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As I sat on the ground, I realized, this is not how I want my life to be. Not now, not ever. I didn’t know when the right time to open his letter was. But if I didn’t do it soon, I didn’t know when. So I got up off the floor and walked to my bookshelf. I lifted the box next to my books. Took out the letter and opened it. It said, “I know when you read this, I’ll be gone. But I’ll come back to you, I promise. I just need to find myself and you’re a distraction to that, a beautiful distraction but a distraction nevertheless. I know you can be on your own for a while. I know that even if you fall without me there, you’ll be able to lift yourself up again. That you’ll be able to continue, even without me. I want you to know that you’re the only one in my heart, I’m not going to date because instantly, I will compare them to you and they will never measure up. I love you forever and after.” He didn’t know how wrong he was. He was never going to come back. He thought he had it all planned out but sometimes, things that you never expected happen. And sometimes you get in a car crash, and sometimes, you die. And sometimes you never comeback and you break your promise to someone. And sometimes, that girl is shattered for the rest of her life.

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Anywhere is where I’d rather be. But not here. Not in this Godforsaken place where, really, no one cares about you. Where taking a breath is harder than not taking it. Where putting a smile on my face feels so fake, like plastic stretching out on my face. Like a mask.
But still, no one notices.
No one notices because I’ve learned to perfect it over time. Just taking all those feelings, all those thoughts, taking them and shoving them someplace deep down. Where hopefully they won’t come out for another day. Another week. Another month. But not another year.
Cause if you hold it in too long, it might come out at the worst of times. It’ll become uncontrollable. It’ll come out in public. With people around where they can do anything to you.

» Posted By Rukia On 11.30.2011 @ 7:35 pm


They will not patent the right people. They give credit to the people they think are going to be most famous. The people that will go on the history books without trouble . The ones that slide like butter inn their hands. The ones that won’t mind lying about everything. The government has it’s secrets and it does’nt matter how much you den y it anymore cause it’s true.

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She walked on, trying to ignore the feeling that was nagging on her since yesterday. She didn’t want to think about ti, she had decided. As she crossed the bridge, she stopped and took out the right amount out of her old pouch to give to the man in the uniform the fine to pass through.

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I make fake accounts in different social websites. I talk to people that I wouldn’t talk to and people that wouldn’t normally talk to me talk to me. I get to know these people. Or at least the people they created on their computer. I learn who these people are in real live. For example, I found the most popular girl in my school in a social website for geeks. She has a fake picture that isn’t even her of a blond girl with freckles and glasses. She says she’s never had a friend in her entire life except for online.I found my 52-year-old math teacher at a social website for rappers around the world that get to talk about themselves and their music. He has a picture of a black big guy rapping in front of a huge crowd. It’s fun to see what these people wish they were. Or at least think they know what they want to be.

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I want to succeed in life. That’s my response to why I work so hard in school, why I try to not misbehave. I want to be someone. I want to leave a mark in this lost, naive, and crazy world.
I want to show I was here, and I want to do it in a positive way. I know that a lot of people have done something worthwhile without education. But those people? They’re lucky. And me? I don’t want to leave it up to luck.

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I don’t know anything about my roots. Nothing about my past. Nothing. I have no idea who my ancestors are, where they came from, what kind of people they were. I’m scared to ask my parents, there must be a reason why they kept it from me when I used to ask. They always averted that conversation, suddenly wanting to talk about how the food was or what toys I had played with. I went along with it. I was too naive to understand and was too busy wanting to answer their question since they hardly ever asked them.

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You’re still in me. I don’t want you here anymore. I want you gone. But my heart won’t let go, my body won’t let go, my soul won’t let go. Still, my mind is telling me it’s time. I don’t want to believe it. But last time I listened to my heart, nothing good came of it. So I have to be done with you. I have to get over you. I have to pull you away from me. Yank that tether that kept us together for so long, pull the roots from the very beginning of the reason I can’t let go. And maybe, just maybe I might get over you…and this.

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I have wings. It’s better than you could ever imagine. Then again maybe a that’s why it’s every human’s dream to be able to fly. You feel so free, as if the whole world belongs to you, as if you’re on top of the world. I love the feeling of the wind surging through my feathers, the rush of being so high up and knowing you won’t fall, no matter the fact I’m part human. I love the feel of releasing my wings after having them folded up under my clothes. Stretching them and giving them a few flutters, just to let them feel it.

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I’ts my birthday today. My mom forgot it. It amuses me in a way, watching her go through the day, not remembering the day I was introduced to this world, the day she gave birth to me. How it must feel to be so oblivious to something that is on your daughter’s mind half the time. But I understand, she’s getting old, she’s sick and I should be understanding, so I am. I bet you my dad’s not gonna remember either. But he’s older and he has a lot on his mind. I can’t expect him to remember the day I was born if he can’t even remember the way my name is spelled. So I’ll be understanding, I will. I’ll pretend it’s fine when she turns to me, her face surprised with guilt hidden behind it and says,” Oh Honey, it’s your birthday! I totally knew all along!” And I’ll act like she did, knowing though, that my sister told her.

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I was curled up on my beanie reading a book when I first heard the thunder. I jumped, dropping the book on the floor by Mittens, waking him up from his slumber. He jumped, meowing at me as if saying, “Why’d you wake me up?” I turned away from Mittens and looked out the window, there was a downpour going on all of a sudden. In the distance I could see lighting. The thunder sounded again and Mittens yowled, his fur standing on end.

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satisfied, animals, pretend, cannibal, alive, sleep, tonight, waiting, goodbye, heart, chorus,again, chemicals, run, hide, every, killing, denied, animal, inside.

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“You know I really like you,” I said, pushing my thick bottle glasses higher on my nose.
“Yeah well I know you’re also a geek and I’m a cheerleader,” she turned, raising the megaphone to her lips and saying into it, “Come on girls!”
Then she turned to me, putting her megaphone down and swirling her ponytail, “And I also know that I am extremely busy and that I don’t have time for your pathetic confessions.”

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I always get trophies. I’m a straight A student who behaves in class and I’m usually the teacher’s pet, even if I don’t want to. I get trophies all the time. Straight A’s, Perfect Attendance, Occasional B’s, Best Reader, Commended, Most Behaved, Teacher Best. You name it. I try my best in everything I do. And apparently that’s great for my teachers. Yet it’s not for my parents. They expect me to get more. And i’m tired of all the things I have to do to get the trophies I get now.

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I have learned how to use chopsticks. I feel like I have learned something from another culture, another city, another state. Which is true. And I want to continue doing that. I want to travel the world, learn things from other cultures, learn languages, teach my own languages. I want to eat different foods and make foods I have mastered. And yes, I’ll make mistakes, but that’s okay. I’ll learn how to fix those mistakes by myself, and learn a thing or two. And maybe I’ll be defeated a few times, but I’ll learn to pick myself up and continue.

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“What are you gonna do now?”
“I don’t know, run away.”
“Rogerson, you know fairly well that’s not an option anymore,” I told him.
“No I don’t.”
I looked him in the eyes, he knew. He was just protecting me from what he was going to have to do. But I could take care of myself. In fact, I could take care of him for the time being. But he didn’t meet my eyes, instead turning to stub the flame of the cigarette out on the blackened as tray.

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I will not bow to the politics. The people involved in them are stupid. They are pathetic, selfish, and uncaring human beings that don’t know how to use they’re power properly. They hide things from the public that no one can even begin to imagine just to save their unworthy asses. So I will not bow.

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They say an etiquette girl wears bags, she wears skirts, cute little blouses, heels, and makeup. This is the 21st century for God’s sake!!I’m allowed to wear whatever I want without the input of your immature opinion. I like wearing t-shirts at home, wear skirts only in very special occasions, do not like bags at all, wear converse or vans everywhere, and the only makeup I wear is eyeliner. Does that mean I’m not etiquette?

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He plagued me like no other person I had ever met. He was always around, always finding ways to get the best of me. And he knew just how to do that. He knew all of my weaknesses, and that scared me. I always knew how to hide them, never showing my true emotions, hiding behind a mask. But he saw right past that mask. And maybe that was why he had stuck with me, I found myself thinking of him in a daily basis. And it wasn’t like it was easy to stay away from him. It was like fate was telling us we belonged together. And soon I fell in love with him.

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It was the last straw when I saw you with her. I heard you had been cheating on me with all of my other friends. But my best friend? You can’t make me loose her too. We knew each other since first grade. So now not only did I loose my boyfriend, but I lost my best friend. You were on the alcove next to our favorite hideout, it had just rained so it had that great, wet feeling to it. I always used to love it when it rained, but know all I think about is you. At least the rain hides my tears…

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There are different meanings in life. No one in this world knows how to find them anymore. They just go on with their business, not caring what the world is trying to tell them, Oblivious to everything going on around them. But I can see behind that. I can see things no one else can see. And I understand what we are doing to this world, how it will affect our future generations. And I see so much more. Human beings are pathetic things that, if they just took a few minutes to take a look around them and listen to everything, they would find they are capable of saving so many lives and fixing so many problems.

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I assisted him and soon, I fell in love with him. I owed him money but I couldn’t pay him back so we both agreed that I would drive him around as a chauffeur and pay it off like that. I told myself I was only doing it to pay him back, but soon I was going so that I could see him every day. And to me it seemed that was the reason he kept me around in the first place.

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Fashion is for those who have the time and the money. Fashion is for those who have the looks and the taste. But what about me hm? I dont love girly fashion im more of a tom-boyish type of girl. When i walk into a store with Punk Rock gear, everyone looks at me with a crazed look asking Why is that girl here?

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a bomb that goes boom. a nuclear explosion has just appeared. a nuclear wave had just hit. everyone has died. no one is here. just the sound of the ghost that were dear. then boom.

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A crystal lake filled with many joys and wonder
Where we once spent time together holding hands
Talking under sakura trees.

A crystal lake filled with many wonderful memories where we now lay rest.

» Posted By Rukia On 03.20.2010 @ 11:09 pm

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