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her fingers sparkled in the sun, weighed down by her heavy holy rings. whenever a traveler from a foreign land would visit her, they would have to bow down with their face towards the ground and gently kiss the top of her most ornate stone, a large sapphire that glistened like deep pools of water, pools that would reflect the eyes of the traveler back up at them.

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i drove past a man today baking in the sun like a shortbread cookie. i drove home but slowly came back. i brought him water and a fig breakfast bar. i told him he looked dehydrated but he just smiled up at me with grass clinging to his cheeks and said, “many blessings to you,”.

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she sat on the dirty sidewalk as a loud, glittering bus pulled up in front of her. out of it poured skinny girls with platform shoes and boys with button up shirts and ties, laughing too loudly, shrieking like dying birds, flowing out onto the street that wasn’t their home.

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you have infected me and clung to my very veins and legs so that i dont know what to do with myself anymore. it almost makes me weep. but i dont know whether its for sorrow or joy. but i have now given you my very soul.

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i can’t get rid of you, you have inhabited my body like a virus, or a parasite, that once you have attached yourself to me, you will never let go. now all i do is cough blood into plain white handkerchiefs, sitting dizzily onto the dusty floorboards when my head starts spinning and my body feels weak. didnt you say you wanted to leave next week?

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she was coughing up bright red rivers. tears flowing down her glass cheeks and jawline. in her eyes, soft clusters of moss grew, sprouting from her earth colored eyes, blue with bits of gold and brown.

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black black black
i see you in dusty windows
and frayed curtains
behind and hiding
within a sickly yellow motel
you’re pacing the persian carpet
paisley leaves in a quite lake
you’re waiting for morning to come
and i’m waiting for the moon to rise.

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secretly stealing away in the night
cold like a butchers knife
i wait for you at the end of the lane
where you cannot turn away.

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when you are looking directly into his eyes, your intentions are very clear, like water pooling at the end of a river, mirroring up your own reflection back at you, the one that he can see, and cannot remove from his sight, as much as he may try to.

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the waters surged beneath the tiny boat, waves crashing with thunderous roars, the air icy and wind, dark dark night as far as the eye could see.

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staring through the dusty glass, she could see the sparkling green snake coiled seductively around the birch tree.

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forced sweat beaded down her grey ashen face. she was crouched in a dark tunnel, listening to the steady throbbing of her heart and the dripping condensation flowing over the grimy soot black walls.

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i smashed the glass into a thousand pieces. crunched the pieces into a fine powder with my shoe. i hated everything about that mirror. it would only show myself when i looked into it. that was something i did not want to see. i wanted to see something beautiful and white and pale and fine. like the powder now grinding into the carpet.

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horrible in its scope, impressive in its size, the great beast lurched out of the road into the forest, blinded by the glaring lights of sports cars and neon glow of cheap motels.

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im splitting my heart into pieces for you. crumbling the pieces into a fine powder. i take that powder, and i blow it across lakes and streams and rivers and oceans. until it finally gets to you.

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the words tumbled out of his mouth like so much cotton candy, fluffy and iridescent. “i love you. well, i think i do.” she stared at him, his boyish face slowly growing red under her steady gaze. “i’m not sure that is true.” she said, longing for the one who would finally mean those words when he said them.

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she looked up into his face. he was grim and sweaty, with a flat face and red hands. she wasn’t particularly impressed with him, but she needed something that only he could give her. with him she had security, protection, money, and… a warmth of feeling that was almost indescribable though not particularly deep.

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she was already a foot taller than him when he first met her. she loved marshmallow sandwiches and tilt a whirls, while he was more of a fireside reading, German play quoting, introvert.

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