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Learning is a skill that takes much time and effort to master. Understanding things you might not have even known about is hard. This is where the role of a teacher comes in. Anyone can read instructions, but a good teacher helps you to figure things out through the learning technique that works best for you.

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she took her fringe down. like a door, opening a pathway straight to her face. it seemed flippant at first. off the cuff. without meaning. but as she peered into the mirror, through the doorway, she knew she’d been meaning to make this change for some time. to step through, and find something new behind the door.

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Her grandpa’s eulogy was a cheerful one. The minister spoke of the love of his wife, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His life had been a full one. And he had been loved.

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I like chips. My favorite are tortilla chips. I especially like them with salsa. I prefer the white corn chips. it is one of my most favorite snacks. Actually, I love chips.

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White coats, sterile and proper. Offering a plethora of services one might not need. However, the angelic white atmosphere builds trust at a subconscious level.

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The babies rattle started to shake and I was so upset. I had just settled her down and she was up again. Whatever was I going to do now. I had tried everything from rocking her to feeding her. I even had changed her. She was just not going to lay down.

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“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to welcome you to the show.” The woman on stage was dressed in black. A black that didn’t even seem to be a color, but more a deep hole to get lost in.

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And then fate was at it’s most cunning. Trying to trip her up and watch her fall into the depths of bad decisions because he was everything she could never have. Fate always was a trickster.

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The fisherman stepped out onto the platform. Gear all ready to go, all he had to do was wait. Waiting was the hardest part he thought. Staring into that abyss really got to him. And sometimes there was nothing and the darkness felt like it would swallow him. Catching stars for the United Galaxies to use as a power source was draining.

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They were meant to instill fear. The brass knuckles, shining in the light. They looked tough but only from a shallow glance. They were too…perfect. He had never used them before and she knew it.

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The sly fingered boy moved his fingers over the keys with great skill. His mother had always told him that he had piano fingers. They were long and graceful, but somehow lanky. The music was beautiful. No one in the room knew of course that it was a sham. His fingers touched the keys yes, but they made no sound. The recording was hidden in the inner workings of the piano and he had set up certain keys to do certain things. George was a master con artist.

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In the stillness of time existed thousands of worlds. All frozen. Time had stopped. No one knew why. Well…No one would have known if anyone had been conscious to think about it.

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When my mother left the Kadisha Valley, she declined the offers of the priest, and the neighbor’s son, and the schoolteacher, and the bartender from town, to drive her down to the transfer station, and walked to the bus stop at the bottom of the hill by myself, everyone already long gone behind her.

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I should feel deranged that the word has changed
From when I started
Then stopped and
thought I’d go back
Thinking I’d go back
Expecting Things to be the same
and discovering all along that things had…changed
No wonder I’m
And changed.

» Posted By Ruth On 03.10.2014 @ 3:09 pm


Hapless? Or happy? Letting things happen, going with the flow, doing what you want, not conforming to any rules but the rules that will make YOU and you alone happy. Hap-being happy is not being less than you really are and that, my friends is happi NESS. It’s all how you spell it.

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How juvenile, you think. What bad behavior! Look at that litter bug! Look! Look!
Very silly. Please grow up! Behave yourself! Set a good example for the chronological juveniles….

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Black triangles, and a circle in the Middle. Reluctantly hold the shirt closed of sexy men. Dapper.

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Belated thanks to the day for the unexpected delights of a conference that started out boring and wound up to be a fascinating event. You never know what happines lies ahead, delight even, like a belated birthday. You don’t even realize that your happiness was delayed because you are so happy.

» Posted By Ruth On 02.22.2014 @ 2:37 pm


Show me how this works! Show me and I’ll understand, says the Chinese saying. That didn’t work when I tried learning lacemaking. It was hard to see how that hand turned into a loom. Or when I saw Emilio fix my flute yesterday, with a mere flick of this thumb fixing that Bb key problem I was having

» Posted By Ruth On 02.16.2014 @ 1:21 pm


How are you defined? What do you use to make up your personal dictionary? Do you use someone else’s? Or do you write your own from the very beginning, knowing that you are reinventing the dictionary as you reinvent or rather invent yourself. Defining can be dangerous but I guess it’s necessary to know which box to fit into.

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Confide. In who? In you? In the computer screen? What about the NSA? The TSA? Can you every really confide in anyone, oneword, 750words, confiding for all to see, for all eternity? Why note? A new song “Confide with Me.” Oh bless us all, confide with me.

» Posted By Ruth On 02.09.2014 @ 1:37 pm


Cinema is a fancy name for movies. When I was growing up, I wouldn’t have considered that art. Art was Van Gogh. Beethoven. Not every day life. And now that I’m grown up, I know that art is life and that the best cinema, the best of the best of movies are based on the most ordinary of the ordinary everyday life, and the nostalgia is better than ever.

» Posted By Ruth On 02.05.2014 @ 6:30 am


Let’s be progressive and make progress,no matter where we are in this project or in life.Is ittoo late to make progress? It depends if you have a progressive frame of mind.

» Posted By Ruth On 02.02.2014 @ 4:25 pm


The saying about humor comes to mind; like a frog, if you disect it; it dies. So are many things in life. Once you take them apart, literally analyze them to death it’s over. It’s good to explore things deeply and it can also be dangerous. Somethings aren’t meant to be touched or even understood. It is the only way to achieve depth and mastery. Take it apart. Put it together. Observe what happens. Wait and see.

» Posted By Ruth On 02.01.2014 @ 11:49 am


Stencilling is a great way to copy. Someone, though, created the stencil. I want to be the creator of the stencil. Creativity seems to be the only way that someone could survive in the future. Jobs. Who’s going to hire you. Even for the most simple jobs, there is so much competition. Better to create your own stencil, your own model for others to coyp, even if it is more work.

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Gentlemen prefer blondes. So I had my hair processed blonde, and permed for good measure, and my boss’s secretary said to me one day, when I was complaining about my hair, “Oh, your hair looks just like spun gold!” I’ll never forget it. I think she liked me because I was empathetic to her; she was pretty mean to everyone else.

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It wasn’t a barricade exactly, and it would not keep him out for long, but she moved the cushioned bench up against the double bedroom door of the owners’ suite. Long enough to find her other phone, this time to call for help. She couldn’t call her father anymore; when she called girlfriends, the humiliation to her husband made him worse the next day. She heard his footfalls on the stair down, and knew he’d been to the gun closet. She heard his footfalls come up the front staircase.

“Yes, sorry, this is Nicolene Keller, four-two-eight Remington Lane. My husband, he is irate, I need someone to come help me.”

“Are you in danger now?”

“He is outside the bedroom door shouting. It’s locked.”

‘Do you have weapons in the house?”

“Yes, I think he has . . . ”

“Okay, we are dispatching. Stay on the line, Mrs. Keller.”

“Nicolene, open the goddamned door.”

“He’s shouting. He’s shaking the door.”

“Where are you, Mrs. Keller?”

“In my bathroom now, there’s no lock, well the toilet has a lock.”

“Okay, Mrs. Keller, someone is on the way, please go into the room you can lock.”

Downstairs, the doorbell rang. He stopped shouting.

“Mrs. Keller, it’s Officer Boyce.”

She opened the toilet door.

“Mrs. Keller?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Mrs. Keller, are you hurt?”


He looked at the chaise in their bathroom.

“Mrs. Keller, please sit down. We’re going to question your husband. He’s been removed from the house. Are your children here?”

“No, at school.”

“Okay, Mrs. Keller, can you tell me what happened?”

» Posted By ruth On 11.12.2013 @ 10:28 am


Who named this town Sensible, New Jersey? Without context, without its being a word, it sounded like a drug, like the ones developed by the factories up and down Route 1 from Newark into Manhattan. Ask your doctor if Sensible is right for you. But it turns out that Sensible is an old name, and that they came over from Denmark and were called Cincible. Van Gogh’s mother-in-law was a Cincible. Half of them went to Pennsylvania and half continued to Missouri, and the Pennsylvanians migrated from the Port of Philadelphia across the Delaware River, where they set up mills and sewed the fabric they made and baked and made bricks and dug trenches for streetcar track and became chemists and learned to make the kerosene that they exported to Canada and out west. Did you know the first oil company in the world, Standard Oil, the one the Rockefellers started, they got the idea right here in what is now Sensible, New Jersey?

» Posted By ruth On 11.02.2013 @ 10:24 am

the word conjures prairie, self-reliance, Americanism, windswept hardship. but today we have dojos and chidren striving for university scholarships and standardized tests. and when they get kicked in the head at practice, the concussion knocks them un-sensible

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When I catch myself hoping, I catch myself. What does it accomplish, to hope? Why are we told that hope is essential? I think it is more important that we feel agency to make the things occur, that we desire to occur. To feel you have power to help those you love, that is truly happiness.

» Posted By ruth On 10.04.2013 @ 10:46 am

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