shivered in her too-thin clothing. It wasn’t warm enough.

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I stared around me, the sense of comfort that I had once gotten from being part of something now gone as my own brotherhood stared back at me with blood in their teeth and murder in their eyes. Golden, amber, and brown eyes all stared back at me from beneath flattened ears, and I knew in my heart that I was no longer part of their pack.

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The wasteland was as barren as my grandmother had become. There was no life to be seen. Not a spark of green among the brown. Just nothing. It stretched in front of me like a great sea, and I wished it were. For water, I would have wished for anything.

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It’s actually somewhat secluded back here in my room, sitting in my comfy, sofa chair. I can listen to the rhythm of the rain rushing through the gutters, and, after having been out and about so much, partying, doing random things, it’s really nice to just sit and let thoughts flow through me. What am i supposed to do with anything today? Nothing. My birthday has come and gone now… I feel very little different.

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The neon lights flashed through her memory as she traveled in her mind, going through Las Vegas all over again. There was nothing she could do about her experiences there, but she remembered the lights pleasantly, at least. Even if nothing else had been remarkably wonderful, the lights had been beautiful. All of the colors, pink, green, red, orange, blue… Gorgeous.

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I never can remember the exact definition of this word. I know how to use it only because I’ve used it before, and I can only guess what it actually means by having it in a phrase like “I withdraw from you by being oblique.” Frustrating.

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Without hesitation, she delved back into the process of typing up everything, finding her storylines and plots and twisting them into the places she wished them to be. Obviously she could not trust her players to run her game for her, so now she must truly write the story herself. It was going to be a difficult process. And an annoying one.

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The splash of coffee ran down her neck and shoulder, spilling across her arm and onto the table. It soaked through her shirt, leaving it soaked with a brown stain of liquid, bitter and warm.

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The spell would be ready soon, but she stood and cast the circle now anyways. As per habit, doing so was easy. East, South, West, North. The directions and elements were called, the spirits and gods invited.This casting would be the greatest she had ever done, and if that meant she would wait in her circle for hours, she would do so. Silently, she stepped towards the altar.

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Their war cries were punctuated by the heavy thuds of rocks being thrown against our walls. The catapults had arrived. But this was not the end, right? I looked to our leader, her armor shining, despite being streaked with blood, and dented by weaponry. She stood on the walls, proud and strong, despite how they were likely to crumble under the assault of stone. It was in that moment that I caught a glimpse of her expression; despair.

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softly her voice caressed every corner of the room, the familiar tune swaying me to sleep. How could such a thing have so much power? It was so simple, so easy… my eyes felt so heavy, only four notes into the song. Such a soothing voice, pretty soprano, dipping down into the upper reaches of the alto range. My eyes fluttered closed, and muscles began to relax, until with a solid certainty, i was asleep.

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I stared at the bottom of the paper, where the letter would normally have been signed by name. Instead, it was a symbol. The twirled ‘S’ was a familiar sight, the ostrich feather quill that looped around it making it clear who had sent the note. But even then, i still felt frustrated. why couldn’t they just give me a name? This whole mystery thing was starting to lose its charm.

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Desperately, she pushed her nose closer to the tiny hole, desperately breathing in the fresh air from the outside. Smoke still clogged her lungs and made her cough, until she couldn’t hold back the spasms of her diaphram. Coldly, she realized she was beginning to suffocate.

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Tall city buildings imprinted themselves into her mind catching in her eye. She rubbed at it vigorously, irritated at the constant sting of whatever was caught there. It was ridiculous. This had never happened before.

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“You’re off your rocker.” He sneered at her as she stepped aside, moving out of the way of his bulky frame. “There’s no such thing as faeries.”

» Posted By Serryphae On 05.16.2013 @ 6:21 am

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