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“He’s deranged,” I said, as I closed the curtain. The man was raving behind it, railing away at invisible enemies. “I’m sorry. I can’t help him. We’ll just have to keep him calm.” It was tough being a doctor in the post-cataclysm, especially without any real training.

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she told me she witnessed something horrific. she told me that it brought tears to her eyes when she thought of it. she told me she wondered why good things happen to bad people. she told me how it changed her forever. yet, she never told me what it was that had brought her such shame.

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a hapless man walks down the street, sighing, and staring into the sky.
today was not his today, and neither will tomorrow.
he knows this and he walks with rigid steps toward unknown destiny.
he is scared of fate; but to fate, he is nothing but an unlucky fool.

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juvenile, kids in tough spots, making bad choices.
kids rebelling against things that make their skin crawl.
punks wrapped around society’s finger
angry, crazy, fun.
kids like me

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lots of things are nonense. sometimes i think school and society and family is nonsense.. but everybody has their own opinions i guess. i suppose the only thing i think of when i think of nonsense would be.. unachieved expectations, hoodlums tagging, and political rants that i dont like to hear. things that dont matter to me..

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I was seated in the passenger side next to him, watching the wind ruffle his black curly hair as he drove. The sun was hot but it was a gorgeous drive through the dark green mountains. The experience of a first trip with someone I loved was amazing… even though it left my boyfriend at home.

Sometimes I feel like I should be found out.

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For example, she said, whisking her hair to the side. “I say you’re an idiot. You say you’re not. This is an example of a “disagreement. As is this”
She drew her fist back and punched him in the mouth. His tooth nicked her flesh and opened her knuckle a bit.
That’s for yesterday, scumbag.

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he invented the wheel, she invented the hair dryer. why are you so mechanical, mister? i have better things to do than play with my hair. fiddle around in your garage, why don’t you, yeah, and then i’m stuck inside waiting to be let out.


but didn’t we women invent them to be this way? haven’t we shoved them into the back corner so quickly that they are not treated as dogs?

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her hair was a mess, matted and pushed up and blonde and dark in the insides, her sweat and teeth biting into me like…
the pillow was wet, her fingers grasping at my sides, wishing for me to never stop. I tangled my fingers into the nest of hair.

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