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I slowly walk backwards, holding the WiFi password in my hand. The teen slowly follows, looking skeptical. What the teen doesn’t know, is that I am luring him to my house. I thought this wouldn’t work, but apparently a teen will do anything for a WiFi password. Once I arrive at my house, I lead him to my basement to trap him. The old wooden stairs make loud creaking noises, as if its warning us of the somber room below. Once we approach the final step, we were greeted with the strong stale scent of old furniture. I throw the paper to the floor, the teen follows. Quickly I slam the door shut and lock it. I laugh and shout “Hope your not afraid of the dark!” then I ran upstairs. I sit on the couch and take a remote and click a button, soon after a shrill scream follows. My body feels refreshed and recharged, I then transform into my real form, a large spider. It only takes a single, lovely scream to help me transform. Now I can finally eat him.

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I force my eyes open hoping it was all a nightmare, but it wasn’t. The stench of the room made me cringe. In front of me was the operating table and the bloody tools lying scattered across the room. That was it, it was just a dark room with one single operating table and it tools to go with it. I look down and see a red bandage wrapped around my chest, I begin to whimper at the thought of what they did to me. Am I going to live?

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the fire licks up your body. all you feel is pain. you scream, hoping someone, anyone will save you. no one come. there are hooks in your shoulders and legs and in your side. they’re connected to chain that pull you apart. a man floats down toward you and laughs at your screams and tears. he grabs a knife from his belt and cuts into you. his knife spelling out horrible words and secrets you thought no one would ever know about.

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is this building
are my thoughts of you
strawberry light
and oak trees
scent of textbooks and

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The dinosaurs were everywhere. he’d never believed in them before..Why hadn’t he? He’d probably be alive right now if he had. Not that he wasn’t. In the scientific sense. His heart was beating, blood was gushing along its merry little way..but that meant nothing. Nothing at all. he was dead. And within moment his body would catch up to what his mind knew already. In a gore fest.

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Sitting in a chair. One person, all alone. A person, a sunbeam, a book and some tea. Just sitting, passing the time. Alone, but at peace. She’d die happy, but the sun is still up, maybe later, perhaps,. But for now, she’ll remain as is. Sitting quietly, book in hand, watching the hours pass her by, forever at peace.

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