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I hate the fake-up
on a girl’s face
I hate the false weave
on a girl’s head

I hate fake tits,
set in the real’s place
or push-up bra’s
false cleavage instead

unnatural lift in bust
lifts you with false bravado
trying to take little cherries
and disguise them as avocados

real men love real women
real parts with real shake
small tits and natural hair
over fake, all night I’ll take

[…and are all you bitches the same type of crazy
following an “ol’-trendemic” from the 80s]

I’m referring to the fake blonde
most often used for your hair dyes
and stupid looking glued lashes
over your clown painted eyes

all your damn lousy lies
that bullshit has me want to cry
If I never again saw real girls walk by
I’d rather hand stroke it until I die.

Can I get an Amen?!

» Posted By Rymin Ray On 01.24.2017 @ 11:30 pm


it is never alright
to be a thief all ones life.
you should quit and then go legit
or one day be killed and dumped in a ditch.

» Posted By Rymin Ray On 01.23.2017 @ 4:27 am

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