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I ran on the sidewalk through the pouring rain, my shoes slushing in the puddles. Alesina grabbed my arm and yelled, “LOOK THERE IT IS!” We eagerly ran inside. The cinema strongly smelled of popcorn and other treats that you would expect to find in a cinema. Be both sighed in unison.

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My keys wouldn’t slide into the lock, I frantically pushed, but my hands kept fumbling, I was trapped outside. The thing got closer until I could feel its hot damp breath near my head. My movements got more and more overwrought, as I fought my fear down to slide it in. I stumbled as the key quickly jerked in the lock. Then, I felt its jagged, dirty claws on my shoulders.

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Unstoppable. Hah. That was it. The word to perfectly describe his madness. There was no point. He could do anything he wants, kill, spare, or let go. That’s why I’m dead now, all because of him.

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I ran upstairs as fast as I could. Emotions rushed through me, my adrenaline pumping, I slammed my door behind me. I stared in the mirror. I had become astray of my own mind.
The air that was clogging my throat became unstuck and a sob broke past my lips.

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I had deeply cared for my aunt Danny before she had died in a car crash. I hoped that she was happy walking among the stars. And that she knew I still loved her, I couldn’t imagine how my Mother felt losing her sister. I could never cope with having Grace disappear on me. Our family is doing our best to cope with losses. Things happen. You must hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

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