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They could still be alive. He had tried to ease her shattering grief but felt out of his depth, indecision over giving false hope tormenting his thoughts. Yet as they stumbled through the hills and he looked to her tear stained face, he knew he would do anything to shield her from this pain.


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A blurring of white noise fills my head, its like being underwater with your heart beat clamouring to be heard, and my lungs wonder why they cannot inhale. Your hand falls from my throat and my body collapses into elation, the sensation of circulation overwhelming.


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The damning signs compel me towards fear, the edge of sight becoming blurred, the twisted pigments that haunt like static. And then I see your face.


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She couldn’t take it, clawing at her hair, the tears of frustration streaking down her face, she could practically feel herself caving in as she watched him turn away, the confusion at her unspoken cries too draining.

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I cant breathe. My lungs are burning but no air escapes. I cant move. My mind screams its claustrophobia but the pain is only just beginning.

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She slipped into the easy atmosphere, the mist welcoming her to its depths, encompassing her body into full submersion until all she could hear was the echo of her heartbeat.

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The faded colours seemed to cast a dull contrast to the energetic youth that it had previously adorned. The worn elastic and torn fabric a distant reminder that brought her to tears as she caressed it between her fingertips.

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The need to survive drove him onwards. The hunger pains that echoed within his thin frame. The muscles that ached relentlessly. The threat that pursued him without fail.

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It all fell into a blaze. Or that’s what we thought would happen. Surprisingly, the glass dome held up to the homemade flame-thrower, and managed to protect him inside.

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You sheltered me from the cold, the darkness, everything that was bothering me. And i still remember you, tattered, rugged, big but gentle, soft, but worn-down. I hope you know, my little blanket, that you shall be my daughter’s keepsake now.

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why is the “one word” of the day still oil? I thought they would’ve changed it by now, seeing as its sunday, not saturday any more. can we have an update so i can post something new and creative for today? please?

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slick it up with oil, soak it down with water. no mixture, really… just two liquids floating side to side.

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everyday i’m shufflin’. just kidding. oh, how i miss those lazy summer days where that anthem was the theme of those precious 5 weeks… to relive them again would be bittersweet ecstasy.

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She moved with the grace, finesse and the finest skill of artistry. Little did she know, her talent was about to crumble with a spin and a chasse…

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The break up was mutual. No, it wasn’t. Or at least that’s what i think… Or hope. I could be in denial. Yes, I am in denial. He broke up with me. It was his decision and all I can do is accept it.

Oh, how I want you back.

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My advice to you is to go left when you see a fork in the path. Go for the road that is empty, not walked on. Though it may be scary, you will find that it is one of the best choices you have made. Don’t worry. Just go.

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The taste of rusty iron filled my mouth. It wasn’t the first time it had happened, of course. The repeated hits had started from long before the marriage and it took this long to realize I had to stop enduring this, once and for all.

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It was quite romantic at what he’d done. Blood red orchids on the table, an array of ethnic cuisines and an illuminating candle-perfect for a candlelight dinner.

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The second hand audibly ticked, ticked, ticked. The train wasn’t going to come on time, she noted. When only 10 minutes left, she grabbed her red Loubotins off her feet and ran up the grimy stairs into the street, hoping to the get to the meeting on time.

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She was convinced he was gone, The broken glass on the floor, the mussed up bed sheets, the footprints trailing out the door. She took one step to the kitchen table, and there her head slumped into tears and wails. He was finally gone. “Thank the heavens,”, she thought.

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She sat on the couch and watched tv. She sipped on a chilled bottle of coke when the channel suddenly flipped to a rather fuzzy, blurry screen. “What could it be,” she thought.

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the things I could do on a whim. run away or tell a girl I think she’s beutiful. Or even kill myself. but whims are fleeting and still im sitting here.

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