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an outlet on the wall of the airport. Perfect. My laptop was beginning to die, the screen darkening and the power bar becoming increasingly slim.
I walked over and got out my cable, pushing it into the outlet. I was finally able to open my laptop and activate the bomb.

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LIkes to jump a lot! oh and mostly highper. This term can be literal or figurative literal means well I already told you but figuratively.

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In starry eye surprise, she sat there staring at me. Not know what was going to happen next, I stood entranced looking into her eyes. It was like staring out into the sky at night taking in all the stars that lit up the sky.

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Through the lens of my coke bottles, I’m still a little blind. I have to squint and tilt my head just to see if the world is still there sometimes.

The day we met, from across the room, I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever met.

On closer inspection.

I was unfortunately right.

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Buddha is a cool statue with a big tummy that is part of the Hindu religion and culture.

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Lately, all he’d been feeling was loneliness. She seemed so far away, they all did. Maybe that’s why he did what he did. Maybe that’s why he acted out in a way he never would have before. But all he knew was he’d hurt her. Made her upset.

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I’ve driven a van for most of my adult life. Most people start with a car – something nice and small to get around in – but I’ve always driven a mini van, handed down to me from my mother. She loved her mini vans. For such a tiny woman, I don’t know why she always wanted such a large vehicle.

I really do miss my mother… at least I still have her van.

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He was shaken. The world beneath his feet was shaking and he was shaken, he was the world. Everything was falling down around him and he couldn’t help but cry at the sight of it all. Harmony had fallen to utter chaos, destruction ran rampant. Who would save them? Who could save them? He fell to his knees and wept as the storm raged on.

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No wasted time, immediate. Very satisfying, but often overly desired. Can be surprising at times. Our perception of it is not reality, as our vision is behind actual time. Woo!

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he acted that way because he thought they were all watching
they were
but not as closely as he thought they were
he had crafted this life he was living
a hoax
a facade
an act
he acted that way
because it was all he knew

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you go out side to tan.

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I stood in the unstable, sinking gravel. The morning mist crowded my field of vision, and the smell of a nightly rain hung in the air. This was my favorite place. These tracks were my escape; a nostalgic escape. I heard the faint sound of a horn far off in the distance. I closed my eyes and knelt down, pressing my hand on the cool metal. I felt a slight rumble as the horn grew louder.

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fishing is one of the those things that you earn. those lazy early mornings out on the lake with a couple good people and more than a couple of good drinks. but it loses its flavor if you go day after day after day. and you better eat what you catch.

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OH boy. Where to start. This is the kindest friend and toughest enemy. Been sober for 4 years now, but not a day goes by when I don’t miss my dear friend. Tell ya what, for a liquid that has such a rude taste, all it does is care.

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rivalry tend to make people stronger and give more effort. these self-created bad-boys are a part of my nature as an athlete. Sometimes, ive come to realize that they can be poisonous, but most of the time, I just end up winning.

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We usually use this word when we are disappointed with what we currently see, e.g., “I imagined this would be different.” or “this isn’t what I imagined.” Imagination appears to be a double edged sword – creating realities that don’t quite exist to our imagined standards.

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I’m not even sure the definition of this word. I would assume it has something to do with mythology or something fictional but I don’t know the actual definition. That’s a shame. Maybe I should go back to school. Sixty seconds is too long.

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Nobody, I think, refers to the physical lack of human being in the radius of which you are speaking. As in, “there is nobody here.” however, when it comes to humans in general, there is no place for the word “nobody.”

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learning how to use this effectively takes much more effort than the eyes show you. all of the fine technique used for different types of cuts with different meats, produce and greens would impress anyone really. actually, just go ahead and thank the chef(s) in your family.

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There has only been one time where I uttered this word. And of course it was at a mansion in San Francisco. The place must have been a movie before. 5 stories high with elegant… everything from floor to ceiling in every room.

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I always feel like I’m stalling for some reason or another, even if there IS NO REASON. Sometimes this fact surprises me as a person. Some days, when I know I have time to complete something, I just sit and wait, knowing that it will always be there tomorrow for me to do. Stalling is the bane of my existence!

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Severe…life threatening. Severe demands an equal reaction to whatever is happening! That’s why you must always be on your toes to tame whatever come your way.

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Usually I don’t like being reminded about things as it shows a lack to responsibility on my part. Especially if it’s a colleague or sibling. I don’t mind it too much if it comes from a position of authority. I hate reminding myself of things I should let go of.

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Probably the most important person in the world. Gets things done, makes problems go away, fixes left and right. Commonly seen with a negative view because of its association to drugs. The best and most famous people are dealers of some type.

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The man sat at his desk. A tiny cubical, there where thousands like it in this building alone. He stared out the widow longingly, wishing for something more.

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The boy was seated in class, he doodled on the page which was supposed to be notes. Looking up every once and again to create the impression of attentiveness. Calculus was so boring, in his art he could create entire worlds. What could he create with calculus?

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This is a quandary. I thought as I looked a the stump where my right hand had been. Compensation for this loss would not be easy

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The little man stepped out of his car. It was a huge truck big enough, I think, to have fit a whole whale in it. He was wearing a leather jacket leather boots and a knife at his hip, although he was small he did have quite a bit of muscle.

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