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Point to me, point to her, point to us, point to you. We point, we blame, we pass. You put it on me, you put it on her, you put it on us, but you never put it on you.

What’s the point? Where to go? I’d rather you point to me, than I point to you.

» Posted By Ry On 01.24.2016 @ 9:52 am


Her voice always sounded so sweet when she sang our lullaby. I could almost pretend i didn’t know how tormented she really was. Almost convince myself that it was just a trick of the sunlight that her eyes were glossing over as she sang to me that last time…

» Posted By RY On 05.19.2013 @ 11:17 am


I hope that someday I can find a place, very far away from here, any place at all, that has actual people. People that don’t stab their fellow man in the back as a way to get ahead. Its the daily races that kill. Ive seen it.

» Posted By Ry On 12.23.2012 @ 11:36 am


my brain is in shredded little pieces in the morning. Scattered throughout the night, I need to search ever place i know to lose things to find it. It won’t be an easy task, but things worth doing never were. if i am successful, ill have the best day of my life.

» Posted By Ry On 12.21.2012 @ 11:16 am


I was not fully aware of sate meant, so I had to look it up. To satisfy. To fill. To me, this comes out to being an addiction. This is something I can relate to. As an addict I can comprehend what people are dealing with when they feel like they are in need of a substance. As an addict, I can safely say that gorging in your addiction will only lead into regret. There is nothing I regret more than convincing myself that it will be okay to drink, and then get completely

» Posted By ry On 12.19.2012 @ 6:35 pm


No you can’t go, they said over and over. no you aren’t ready. no you aren’t part of the group. but you had worked so hard on your costume. you had done the make up in all the proper ways, had even made your own costume. the shoes had pinched your feet horribly every night that you had practiced and you had blisters healing on your ankles. and still they said no. all because you were a member of the sound crew.

» Posted By Ry On 07.15.2012 @ 8:49 pm


at camp last year. I cried my eyes out. You broke my heart and it was valentines day. Everything started to crumble with all of my relationships with people. I found despair and hurt that you could do this to me.
I blame the pain on you but you don’t feel any pain.
I miss us though

» Posted By ry On 05.05.2011 @ 12:18 am


Dino sweater
To keep you warm at night
In strange places with strange friends
But, it’ll be okay
Because, with your dino sweater
You can never forget
The love we had for you
And how hard you loved back

» Posted By Ry On 05.03.2011 @ 6:32 pm


The bright light that some can never reach when lost in the dark. Yearning for it, waiting for a shadow illuminated by the fluorescent light to guide them…

» Posted By ry On 05.01.2011 @ 9:42 pm


i saw the deer through my window. his frost glazed eyes and dark brown eyelashes. i wondered if deers fell in love like we did. had this one gotten his heart broken too? i wanted to ask but he scampered off before i could.

» Posted By ry On 04.14.2010 @ 1:18 am


As I walked in, I knew that I would never come out. At least it seemed that way… all the people, just waiting, and waiting, and coughing, and spewing, and waiting some more. Yep, my life was about to end, then and there.

» Posted By Ry On 05.15.2009 @ 8:41 pm


don’t stop

tick tock tick tock
fall faster

such a fucking liar
such a fucking liar

i wish
it wouldn’t stop

i wish
i could keep going




» Posted By ry On 07.12.2009 @ 8:17 pm


I snuck up on her from around the corner, I’d been waiting in the shadows eagerly for way too long and finally the moment was upon me. I leaped out, reached my hands out in her direction and made a sound not unlike Donald Duck’s laughter. She almost pissed herself. When she turned around, I discovered, to my shock, it wasn’t who I’d thought!

» Posted By Ry On 11.06.2008 @ 9:30 am


again late nights i dislike this much stress levels fuck this give up throw away just do it then get over and done with yeah thats what ill do coffee break leaave myspace fuck this anger sit down tdo 15 minutes of it now ill grab another coffee dinner time check the time itd late like 5am man gotta get up earlyy

» Posted By ry On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am


delicious warm muffin tops bubbling with flavor yummy delicious crumbly tasty muffins just like mom used to make just like she still does make love moms muffins

» Posted By ry On 02.28.2010 @ 7:41 pm


wow brings me back to when I was 11 and I had not a care in the world. Grown up life is intense, and sometimes I wish I could be on summer vacation as an 11 year old playing in the sprinklers. But I guess Ill just have to be an adult-ish person, and play anyways

» Posted By Ry On 10.08.2009 @ 11:48 pm


The grand pianist entered the stage, silently trembling as he tried to remember all the fingerings to his concerto. Would he make a mistake? He knew that it was quite possible, but he had to put on a straight face for the audience. They came for a show and he was there to give it to them. He sat on his bench, lifted his hand, and pressed C.

» Posted By Ry On 10.23.2009 @ 3:31 pm


Everything is modern today.. cold hard.. I like crazy.. color.. not metal.. old comfy.. worn in.. Modern toooo Cold… Whate else to say.. modern today is boring… I like that old teddy bear wth old stories behind it… not something that still smells of stores…

» Posted By Ry On 10.19.2009 @ 8:16 pm

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