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The job offer was very attractive to her. It had all of the benefits she was looking for and she was a perfect fit for the requirements. There was only one problem. She was killed in a car crash the day before she was supposed to start.

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She began unfolding the thin paper letter that she found in the attic. It was a love letter that her great grandfather had sent to her great grandmother years ago. She studied the letter with fascination. The worn, creased edges and the faint coffee brown patina. It was as beautiful as they were.

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The rabbit made tracks as it was hopping down the forest path. It suddenly stopped to sniff some daffodils on it’s way to the rabbit hole. If he could just make it without getting eaten, the children would still have a father. He sighed with relief as he came upon the rabbit hole. Home at last.

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You’re gonna get pitch slapped so hard your ancestors will be tone deaf! Surprise pitches, I’m back!

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I was approached by a tall thin man in the dark with a wide-brimmed hat and an overcoat. I couldn’t see his face until he stepped into the pool of light cast by the street lamp. I then realized what he was as I saw his fangs. It’s a good thing I’m a slayer…

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