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We started charging at the door to the bad guys house. The adrenaline charging through my veins!!!


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The bull started charging at me and my freind we were so scared we might die. but then Almonzo swept in and saved us.

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we are being charged 20 for a late fee since we did not returen the book.

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It was thin, a little longer than most. Her nose gave her an almost foreign look, and made her face more austere. Still though, her eyes were her most defining feature, a piercing blue.

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Swaying trees are so beautiful. Some people think that is it scary I don’t. Swaying trees are beautiful

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It isn’t me – but it also is me. I am the other, the differnt and outside. Yet all things are other to me – different, other, outside. Thus is the impenetrable separateness of persons: all things are other, even that which is not.

What is the opposite of ‘other’? Me? Self? I? That-which-is-not-other.

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Hello, was just testing, flexing.

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We were together in the only place we could really be ourselves. We compete with each other and do whatever, but then, I noticed he kept flexing his arm. Veins beneath his flesh came out, and I wondered why he kept doing it. There’s no need to impress me. And then, he told me: he was making sure his arm hadn’t got numb from his father’s beatings.

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The humidity rolls over the city like a cloud that weighs us all down in thick, sticky air. That’s what it feels like to be politically enraged – an inescapable heatwave.

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A type of blanket that can be home made to help keep someone warm from colder weather. Something that can be homemade and gifted to a love one

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“SHOTGUN!” He screamed out at the top of his lungs, running full speed toward the front door of the truck. I just rolled my eyes and sighed. What an actual child.

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I thought about being a physician for a while…it follows the Indian thing to do and I really do care about people. But the health profession is just too long of a way and I’m more interested in the mental health aspect of caring for people. I hate how accepted that the

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He was a scuba diver. A ripped scuba diver who enjoyed studying the depths of the ocean. He wanted to go further than any one else. He wanted to go deeper than anyone else. But most of all he wanted to be someone else. In the depths of the murky sea he became another person. An explorer of a new world, a lone survivor in an intense crazy environment, a conqueror of life’s mysteries and a man of determination and motivation.

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it forms us, there are lots of different types of them

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Childhood memories. Rooftop. TV sets. Remembrance of a simpler time. It comes back in flashes. I didn’t understand its concept back then, not that I do now either. But then again, it came back in a flash.

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The chess set stood on an oak desk, exactly where I had left it as a child. Dust had gathered under each ridge, grey and heavy like moth wings battering ash against a glass window.

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“They are just thieves!” she shouted. I couldn’t believe this happened for real. We were someone else yesterday, and now we plunged back to our normal lives. The lives we hated. The lives we couldn’t keep up with, once we stepped in and closed the door behind us. “How long will it take to get new documents? I need to be someone else! Now!”. Tears ran down her face. “I don’t know,” I replied, one hand on her shoulder.

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When I got home, I saw a man standing in front of my house. He looked down to a young girl. He was covered in blood. He suddenly turned around. I saw that he was holding a knife. The little girl… The little girl was my daughter. The man saw me and walked slowly into my direction. But.. then out of nothing he started running. I started running. I was being haunted!

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I love painting. I used to watch my mother paint my father’s houses that he built from hand, from the ground up; when I was a little girl. It awakens something within me. It takes me back to this place where I am little, and nothing matters, except those single strokes, back and forth, mundane, pretty, clean.

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Structure is what gives you halt, like a safe rock. You can hold on it. It is a guideline that you can follow whenever you feel lost. It gives you security and a sense of being in a safe place.

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I heard a thrash as I was first reading the word, after a break of silence. Earlier, I had to turn the volume up on the television when Till and I were watching Power Rangers (1993) because the audio seemed to be softer than on previous shows, and the hum of the air conditioner affected the volume of the television and how we were able to perceive the sce

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a broken-hearted carpenter. a lost child. an enigmatic dreamer. they’d grabbed on and she’d fought to keep them from crashing off the ledge. they were her savings. pieces of heartache, abandoned dreams, buried memories. at the end of day, she was a pauper.

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today it is possible to communicate with anyone around the word. The internet is an amazing tool with which we can see. hear and speak to each other every day. Social media has also made many friendships possible. People are able to find old friends as well as make new friends from all, over the world. The possibilities are endless

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She thought that her being smart made her clever. She was so wrong, for she lacked creativity.

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She thought that her being smart made her clever, but she was so wrong. She didn’t have the key ingredient, creativeness.

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“Monsters aren’t real,” my mom reassured me.
I nodded by head, wiped away my tears, and got back in bed. I always believed her as a kid but now I know they are real. Monsters might not have gnashing teeth or huge claws, but they do exist. Monsters are the people that tear you down at school, the boss that picks on you, and the politicians who seem to have no sympathy for foreigners. I’m talking to you Mr. Trump.

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What happened to the golden rule?
Why do we have to wear emotional armor to protect ourselves?
Why can’t we just be nice to one another?

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I looked up at the blue sky watching the airplanes go by, enjoying my summer break. Suddenly, a dark, vast portal opened up above me, and what appeared to be a flying saucer emerged from the hole. It levitated over the ground as I looked in horror. “Who are you and what do you want?” I screamed. A bright light beamed from the bottom of their aircrafts as two green figures marched toward me. “Ixfazaljaima,” one of the aliens murmured. They could tell by the confused look on my face I had no idea what they said.
“Sorry do you speak English?” the other one said in a Boston accent.
“Yes, did you not here me speaking it earlier?” I answer back.
“No, we can’t hear anything through the glass,” they explain.
“Well, what did you come here for anyways?”
“We wanted to know if you would like to help us carry out a plan?”
“And what might that be?”
“We come from a planet that can see into your planet’s future. If he becomes President you will all suffer.
“Who’s he?”
“Donald Trump. We have a plan to assassinate him.”
Without much thought I say, “Beam me up.”

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I run down the wet brick road, trying to get away. I take cover next to some dark trash bags in a nearby alley. I’m camouflaged thanks to my black coat. He runs straight pass me. What did he want from me?
Suddenly, he stops, turning around slowly; I can see the shiny pistol in his hand. I try to find something to defend myself with, but in doing so, one of the trashcans falls over with a loud, metallic clang.
He spots me and I’m on the run again. Why doesn’t he just shoot?

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She walked down the street in the bright, red dress she had been waiting months to buy. It only took ten months of waitressing and cat sitting for her neighbor before she could make the satisfying swipe of her credit card. All the hard work she had put in had finally paid off. Even with a makeup free face, she was the most confident she had been in years.

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