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The first things that come to my mind when I think of a concert, is lights, glamor, energy, craziness. People dancing like crazy loosing control of themselves and giving themselves to all in to the atmosphere that they are soaked into.

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I woke gasping. My eyes were looking at my surroundings immediately. It was a pristine white room. It was beautiful, but my mind was more busy figuring out where I was than noticing the beauty of the room. I took a deep breath and collected my thoughts. My eyes moved to the door before I could stop them. I jumped out of the bed I realized I was sitting in, which was very comfortable. I ran to the door on the ball of my feet not making a sound. I reached for the doorknob. “I wouldn’t do that I were you”, a voice from the far of the room said. I wore a startled look on my face and jumped at the voice. The figure came forward and stepped into the light. It was the same man who attacked Davin. I studied his face. His dark blue eyes showed no emotion, but his handsome teenage face portrayed someone who was playing a game. His hair was cut the same way as Russel, only man made it look professional even though it was black as night. He was walking slowly towards me. My hand crept to the door handle and I turned it quickly. The door opened an inch before it was slammed shut by the man. My eyes moved to the hand on the door. My eyes trailed over the muscular arm until I reached his shoulder. My eyes moved quick to his face. Our faces were about a foot apart. I stared into his eyes. The room suddenly felt cold. I shivered. The man smiled. The smile was more a smirk and he flashed brightly white teeth. I slowly backed up towards the bed, keeping my eyes locked with his. He took his hand off the door and walked forward. My heart quickened and I turned and dashed to the bed. Instead of laying down, I tucked my head in and rolled over the bed with my feet landing on the other side with a loud slap. I stood up with my head down and noticed I was wearing a silk pajama dress. My focus returned to the man.

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the anchor of my ship is stuck in the stone under water. I can’t seem to raise it up. I can’t move on to my journey. I have some comrades with me but they don’t want to help me out. I’m alone, i’m on my own. I need help to get out of this awful sea. I want to be away with these people. I want to get away

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I sweep up the ashes of the hearth. Wishing one day like Cinderella my prince will come

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I look out over the neighborhood. I see the little girl who lives on Third Avenue, playing with her new poodle puppy. I turn my head and Miranda with her boyfriend. They are saying good bye to each other. He gives her a quick kiss, them climbs into his car and leaves. Miranda walks back into the house smiling. I giggle see her happiness. I move my stare to the lady across the street glaring at me. I wave down to her, and she shakes her head. She turns back to her house. I smile, knowing I must look silly. I hear crying from behind the house. I shift my gaze and see Melissa, Miranda’s friend. The back door opens and Miranda rushes out. My attention tears away, when I realise I’m eavesdropping. I walk to the edge an dclimb down the ladder. I look bcak at the ladder and yearn to be on the roof again. I love the feeling of seeing everything.

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We stared into each others eyes for we both knew. We knew, but neither had the heart to say. “I love you”, I whispered so only he would hear. His eyes shone with love and pride. We both may be moments from death, but at least we were together. “I love you too”, he said and was rewarded with a knee to the stomach. I gasped in horror as he doubled over. I leaned over him in protection, although my hands were tied behind my back. Iwas given the same treatment and sucked in my breath from the blow. I laid in pain beside him. I saw his face. Coated with grim and dirt, he was grimacing until he noticed the similar look on my face. He smiled bravely for me. I smiled weakly back. The guards pulled us up and dragged us to the shooting post. A rope was pulled tightly around my stomach and waist, securing me to the would. I looked to my left and saw the same thing with my true love. We both smiled at each other, because we knew we would both see the other in heaven. My eyes moisted and a single tear fell. I looked to him with wet, compassionate eyes. He gave me a look that said it all. He loved me. I loved him. We both loved each other. The captain guard gave the sgnal to shoot and I closed my eyes before I could witness the massacre. I counted down from five with the guard awaiting the time when his hand would fall and the bullets would fly. I counted the last seconds of my life. Both me and my love whispered the enchantment that brought hope to our hearts. “See you soon.” The guard’s hand fell.

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I just love how yummy the glaze upon donuts are. The way light bounces off of its surface before you take a massive bite from it. Icing on cupcakes is just so enticing, like a sexy pool boy… yeah

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I suggest myself to lose weight, to finally fit into the social pressures of a teenage girl. Skinny legs, flat stomach, acne free face, the dream. But unfortunately, my suggestions never tur into action. ever.

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no homework. no school. a whole life. partying and drinking and sneaking out? for losers. Staying at home and watching netflix with the family is the real way to live life! I almost snuck out last week with a guy. Too bad the guy has a girlfriend… awkward much?

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Setting is a person Place or thing . It shows you were a story has token place . You might think that a setting it more than once in a story because there’s slot of places but no . Tje seething has to be in the main spot . E
Example : Janie went home the to school after that to bed then to the park then home. See in that story I had about like what 3 to 4 places where Janie went . But even though think about were Janie was the most . So most of the time she was home because after school she came home then to the pArk then came home . So you see it’s just like a repettion . So that’s what a setting Is .

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Fluorescent green glow worms. Much larger than any grub I had ever seen or imagined. It looked like a giant, radoactive maggot. A creamy white body, surrounded by the fluorescent green aura, magical.

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A wrench is a powerful object. It possesses the power to alter things and their position through force. Pretty amazing!

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Something that goes in your hair
at the end of a show
i sang the song take a bow in my voice lessons by rihanna
my voice teacher said some line was mean… i forgot but i’m not alllowed to think
also like bow and arrow

» Posted By secret On 05.27.2010 @ 6:54 pm


cats and dogs and tigers and lions and cheetahs and jaguars and lepords. attacks love hurt pride play fight real fight big house feline

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bug spray. like that time we went for the walk after eating mushrooms. the way i could see the spray hit her skin, making her look just a little damp. the way her skin looked like i just needed to touch it. too bad my boyfriend was right there.

» Posted By secret On 07.14.2009 @ 9:06 pm


is it stratification? i don’t know… may be it’s a challenge for us to go to the next step. have to try to make it

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It is yourself… WHO YOU ARE! o:

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This is a word. A special word. New life. New life for the world. Special. Special. Special.
Not something that she wanted, though. Not at all. This was for later in life. Later, much later. When she had a husband and a good job and was done with college. Not now, not when she had her exams and everything. Not with her boyfriend going off with her best friend.

» Posted By secret On 10.13.2009 @ 10:43 am

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