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They both sat back and sighed. It had been a wonderful day but this was quickly becoming the best part. The heat seeped through her cup and her hands felt like they were thawing despite the nip in the air. His mind settled a bit as he watched her relax and smile. The car smelled like a familiar mix of their two scents and the car heater was finally warming up. They both felt the peace of the season more acutely than they had all day in the unwrapping and joking, noise and laughter. It was the perfect reset and quickly became their favorite Christmas tradition; a simple 10 minutes set aside for themselves. Enjoying a coffee and each other’s company. A deep breath and a reset before jumping back into the fun and love of their families.

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have you ever seen the commercial where that man with the mustache who used to be famous says “dia-beat-us”? my friend Joey and I saw it years ago and he used to say it in that same way at random times to make me laugh. it got funnier each time because inside jokes can be like that and anytime I hear the word I remember him fondly. My Dear Little Friend who had a knack for making jokes funnier by keeping them going for too long and who made me laugh harder than anyone.

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he looked like an ancient deity, standing above her offering his hand. she wondered if he realized how others saw him. thinking of his self-conscious grin she figured he must not. for another surprised moment she was pulled outside of herself to realize that she was not the only one who underestimated themselves.

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the look on his face was calm but his accomplishment was legendary. it would change the world. in her mind she saw it laid out before her; the tidal wave on the other side of the earth, washing over the corrupt elite in that city covered in filth. and it was no small sacrifice he had made. and yet. and yet his face looked bland and gave away nothing. she wondered what in his past had forced him to train his features to be so unchangeable. to give away nothing. it must have been a tidal wave in his own life that mirrored the one he had just unleashed on the world.

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I don’t know what does it mean!
But I guess this is a kind of peneterating, perpetrated.

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L lost my weight when i was 15 years old. I am happy about it. Its not

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I dont know this words meaning!!!
What does it mean?
Is itvrrelative ti slave?

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he hovered above her, completely invisible to her but very visible to the grotesque monster he was battling for her sake. Kean fought for His Father’s child holding nothing back, his wings spread wide and his sword gleaming as he spun to block the path of claws and teeth. the air reeked of sulfur and the monster’s yellow eyes flitted from him to the girl. Kean would not give up; he knew this demon was meant to distract and confuse her from his Father’s purpose. it would cloud her mind with distractions and flood her with irrational emotions; anything to keep her from the truth she was about to uncover. a truth that would mean the leaps and bounds for her in her walk to their Father. out of the corner of his eye Kean saw the girl struggling and then he saw his triumph truly begin; the girl folded her hands and bowed her head, praying for God’s presence. he felt the Holy Spirit in the room and his hands grew steadier. the monster quailed, immediately givin up the fight to run from the room. Kean gave chase with a song of praise on his lips.

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he was just so…stressed. that was the truth. everything in his life seemed to draw worry, to frustrate him. what was he missing? and when would he get a break? life was so overwhelming. the only person he knew who seemed to have it together was Heather and she was so over the top. she was so perky it made his teeth grind…but, now that he thought about it, he didn’t really have a reason to be upset at her just for being happy…she was always kind to him. so kind he had initially thought she was sucking up but she had never once asked him for anything. maybe there was something to the life she lived that made her so…peaceful.

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the announcement fell to the floor. how could she? and so quickly after…he couldn’t think about that. he had to finish the con, no matter what his feelings were. he could hide them. he had done it before. any sorrow he had felt for her involvement vanished. she had just made the job easier for him.

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Education. Ha. As a kid I am required to hate it. Do I want to go to school? Most kids will say no because they want to seem cool, but when they relise that school is where they made all there friends, were all those fun times at the movies with your besties came from. Also, as kids we want to just get on with our lives, but seriously, without my educatuion, I wouldn’t be able to spell lives. I need to get educated so then then I can go on to what I love in collage. Without my education, how am I going to go to collage? Thats hat keeps me going. Sure it can be boring at times, but when you think about it, getting educated will make you friends, make you smart, and make you successful.

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Sure you love me. Sure everything would be okay. sure I’m going to be okay and have a perfect life. I cant be sure about anything anymore. i guess when we use the word sure,we are not sure. we cant be sure of anything anymore.

» Posted By samira On 12.31.2012 @ 9:31 am


the stillness that brings the closest thing to absolute silence I’ve ever heard…
that’s the stillness I was striving for in that moment.
I wanted to feel that silence once again.
I wanted to feel a stillness so deep that it reached my soul.
I wanted to hear a silence that reached my thoughts, if only for a minute.
I needed that.
I needed some kind of peace.

» Posted By Samira On 09.06.2012 @ 12:21 pm


please be my salvation
salvation from what?
from me mostly.
I am my biggest disappointment, my biggest hurdle…
I have to overcome Me all by myself but that doesn’t mean you can’t help…
just take my hand and support me when I’m ready to fall
and, most importantly, remind me to keep fighting
and I know I can do this.

» Posted By Samira On 08.29.2012 @ 5:48 pm


Trains drive on them. Wooden planks aross then. Rocks inbetween them. You can walk on them. Along the sides of roads. over roads. :) Fun to ride on.

» Posted By Samira On 07.03.2012 @ 2:44 pm


reside tunnel live dwarf green grass earth trolls organic oregon lush reside mushrooms river stones earthen mugs frothy hot peaceful nature lovely

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the hinges squeaked as I slowly opened the door, afraid to see what was inside. I don’t know what I expected to see that scared me so, but my imagination must have been in overdrive because my heart was beating like the drums in a hard rock song.

» Posted By Samira On 01.24.2012 @ 12:28 pm


below the starry sky
below the bright moon
below the few, scattered, puffy clouds
we lay below, in a moment of complete peace
watching and wondering at the world around us
contemplating what is up above

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the plain, brown bench. there is nothing remarkable about it, unless you know the stories it has played a part of. the wedding proposal to start two lives on the path to becoming one; the brother and sister who will always remember it as the place they played with their mom while waiting for the school bus; the man who found a place to sleep there on a warm night; even the dog who marked it as ‘his’ while walking alongside his master…just a tiny piece of so many different stories…

» Posted By Samira On 01.14.2012 @ 6:25 pm


the crisp air blows at the leaves, teasing them, twirling them, pushing them into a dance of brown, red, orange, yellow, and just a hint of green. the beautiful waltz spins around and then skitters down the street, outrunning me as I try to catch up.

» Posted By Samira On 01.13.2012 @ 6:05 pm


you try to conceal your smile from me
your giggles back up behind a straight face that still tips up at the corners despite how hard you try to hold your muscles in place
your eyes shine so brightly as they avoid mine
and finally you burst
into the most beautiful sound I have ever heard
the sound of your un-suppressible joy

» Posted By Samira On 01.12.2012 @ 6:08 pm


I wasn’t sure what you were thinking
I was so nervous that you were upset
and then I saw your eyes sparkling
one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life is the sparkle in your eyes telling me you’re happy

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obey they say
they tell me over and over
of the importance
of doing what they tell me
they know best
but they only tell me what they want me to hear
how can I trust them
when I only get part of the truth?
they are in the position of power
they hold all the cards
and unlike a parent
they hold no love for me
only for themselves
obey they say

» Posted By Samira On 12.03.2011 @ 9:50 pm


a whole city painted in blueish black against the horizon
twinkling lights in between the dark outlines
little squares representing all the people

» Posted By Samira On 11.29.2011 @ 8:19 pm


the marble rolled
it didn’t know its direction but the rolling felt amazing
it was going places
and so very fast!
it bounced against a wall but it was not hurt
it changed directions
oh what fun it was having!
where to next?

» Posted By Samira On 11.27.2011 @ 1:01 pm


it felt like a museum
no, like a tomb
it felt more than still; it felt dead
and deadly
something inside of me said, “LEAVE”
but my feet wouldn’t listen
they were stubbornly held in place by my curiosity

» Posted By Samira On 11.26.2011 @ 1:19 pm


corruption corruption corruption
greed for money and worse, for power
want want want
climb their way to the top of the country
anyone who has enough money and desire to run for president, probably shouldn’t be elected

» Posted By Samira On 11.25.2011 @ 5:09 pm


horses are so beautiful
so powerful, so fast, so wild
and yet, when you place your hand on their nose, so gentle, so loving
they are intelligent enough to be picky in who they love
and when they love you, you are theirs
so beautiful to watch and so beautiful to know

» Posted By Samira On 11.24.2011 @ 11:58 am


her smile is stunning
it reflects the sun in its warmth
wraps me in a hug with its genuine love
sparkles like the stars when it reaches her eyes
it radiates her joy to anyone who sees it
simply stunning

» Posted By Samira On 11.23.2011 @ 1:20 pm


I study the way he moves…his personality through the way he walks, the way he gestures when he talks, the way he relaxes his body when he sits down.
I study his eyes…the depth of his eyes when they tell me a story. the color, oh the brilliant color that changes depending on the light and what shirt he’s wearing; always magnificent blue, they capture me.
his mouth…that half smile, that smirk, that plays with me. it toys with me, it pulls me in, I crave my lips against that smirk. even more against his smile. the smile he rarely shows, the smile I draw out of him so often.
his body…that’s hidden from all but me. like I carry a code that grants me access to a secret more guarded than the pentagon’s. a secret more valuable than theirs.

» Posted By Samira On 11.22.2011 @ 3:32 pm

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