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sat, taste, ate, what is this word. I’m not sure what it means but it reminds me of so many other words. or my initials: set. Sawyer elisabeth tobey. elisabeth with an s not a z. Strange but pretty. Sate. I’m still not sure what it means but maybe that’s the point.

» Posted By Sawyer On 12.19.2012 @ 12:56 pm


As teh dead bolt saw the wing I ran across the aisle to try and find a plane waitress to show here but by the time I got back it had already fallen off ad she thought I was bluffing.

» Posted By sawyer On 04.28.2011 @ 2:17 pm


An outlet is something that you plug cords into to give them power they can shock you.

» Posted By Sawyer On 02.22.2011 @ 10:48 am


I like awesome stuff but i dont know what revolt means I think it means to go against something.

» Posted By Sawyer On 02.11.2011 @ 10:48 am


Pills are given to sick people to help them. Some are prescribed by doctors others can just be bought.

» Posted By Sawyer On 02.07.2011 @ 10:50 am


A wrench is used by many different people for many different purposes. One example is plumbers witch use it to fix many different things.

» Posted By Sawyer On 02.03.2011 @ 11:47 am


Jelly is mixture of fruit. It can be put on toast or with peanut butter on a sandwich.

» Posted By Sawyer On 02.01.2011 @ 10:52 am


Reports are assigned by teachers to students. they are normally worth alot of points that can really affect your grade

» Posted By Sawyer On 01.28.2011 @ 10:51 am


basements are the bottom part of a house that is normally used for storage. It can also be home to many different spiders.

» Posted By Sawyer On 01.26.2011 @ 10:54 am


fallout shelter. feel the vibrations – feel the exhilaration. you could die. don’t you want to go out and see the bombs falling from the sky? it’s only a meteor shower, child. don’t be so afraid.

» Posted By sawyer On 06.15.2010 @ 6:57 pm


betteries cause everyday things to work
without a battery, people would be driven insane. Batteries, sadly, work, remote controls which make people watch tv, and if we didn’t have batteries for these to work, then people would crack under the thought of having to stand. This is a sad, yet true statement about our society.

» Posted By sawyer On 04.09.2009 @ 6:03 pm


I remember when I was a kid, I’d say my first car would be a red convertible. I remember the first time I saw one it was magic.

» Posted By Sawyer On 11.09.2008 @ 9:32 am


Hey, is for horses but that doesnt matter, life is great you should enjoy it love it live your life and dont foget to shine! Only shooting stars break the mold, remember that, write it down, Smashmouth, its a song by them well not really but I love it anyways wel so basicallly what im trying to say here is that Life is amazing if you live it write. Yeah. Good.

» Posted By Sawyer On 11.30.2009 @ 5:58 pm

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