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It was official, he was in love. He would do anything to be near her, to make her happy. Even if meant sacrificing his own wants. Once she asked him to help paint her apartment. He spent three days mulling over colors, hauling cans up the steps to her 3rd floor walkup, and rolling three coats of the perfect shade of butterscotch on her walls. He was rewarded with time and hope. Time spent in her presence, which he craved, and hope that someday soon she would realize that what she wanted had been right in front of her all along. Such is life int he friend zone.

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Another milestone, another photo op to be placed in the album chronicling the story of our life. Memories frozen in time? More like reminders of of how much things have changed, or, perhaps, how much they haven’t changed. I guess it depends on what lens you look through.

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“Shut your trap!” the man in the black mask yelled pointing his double barrelled shotgun at the teller to emphasize he was serious.

He turned and surveyed the rest of his hostages as they lie prone on the floor covering their heads and silently making promises to a higher power that if they survived today they would immediately set their lives on a path of righteousness.

“The next person to speak is leaving in a body bag.”

After months of preparation, his first bank robbery was going according to plan. At least it was, until he hear the howl of sirens coming down the street. Someone must have tripped a silent alarm. His gaze shot back to the teller, then to the bank manager. He knew this might happen and he was prepared to do what was necessary to maintain his control of the situation. Someone’s prayers were not going to be answered today.

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