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I want to switch off my brain so I don’t have to think or feel or remember or panic or be depressed about anything. Switch off and switch on. Switch off my emotions for the night. Switch on my happy face for the day. Everything is so convenient if it were real.

» Posted By Sen On 12.08.2016 @ 10:35 pm


i wondered how.

» Posted By sen On 03.10.2011 @ 9:16 am



my god i am soo not creative at the moment

» Posted By sen On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am


the virtual world is growing more and more each day, sucking us in as it gets bigger. More of our everyday items are apart of virtual and cyber space, and it has become much harder to break away from that. Virtual reality becomes reality and nothing we’re doing will change that.

» Posted By Sen On 11.13.2009 @ 3:16 pm


the last time i saw a large number of cones we were driving down an M road in england through construction and there were millions of cones in lines to mark off lanes. as if they couldn’t just put a few… there was one every foot.

the brightness of cones always throws me off a little.

» Posted By Sen On 11.11.2009 @ 11:35 pm

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