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“Don’t you get it?” she demanded, “There’s no version of this where you come out on top,”
“You don’t know that,”
“Yes, I do,” she said, “I’ve been where you are. And this? It only ends one way,”

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“Be careful what you wish for,” the spirit said as she faded from sight, her voice echoing in the empty air, “Some doors should remain unopened…”

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She stands on the edge of the cliffs, eyes closed and face turned towards the setting sun. The wind is relentless, tugging at her clothes and turning her hair into a banner of scarlet and gold.

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“I was broken a LONG time ago,” she snarled, lips and teeth stained red with her own blood, “You can’t hurt me,”
He chuckled. “Maybe,” he said, “Maybe not,” he picked up a small, sharp knife, the edge catching the light, “But I’m going to enjoy trying,”

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Her kiss ignited a fire inside her, burning her from the inside out. Her world dissolved to her warmth, to the myriad of places their bodies met.

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She whirled around, looking more startled than a deer realizing it was firmly in a skilled hunter’s sights. “Wh-who’s there?!” she cried into the darkness, eyes wide and darting.
But there was nothing there. Or,at least, nothing she could see.

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Your hair blowing like hand-spun silk,
Eyes like bluest cornflowers,
Skin imperfectly perfect,
Every time I catch my breath, you take it away.

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Eyes wide and heart threatening to pummel its way out from beneath her breast, she fixed her with a powerful glare as soon as the shock wore off enough for her to do so. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” she demanded, her voice unnaturally high, “What is WRONG with you?!”

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The room is open, circular, made of windows rather than walls. The domed ceiling stretches high overhead, all metal work and etchings from a time gone by.

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Lilyah didn’t belong here, in this land of wind and sand. She was a child of the Blackmoors, a daughter of the wilder places and that Sabriel has no choice but to name this her final resting place feels something like a betrayal.
She should have protected her; she’d promised she would.
But, in the end, all the words in the realm weren’t weighty enough to stop a well-placed arrow.

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“Are ye daft, girl? Didn’t ye hear what the man said?”
“I heard him,” she said, swinging herself up onto the horse.
“Then what d’ye think yer doin’? Ye cain’t win this’un,”
She turned to look at him, gray eyes flashing like polished steel under the noonday sun. “It’s not about winning; it’s about standing up for what’s right,”

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There is a girl who lives in a palace, who dresses like a princess and bears the manner of a queen.
She is, however, not the queen, the princess, or even a proper lady at all. Not anymore, at least.
No, now she is a ward of the king, a living, breathing example of what happens to women who find themselves ensnared in the games of men. It matters not that she – a mere child during the rebellions that erased her birthright – played no part in the ‘festivities’; her fate is sealed in the name she bears, in the blood that pumps through her very veins.

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She plugged her laptop into the nearest outlet, tapping her fingers against the cool metal as it searched for a suitable wifi connection.

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“This particular strain of the virus is…difficult to combat. If we’d caught it earlier-”
“Are you-” her words were cut short by a particularly jarring cough, “Are you saying…am I out of options?” she asked, once she’d regained her voice.
The doctor didn’t meet her eyes and she felt her heart drop even before he spoke. “I’m afraid so,”

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The food was bland and the wine bitter. Still, it was a fair sight better than the scraps of dried meat and bread that her pack held and she was grateful.

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The soft rinkling of the piano acted as a beacon, a musical trail of breadcrumbs that led her to precisely where she wanted to go.
She moved into the den and paused midstride, leaning back against the doorframe to watch as her girlfriend loving coaxed the deceptively simple tune from the ivories.

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“You’ve met him, right? What’s your take on this ‘Jarvis’ character?” I asked, turning my attention to the wry blonde.
“He’s bad news,” she said immediately and I couldn’t help but frown. It wasn’t like Jaime to condemn people so fast.
“How so?”
“Well, his auras this dingy gray,” she began with a shudder, “I felt like I needed a shower just for being in the same room. I can’t imagine what actually WORKING for him would feel like. And I don’t WANT too,”

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As we drew nearer the horizon, I lost myself in the intricate colors that stained the sky.

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“Now this is essential,” he said, glancing up from the map just long enough to make sure I was paying attention. “You have to be back on this side of the wall before the next shift. No matter what measures you take, they’ll know somethings off,”
“I know, umcle,” I said, “I’ll be careful. And I’ll be back,”

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“So, what’s this big announcement you’ve been hinting at all night?” I asked, swirling the last of the wine in my glass.
“Well…” the two of them exchanged looks and I felt a cold ball of dread form in the pit of my stomach .
No. Please, god, tell me she didn’t invite me here to tell me-
“We’re getting married!”

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The air was heavy with the smell of pizza and buffalo wings and I wondered if I hadn’t accidentally stumbled into a bar instead of my friends apartment. “Uh, Kayla? Trying to start your own Hooters in here or something?”
“Huh? Oh, haha,” she said, nudging my with her elbow as she passed me. “i’ve just been hitting the takeout kinda heavy lately; it’s whatever, ya know?”
“Yeah…” I cleared my throat, “So, you’re…doing better then? About the whole…Josh thing?”

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Arlessa wasn’t sure how it happened, really. How she’d changed from a defender of the people to the one whose name alone was enough to induce a state of quiet terror. Honestly, she wasn’t sure that SHE had changed at all. She still followed her code in every aspect, still stopped to help the poor, to defend the weak. She still claimed only that which she and Xion carried and yet, mothers still tugged curious children from her sight and nobles clutched gold-filled purses in too-fat fists.

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I had never been much for school but morning, noon, and night I studied the subject of HER. Recording the exact shade of her hair (sometimes golden yellow, sometimes ruby red, sometimes both, sometimes neither) was my science, describing the color of her eyes (cerulean with dynamic swirls of cobalt and azure) my poetry, and the seemingly never-ending facets of her personality my arithmetic.

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Clinging to the rail that lined the catwalk, she inched her way along until she’d reached the edge of the platform. “I have a visual; do I take the shot?”
“Negative. Hold position,”

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To say that winding up as an offering to an ancient, unspeakable power was a surprising way to spend her sixteenth birthday was, admittedly, something of an understatement. Still, it was about the only thing she could think as she tried – and failed – to loosen the thick rope wrapped around her spread limbs.

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She’d only just raised the glass to her mouth only for her lips to press against the warm skin of Talia’s hand. “Uhm…” she blinked, turning her attention to the woman beside her, “Can I help you with something there, T?”
“You don’t wanna drink that,” the dark-skinned woman said, pulling her hand back only to wipe the palm on the tablecloth.
“Uh, I kinda think I do,”
“Trust me; you don’t,” she said, shaking her head. “It’s spiked; one sip and you’ll be out cold for a week,”

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“Cursed to drink the blood of the innocent and haunt the night until the end of time, blah, blah, blah; you’ve heard the story a thousand times, right? Well, it’s crap. Total crap,”
“Oh, yeah. Vamps’re always trying to play up the whole ‘dark and mysterious’ thing but, hang around ’em long enough, and the mystery? Poof, gone. Minus their whole exsanguination habit, bloodsuckers’re just like you and me, boring bits included,”

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“You seem to be fully integrated now; how does that make you feel?”
“Seriously? Because I hate this place, that’s why. And now, just in case I didn’t have enough problems, I have to hate myself too, because you’ve made me into exactly what this fucking place wants me to be. I hate it. I hate you. Basically, I hate everything and there’s nothing I can do about it,”

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“Would you like some tea?”
“No. Thank you,” she added, stepping further into the room, careful to close the door behind her. “I shouldn’t want to be missed,”
Irah hummed in agreement, moving to fill his own cup. “Then to what do I owe the pleasure of this meeting, young Huntress?”
Wringing her hands together behind her back, she stepped forward, her face illuminated by the flickering light of the fireplace. “I need your help,”

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“It does one no good to wallow, dear,” the elder woman said, resting her hand in the center of her back, “The past is in the past and cannot be undone,”
“Do you think I don’t know that?” she snarled, or tried too. It was hard to summon the anger, now. Honestly, right now it was hard to feel anything but pain.
She tutted in a matter so condescending that Ilena couldn’t help but smile into the pillow. “I think you forget, child,”

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