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spaces. spaces are what separate the words that i’m writing. without spaces, sentences would look like this: imwritingathingforthiswebsitethatistumbleduponusingthenewapplicationigotfromfacebook.
now that’s not that easy to read is it? so aren’t you glad that we invented the space? spaces also brings to mind space, like stars and planets and spaceships and shit. i just did a physics project on space, it was kinda interesting but kinda boring. do you think aliens exist? i do, but not in our solar system. and i don’t mean lame bacteria, i mean real aliens who have a language and everything. that would be so cool if we found aliens. i’ve never seen star trek, but there sure is a lot of hype about it.

» Posted By s.m On 03.02.2009 @ 9:24 pm

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