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Past and present, past the point of no return. Pass-words to pass the time between the insurrections. That “ssss” sound dripping from the lips, a delight to create but a pain in the ass to hear. Ass. Sycamore. See, you’re sick of it already.

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The franchise was doing well enough, but sales have a tendency to dip after mass murders. Something about negative PR?

Somehow, the whole scandal was getting through to people’s synthsets, past all the little blocks and filters people used to get rid of the bad things in life. They were almost becoming unhappy…

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“Please consider dietary concerns before imbibing this product…”

Yeah, whatever. She wasn’t about to let a goddamn dietary concern get in the way of psionic powers, not when there was so much to gain. Who would? She doubted anybody read past the first warnings on this bottle of strange fluid.

“Side effects may include: Nausea for several days, depression, cancer, premature death by expulsion of major organs through the mouth, and terthys virus.”

Terthys virus, that “walking corpse” bullshit the media’s been harping on for years now. Not worth worrying about.

She filled up a syringe and stabbed it into the nearest artery she could find, hoping she’d get what she needed to stop them.

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It wasn’t like he had a boyfriend yet or anything. So he totally wasn’t gay or bisexual or anything. I mean, he looked. But everyone looks. Right?


I mean, he couldn’t possibly… it would be too strange. But at the same time, he was starting to wonder.

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The cub ran from its mother in sheer panic, not really wondering what would happen as it rolled and bounded down the mountain of ice. It was a long, sliding journey, one that seemed to last forever. Finally, the cub began to slide across the flat ice at the bottom of the slope, sliding towards the cold seas below.

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The groceries were simple enough, I guess. Just some grains and shit– they’re in college, they don’t need much. Even dragons, it seems, stoop to ramen if they don’t know how to cook.

Checkout line is too damn long, though. Wish those dragons were here to clear some room.

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Scylla walked around the castle, mopping and moping as she went. Too many bloody chores to be done, here– clean the floors, remove the bodies…

Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to kill everyone inside, but she’d been hungry, and man-flesh was as good as any other kind. It had sated her, certainly, but to keep up appearances, there was far too much work to be done for her to dine on it every day.

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Cornered again– this time it was thugs. They had clubs, I had a Smith & Wesson. Yeah, this wasn’t gonna end pretty.

They ran up until they saw the cold steel, the maker of their death.

I escaped with no injuries.

» Posted By Rumelis On 06.17.2014 @ 9:18 am

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