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For once, he remembered. The curtain was just seconds from–um, it’s up. Shyt. The glass broke. As he muttered “I’ll kill him” under his breath, he segued poorly into the scene, ready for the admonishments for entering late.

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Stupid finger nails keep getting in the way. One the one hand, they’re just as long as on the right. Haha. On the other hand, they can be useful… until they break… or hurt someone. He loves how they feel against his back in the moment, but they make writing and typing more trouble than they’re worth. -_-“

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Filth, democracy, reverse, synonyms. Reverse is just another word for going backwards, which is exactly what we do. Obama or Romney? I’d prefer Charles Manson. In my mind, the only point of politics is to decide who gets to ruin people’s lives in the country for four-year increments.

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There is no such thing as an honest bank. Nowadays the only way to get a loan is to prove that you don’t need one.

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Crazy? I used to be crazy. They put you in this room where you die. Die?! I don’t wanna die! When you die they put you in the ground with worms. Worms?! Worms are crazy. Crazy? I used to be crazy. They
seee with your own eyes they

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I miss him, but at least he’s making himself known now. He isn’t afraid to walk onstage and be himself, whoever that may be any given day. His name is a household term since he received his little golden buddy.

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It was one of those bipolar days. I started off just fine, didn’t need coffee, and sometime during the carnival it hit me. Within a MINUTE I was in tears for no reason. He must be the one – he bought me a dozen balloons tied together just so that I could pop them.

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How dare you. “I’ve actually had a huge crush on you for ages, I don’t want you that way. Let’s sleep together, you are fucking sexy.” You hypocrite. If you wanted to truly entice me, you would have just shown me how well you can play that guitar you pose with so often.

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She thought the shoes must have been made of the most expensive rings in the world. Then again, maybe those stones – no, those gems must have been very common in this place for there to have been so many. Perhaps these strange magical women could conjure them…

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Oh man, the bridge, man! You should have freakin seen it! Andy was, like, halfway across and we all heard this, like, flippin loud CCCRRRAAAAACCCKKKKK and the bridge, like, started falling, London fucking bridge, man! Andy went down like a rock and the bridge is flippin toast!

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When a little bleeding girl says she wants/needs/demands help, how often does she really mean “I’m broken, fix me”? If living things can be broken, then why do dead stars still burn?

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He told me it was the best song in the whole world. He said that he could listen to it for hours and play it for hours more. He picked up his guitar and strummed along happily as it droned on, and then I asked him what it was called. Apparently ratings aren’t everything, since he didn’t know.

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Just let me get it off my chest. I never told a soul until yesterday. I always said he just assaulted me. No. There was one full-on rape that he doesn’t even remember, and I don’t care who knows now, not even if he remembers one day. He ripped me apart and then rolled over and proposed to me. He was high. And I am okay.

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I wanted it so badly. I wanted just a taste of what it would feel like one day in another universe to wear that gown, that gorgeous solid white fishtail gown with the two-yard train that would make any bride feel perfect.

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My mother cooked with me once, a rare occasion that I even more rarely treasured, and introduced me to a new word – bleen. Not bland, but not quite flavourful. It’s a word I still use to this day, one of the few sensible things my mother ever said.

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Alrighty. Some wonderful Christmas morning, you are going to show up at my door with a bouquet of lillies, not roses, wearing your leather jacket, not a dress coat, on your motorcycle, not in a limo, telling me you need me, not that I’m beautiful, and putting a ring on it, not a handcuff. <3

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Screwed up already, she’s said yes to the boy she knows she can never love. And to the man she wants to love. And to the boys who would never love her. The forest doesn’t console her, just gives her plenty of shoulders to cry on, more broad and more reliable than any others she could possibly find.

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He wanted another option, but it was the only one available. Tears washed the dirt off his cheeks, freed his eyes of sand, as he emptied the back-breaking sac he had carried over his shoulder. He looked for a moment, picked up his guitar, and kept walking into the 5 o’clock shadows.

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His first thought was that surely it had to hurt. He watched carefully as she moved, wondering if every little twist caused anymore excruciating pain that he had ever experienced. Remembering the last time he asked if something hurt, he covered himself and sat back to watch the rest of the show.

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Stupid. Stupid and empty and still red from whatever had just happened upstairs, she still found the stamina to kindle the fire. Once upon a time it was a metaphor for their own relationship, red hot until somebody else picked up the poker, and now she wanted it to be over, if only because she held the poker again.

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I was told never to wear the dark satin gown hanging in my parents’ closet. There was some story behind it that they refused to tell me. Mum would say it smelled like her mother, and Dad would say it smelled like mothballs. Therefore, I made the connection that my maternal grandmother smelled like mothballs.

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He swore he would run away. He’d take nothing but the clothes on his back and his guitar, also on his back. One day we stumbled over a piece of paper in the closet, like himself, and recognised his sister’s handwriting. “Don’t you dare.”

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Wow. In one fell swoop he ended everything I ever believed in. He made my heart skip a beat and beat me with it. He clipped my wings and made me forget how to ride a bike. He made me shrink in fear when I thought of him. I never want to see his face again. If I fly again, it will only be away from him.

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No such thing as true success. My definition is the achievement of a goal and the subsequent happiness thereafter. One success leads to hunger for another and begins a vicious cycle wherein true happiness becomes virtually impossible, so I strive for failure. Far more rewarding.

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She’s a brick house. Her parents were made of straw and sticks, and they fell apart at an early age. That’s how she was raised – she was not allowed to fall apart. Slowly pieces started breaking off but she was still sheltered inside. Looked down upon, another chunk fell off.

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Step one: shut up and listen. Without listening, there’s no learning. Step two: put it together, like trying to reassemble a broken Rubik’s cube that is DISASSEMBLE beyond repair. Step three: stop listening and fight back for once. Gah.

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He’d never felt so fake in his life. This inspiration block would be the death of him, or worse – his career. Just once he wanted to say “Jesus, take the keyboard,” but he knew that the story would suck, just like the one in front of him that he knew in his heart we would never finish.

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Make up your mind. No single thought is quicker than lightning but if you make it up now, it means you know what you want. IF you can count the seconds from lightning to thunder, you know your limits. If not, try again in the next storm.

» Posted By Sasha Yedrysek On 07.25.2011 @ 2:07 pm

white-hot feral fury, thunderous anger that speaks only to its own kind and means nothing to those two refuse to listen, but if you try and don’t speak nature to begin with, all you will get is a big shock.

» Posted By Sasha Yedrysek On 07.25.2011 @ 2:03 pm

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