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“Well what can I say? The natives are persistent.”
“Dad, are you sure its not just your belly that is?”
He smiled, giving off a hooked grin much like the rod he saw catch the fish on his plate.
“Well put.” Lifting his fork, he saluted the lake. “Well. Put.”

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“No!” Lisa threw down the book. It was from her parents, a gift for her 6th birthday. Ever since the day they went missing, she could never hold herself together.
“You can’t live like this!” Her aunt shouted at her, tears filling up both their eyes at this point.
“I… I need to know…”
“You what?”

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Well, you see my dears, I had a grandma living in the country once… I always loved that house, but more than the house, the furniture, specifically this little cabinet she always had in her spare room. It always, of course, had a lock on it; no one knew what the old lady had in there. We guessed it was some old clothes maybe.

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