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Woosh. A gigantic gust of hot wind ran through the town.

“Run!” somebody yelled. “The heatwave is back!”

The townspeople rushed to close up all gaps and shut themselves indoors.

» Posted By Ru Yi On 07.08.2018 @ 11:23 pm


“Liar liar pants on fire!”

“Nobody talk to her, she’s a liar.”

“You’re such a bad liar!”

These were the insults I heard ever since I betrayed my best friend’s secret. There was just one problem: I didn’t.

» Posted By Ru Yi On 07.05.2018 @ 12:31 am

What a big fat liar Jamie was. Couldn’t he tell nobody was buying that cheesy story of him going to 7 different places all over the world in ONE summer?! It was just too exaggerated to be true.

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“Right this way folks!” a tall man with a toothbrush moustache called to passerbys. “Come buy these combs! These shoes! These clothes! These everything! Premium quality! We serve only the best!”

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The train rattled along the train tracks in the dark. The only light was coming from the train’s two dim headlights. Five passengers sat in the lonely train, each occupied with his own business. In a flash, the train stopped and three men in black masks got on, each holding a gun

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The lady washer dumped our pile of damp clothes into the wooden basket outside, grumbling loudly. “I swear, you people have too many children living in one house.” That was the last time we ever saw or heard from her.

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“Where are my…” Grandpa began.

“Keys?” I finished the sentence for him. This was the tenth time this week he had misplaced his car keys. Sometimes, I think it’s too dangerous for him to drive because he has dementia and easily forgets what he’s supposed to do.

» Posted By Ru Yi On 06.20.2018 @ 10:37 pm


She dashed across the green lawn, throwing the squishy ball high up in the air. Her dog, Cooper, jumped into the air and caught it in his slobbery mouth. She giggled as she jarred back to reality, hugging a photo of her now dead dog.

» Posted By Ru Yi On 06.18.2018 @ 4:30 am


Once upon a full moon, there lived a man who was very wealthy. Or more like, his father was wealthy and he just used all his father’s hard earned money. One day, his father decided he had enough of this nonsense and gave all his money away so that his son could not use it anymore.

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“That is not a wise thing to do!” Jenny cautioned, as two of her friends suggested climbing over a barbed wire fence since they were late and the front door of the school was already shut. “It’s too hazardous.”

“Aw come on, it won’t hurt,” Anna said and swung a leg up.

» Posted By Ru Yi On 06.10.2018 @ 11:42 pm


“Jim, come to the front of the classroom and tell us all everything you want to tell Bob,” The teacher called. Reluctantly, Jim slowly stood up. He stalled as much as he could. This was not the first time he had been called up.

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Mr. Gray was a stern teacher. Many of his students greatly disliked him. Whenever they made a mistake, he would scold them. When the noise level in the classroom reached a normal pitch, he would bang his table with his cane and yell for them to be quiet. Really, it’s no wonder his students call him “Gray face.”

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Yesterday, my family went out to eat burger king. When we were halfway dining, an old man came up to us and told us that we couldn’t sit there because that was his spot. We were offended but just obeyed him because he was the president.

» Posted By Ru Yi On 06.04.2018 @ 10:57 pm

Once, there lived an old man. He had no children and he had no wife. In general, he had no family. He didn’t know where his parents were. He always ate at fancy dining places, although people thought he was poor.

» Posted By Ru Yi On 06.04.2018 @ 1:41 am

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