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The step up for a few seconds, water trickling down, the vase is wet and the room is wet, foggy and stepping stones lining the walls and leading up to the stainless glass door, outside grass and limestone

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I saw this man with the mustache, drawing figurines in a circular maze, there were red blocks and blue ones, in Amsterdam, the funniest thing, and we layed in the grass while trying to decide on the right jacket to wear, uncomfortable glances from the girls over there, wearing their nice summer uniforms, in the sun, grabbed a hold of my brother, he isn’t sure how to have fun, I am so damn sure in my cocky self, make approaches to prove a point and be right, even If I fall smack on my face, fun anyway, maybe too hard on myself

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yeah, rolling backpacks and colder grounds, hoodie sweatshirts, stalling by bending down to tie my shoes, shes talking with lucas at the far end of the hall, keeping tabs and weighing my days, listening to coldplay, ohh its a big mess, walking to the meuseum with

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my acting teachers wears tight pants. My teacher is old, so he can get away with this. He also has an impressive body for his age, so he can still do this. But then he puts one leg up on a chair and everyone can take a look at whats going on. I notice that those recieving critisism will have to resist darting their eyes in shock and wonder of his business.

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shes on the edge of the clif, a halo above her haid, she lares back and her eyes have flames, her ayes are moons, her eyes, are aztec symbols, detailed and precise, with a staff twice her height, standing daringly at the edge of the cliff with a turned back. Fixed lips, a pointed nose

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She ahs her skin bronzed, and her eyelashes extand so far out, she does a dance on the tall heled shoes, and theres a ring on her pinkie, I’m not sure why I noticed that, I’m too busy looking at her breasts. Like a barbie doll, my friends all look at each other, some grinning, some quiet, like me. And the one that is smiling is the loudest, bangs his fist on the desk, breeths in through his teeth to make a SSS sound, yes. We all laugh along.

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between the keys there is some hairs and lint, that I am now obligated to pick at, go down the hall and click the elevator buttons, smells like the trash, and cigarette butts put out in the corner, actually helps the smelll

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You can’t become that minute of perfectiion when god takes a swim through our man-made creations. that’s not dull. Lol. I don’t want to LEt’s play a game,! he puts his cards up in the air, and points it at the wheel of forutune, tonght we got a special show for you folks, tonight we have the stewarts over here, montey, alyssa, erin, ythey are all going to show you how to play
I already hate myself for editing myself. I need to be mindful. this isn’t a place for me to bleed, its to exercise.

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He’s got his green army helmet on, he’s a videogame character with a bayonette at the end, drinking whiskey and his chins got dark hairs. I don’t like this subject because I know I’m going to end up reading a bunch of overly dramatic oneword poems and feel like punching myself in the stomach

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He’s crossing his legs and holding his pen up, clicks it twice, and moves his reading glasses to the front of his nose. He puts his hands out and his grin is progressive, his grin, starts off very small and gradually widens, and his eyes soften, like he’s about to talk to a sensitive puppy.

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awww, I hugged her when she came out of the bathroom, and her smile was small and insecure, but her personality is so big, and her brown leather jacket fits perfectly tight, and she holds her shoulders a certain way, pushed forward. Never drank in her life, tight as a tight thing lala can be

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I like chasing butterflies, but the sidewalk is turning to puzzles at the end, that are black and white, made up of notes and treble clefts, I find myself trying to get between them like stepping stones in a river, but my shoelace gets caught on the last one, and I’m falling into a white atmosphere

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Ohhh, she says the I likes its fire, and it snaps off her snake tounge, I’ve seen it, its pointy at the end! and we all talk about it when class is done, on the elevator, some are silent while others that push the bottons go into details about how many bumps and how she smiles like its

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two more red books on top of the book worm, who is splattered, and he’s all gooey all over the pavement, and a homeless man yells at it for causing the rapture, and throws life savers at it, the candy kind, he’s so pissed off, and i just want to go to get carmel appels with my grandma. I feel terrible.

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iron and wine. Iron and wine. Iron and wine, it tastes like a penny, dropped in the ocean and turns to greenish blue after awhile, picked up by an old man salivating on the becah, iron and wine, iron and wine, and he is dressed in a nice outfit, a formal outfit that is soaked and covered with sand

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Oh my god, there is professor plum, and he smokes his pipe and looks at me with that mustache, he’s actually looking at me with his white mustache!! which he trims and takes in, he’s walking towards me with his leather boots, and he’s concerned, leans in with a furrowed brow, do you know what it is not that you are looking for? scare??D who dawhat a what now? you are

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Ahh I see uncle sam, and hes laughing like a penguin, why do you have this stupid idea he’s got a cane and money which he gives to me, be a good sun and go buy yourself a few sticks of bubblegum, he smokes a pipe that blows out suds bubbles and he waves his hand around like a coin operated toy, he points at me and says you be a good boy.

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I see myself on a wooden bench, and my legs are crossed, and I’m smiling wide, it a bit fake but just for the people sitting down a bit further, watching the sunset, and the gravel starts to get in my socks, I brush it out, and I notice the pine trees in front of me, and they smell from five feet away, I want to occupy my hands, then stop myseelf,

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