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His eyes were gold. That was the first thing he noticed. The only thing, really. He could not see the color of his clothes or the greenery around him. It was all a myriad of formless shapes and impressions to him. He did not understand color or emotion, but he noticed the stranger’s eyes. They were gold.

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He repressed the memory along with so many others. If he didn’t remember, it never happened. If it never happened, there were no scars. If there were no scars, he wasn’t broken. He was fine. Fine.
He swallowed dryly and looked away from the mirror. He was fine. Nothing happened.

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It was a selective process, this.
Too young and they were liable to break, too old and they wouldn’t let themselves be molded.
To strong and they looked beyond what was good for them, too weak and they wouldn’t survive. Too passive and they were overrun but too stubborn and they’d never get anything done.
It was a selective process, finding a new host.

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High-strung and hot tempered. That was the core of his personality. One of them, at least. He was a god and as such his temperament was decided by his followers. People saw the danger of fire, the way it greedily ate all in its path and snapped at anything in its path and said he must act so. Others saw the way fire warmed chilled hands and crackled merrily at the hearth and decreed him even tempered and mellow.

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It was a taboo amongst their kind. Even in a society where anything goes, there were still limits. This was one of them, though many did not understand. It made sense to those who were raised in the following, though. If words and symbols controlled magic and all it was associated with, a tattoo held danger to everyone who saw it and even more to the one who’s skin it was on.

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“-And I will ensure that the proper amount of chaos will ensue from the organization’s private–” Ethan tuned out the presentation with a yawn. Surely there was more to government work than this? He had signed up for so much more. Where was all the political intrigue? The backdoor deals? The whispered secrets?

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but sometimes there is comfort in knowing that one person or one group is your enemy and always will be. It’s a constant in life, knowing you’ll always be pitted against them and they will always be pitted against you. It’s a mutual relationship based upon hatred and suspicion and it is something that you never want to change, no matter how difficult things may get or who gets caught in the crossfire.

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A mumbling voice interspersed with coughs and wheezing gasps.
A mumbled confession of something not quite friendship, but not quite anything less.
The mumbling grumble as the engine started up and decided it wasn’t quite worth the effort.
The sweet, silence that remained after they had finally parted.

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He was her anchor. He was that one bit of stability that kept her from flying away and disappearing. He was the one thing that kept her alive and willing to keep trying. He was everything to her. He was everything. And she kept him sane.

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The welfare of the people was the highest priority. The welfare of the needy was their main target. This was a society where everyone got the help they needed. Where everyone deserved the help they got.
Where everyone was equal, though some were more equal than others.

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The dashboard of his car was always cluttered with a miscellanea of items. Nevermind that it was dangerous, he managed to somehow cram things in such a way that if physics had ever been given a physical form, would have broken down and cried.

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All men are to be punished for their own sins.
A nice sentiment, I suppose, but rather impractical.
Or perhaps, merely impossible.
You cannot punish only one person, not when everyone is connected.
How can you punish just one man for stealing grain, when your punishment would affect the man’s family as well?

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Flour was everywhere, dusting everything with a thin white coat.
She looked up with a morose, dejected glance.
I could smell the depression that wafted off of her (that smelled suspiciously of smoke and burn sugar).
She held several burnt cookies in her hand.
“I tried.” She whispered, looking for all the world as though she were about to burst into tears.

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It was the ever-present smudge of paint on her cheek that he fell in love with. It said so much about her, from her determination in finishing a job once started, to her spacy attitude towards life. It was her light-hearted smile and her absent-minded actions. It was the way she would unthinkingly brush her hair from her face and laugh at herself in the mirror later. It was the way she would hold paint-loaded brushes in her mouth, heedless of the flecks of color that would coat her lips. It was everything about her soul, everything about her that he grew to love.

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A web of fabricated lies and backstory and personality. Nobody knew who she was anymore, least of all herself. Things had gone on for too long. Too many different identities, until her real self was just another mask among the many littered across the floor of her soul. She would pick each one up and try it on, trying to find the one that fit the best, but she had faked her way so many times, changed so often that none of them fit.
Not anymore.

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The plague was an accident. Really. It simply didn’t make sense. There had always been rumors that certain… indecencies would cause plagues, but science had proven those rumors to be false! How could this have ever happened?

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The bronze idol had meant many things to me over the years. When I had first received it, it was a joke of sorts. A souvenir a friend had brought back. Then I had looked up the religion out of curiosity. Who would create such a strange animal? A scorpion’s tail, a wolf’s head, a cat’s claws, and a snake’s body? It was one of the stranger things I had seen at the time, though that did not mean much back then. The religion itself was primitive. A god of fire and conflict. Not the most creative, or the most interesting, but it certain kept me alive throughout the days when depression struck.

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Wheat. Grain. She wasn’t the harvest goddess, but She certainly knew her. Wheat was grain. Grain became flour. Flour became bread. Bread became life. She wasn’t the God of water, but they were close. She was life, after all. Water kept the plants alive, kept animals alive, kept everyone alive. She knew water, knew it intimately. Kept track of every drop as it moved from the rivers to the ocean to the sky to the inner workings of the complexities of life.

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She was a veritable tornado rushing through the house, upending things, destroying keepsakes, carrying objects off. We wondered why we bothered with her, sometimes. But that question was always answered whenever she turned around and looked at us with that innocent smile, that loving glance, that look of surprise as though she could not believe we were still here.

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Harsh words and broken laughter and oh so much blood. Pooled everywhere, filling the air with it’s metallic tang. Had he not known some of the victims here, he would have considered it a work of art. A visceral, terrifying piece of art, but beautiful all the same. But he had known these men. Had fallen in love with these children. Watched those women with envious eyes. He had known these families and the loss was a calamity that shook him to the very core.
Revenge? No.
What he had in mind was something far worse than such.

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“I’m listening,” he mumbled, clearly doing otherwise. “Really.”
Eyelids drooped and he barely caught his head from colliding with the table.
“I can see that.” She growled. “You’re not the one we need to worry about. We know you’re OBVIOUSLY liseining, but who ELSE is listening? We can’t let this get out to anyone else!”

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His boots represented much about himself. Practical, worn, and scuffed but taken care of. He was practical, weather-beaten, and blunt, but he had a warm side to him and everyone under his protection knew they were safe.

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Bricks of mud and dust and clay. Bound together by blood and sweat. Such a house would not fall anytime soon, not with the weight of memories pulled together from too many lives and too many mistakes and too many regrets. This was a place with a long memory and a longer future. The man who built this house understood this well, though he could be called a man no longer.

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“Beware, little one. Beware. Not all beings are as they appear.”
Beware what? I always wondered what she was warning me against. Rapists? Muggers? I knew everyone here and those that I didn’t know never stayed around long enough for me to worry.
I never thought she could be warning me about myself.

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She gave him a pained smile.
“No, it’s fine. Really.” She told him. “It’s… I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”
She wrapped her arms around herself and looked away.
“It was my fault.” She whispered. “All my fault.”

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The truth is, the truth is… There was no truth, not really. None of it was a lie, either. It just was. Truth is subjective. It depends solely upon what other people know. How could a lie be a lie if it was all the other person understood? To him it was a truth, even if the rest of the world saw it as a lie.

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The cities were built before anybody really knew the symbolism to them. They grew before anybody understood what they were. They were brought into being by fools who thought they knew what they were doing. These cities were places of power that went beyond human knowledge. These were not the collection of people and buildings that most think of when they think of a city.

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Covert glances, looking left and right, doing all he could to seem helpless and lost. And they fell for it. He was surrounded but they soon found that there was not much they could do against the thing he really was. None survived.

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It wasn’t an overtly terrifying smile, but there was definitely something sinister about it. It was the glassy eyes, perhaps, though they were easily attributed to the fever he had come down with a couple days ago. Perhaps his mouth was open a bit too wide? His teeth were very sharp, after all.

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She was eternal. She had no beginning, no end. She simply was. She was the one who had created everything in the beginning and she was the one everything would return to at the end. She was forgotten in the passage of time, but she would be remembered later. Everything had a pattern, she simply had to bide her time.

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