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The Skeleton King looked down at the manatees. “Radamant,” he asked calmly, “Are these mammals?” Radamant nodded slowly. The Skeleton King unsheathed his cutlass. Radamant put his hands over his eyes.

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“Oh what a tale we weave,” Radamant said leaning back on the two legs of a wooden chair after the Skeleton King’s soliloquy. The Skeleton King scowled at Radamant and swung his cutlass at one of the legs, sending Radamant sprawling.

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The Skeleton King lay his head on a sack of grain. It’s gonna be a long road from here on out. The man on the edge of the rail car began singing Jimmy Crack Corn. The Skeleton King sprang up and lopped the man’s head off with his cutlass. It’s gotta be a quite railroad.

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The Skeleton King regailed the group at the campfire about his conquests on the high seas. Radamant had too much to drink. “You’re a liar!” he yelled. He fell in the fire. The all put him out but the Skeleton King wouldn’t forget.

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Everything he ate went straight through him. He had a pretty high metabolism. Or maybe it was the bones and lack of skin and organs. The Skeleton King cackled as he dropped another chicken wing down his trachea.

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It’s wrecked, Radamant said, clearly upset.

It’s wrecked? I’m wrecked! Hah!” The Skeleton King swayed left and right.

“We’re taking on water fast!” Radamant pleaded.

The Skeleton King threw the bottle of rum into the assaulting rock. He hiccuped and fell overboard.

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The jeep burned rubber down the dirt road. They were swerving and sliding passed cacti and tumbleweeds. The smell of tires and dirt filled the air. And for the first time in a long time, The Skeleton King smiled a broad uncontrollable smile.

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The Skeleton King began selling coconuts to tourists. They would buy them at 1 gold coin each. “This is capitalism at it’s best, Radamant!” The Skeleton King cackled into the air. Radamant bit into one of the coins. “Plastic?” he whispered.

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His bones were not sensitive enough to feel the fire start in the cave. The brush and bramble began to catch fire. Luckily his eye sockets were very sensitive to light. The Skeleton King popped up from his temporary bed drew his cutlass.

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“Can you turn those down?” Radamant asked, annoyed. The Skeleton King just bobbed his head up and down while pecking out his latest blog on his laptop, his bony fingers also loud with every key-press. The sound amplified, echoing throughout his skull from his headphones, when the Skeleton King opened his mouth to lip sing the power anthem. Radamant was glaring at him.

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His bony fingers played across the doorway. He peered around the corner, trying not to be seen, but her eyes locked on his eye sockets the second he turned. Embarassed, the Skeleton King slowly slunk back hallway where the party was taking place. It was clear he wasn’t invited to the photo shoot.

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His bony fingers played over the keyboard as if he had been typing for years. The kid next to him coughed loudly and stared at the Skeleton King. Apparently his typing a bit loud for the youngster. The Skeleton King showed the lad the fire in his eyes and the boy ran away. The Skeleton King got back to typing, but it was too late. The boy had initiated a kernel attack on his library PC deleting all of his latest blog post.

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This was a major problem. The water was getting in the ship from 3 holes. Radamant was stuffing treasure boxes into one of the holes but the Skeleton King couldn’t tend to two holes at once. If they survived this, it was time to finally get a crew together. Or one of those submarines!

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The Skeleton King never did very good in history class. He wasn’t wrong, he just couldn’t convince the teachers of his triumphant conquests of the past. The Skeleton King lopped Mrs. Summer’s head off with his cutlass.

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How many days could he endure living in this chest, sloshing to and fro in the water. The Skeleton King was disoriented. He didn’t know which way was up or down. But the mission was important. When the pirates fished him up from the shore, he would burst from the chest, killing them all with his cutlass and stealing their boat!

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It was best to stay informed. Watching 24 hour news coverage was the best way to do this, they said. The Skeleton King’s anxieties ran high after the 4th hour. It was the same thing over and over again, big DONG for alerts, two heads yelling at each other, a group gathered around the table. The Skeleton King threw his cutlass at the TV. The old tube TV in his bungalow BOOMED with the explosion. “There’s your news alert sound!” The Skeleton King cackled.

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His bony hands sealed the last envelope. This made it all the more real. It was so exciting and yet so strange. The Skeleton King’s life was going to change. He knew when the paternity tests came back it would prove to be his. But first thing’s first. He had to get these announcements out.

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The gems were tempting, but the Skeleton King knew he needed to save Radamant from the rope bridge. The pirates had cut the bridge and Radamant was screaming like a baby at the bottom of the bridge. But the gems. He could keep the gems and be rid of a boat anchor. He could get a new boat anchor! He could get a new boat! The gems it was! Radamant would need to fend for himself for once!

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The Skeleton King held the treasure chest on one hand and the cutlass in the other. He tried to pry the box open with the point of his sword. Suddenly the tip of his cutlass broke sending shards of metal into his eye socket. The audience gasped in horror, but it was hard for the Skeleton King to relate. Stuff was always flying into his eye socket. Large items would rattle around in his skull for days sometimes.

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He poured everything out on to a towel and began to sift through. Why had he had been carrying around a scepter for the last seven days and hadn’t even used it. Two pairs of board shorts and it wasn’t even warm out. The Skeleton King had to work on his priorities. And check the weather.

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Back and forth the ship swayed. Despite his best efforts, the Skeleton King couldn’t tack into the wind and keep the ship upright. “After I win the lottery,” he thought, “I’m going to be buy a yacht.”

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“The sign points this way,” Radamant said confidently. “It’s upside down you doof, the sign fell over in the flood last night when the pirates came ashore.” The Skeleton king lifted the sign and placed it back where it had been. “Swiss Family Robinson” Radamant said. A wide bony smile grew over the The Skeleton King’s skull.

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The Skeleton king carefully weighed the sand in his bony hands. He carefully poured out enough to match the weight of the idol. BEWARE beneath the idol’s feet. “Ancient English?” The Skeleton King wondered aloud. Just the the boulder began to roll. The Skeleton King fell into a pile of bones and laughed at the ludicrousy of the trap. He swept the idol up in his hands and laughed.

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The Skeleton King closed the blinds. Then he doubled over laughing. He was remembering a time when he had skin and it mattered if he had clothes on on. Then he started crying. He missed having skin. Then he was angry and cut his blinds up with his cutlass.

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The Skeleton King slashed at the vines, gritting his teeth at the growth he had to walk through. Meanwhile, Radamant was swinging overhead enjoying the trees. Monkeys starting throwing feces. The Skeleton King shouted at Radamant who was in the trees laughing.

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Radamant looked up from the magnifying glass. “I don’t know what it is. Some kind of beetle?” The Skeleton King slapped him in the face with his bony hand, sending the lens flying.

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The crown kept slipping down over his skull and covering his eyes. He swung wildly with his sword and made circular spins to ward off his attackers otherwise relying mostly on echolocation and his wits to avoid being struck. It was kind of silly though, using rapiers and foils against his frame. The Skeleton King twisted as the blade passed through his ribcage and the attacker lost his balance. Home Depot might have a large o-ring or gasket material to keep the crown on my skull, thought the Skeleton King.

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The Skeleton King flew down the ski slope with great ease. The cold didn’t bother him. No bulky coat prevented him from doing amazing stunts. That is, until he tried to do a 1080 on the superpipe. Luckily the pile of bones were able to reconnect themselves. Looks like he’d have to wait to meet Shawn White.

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His cold eyes peered through the window in the door to the conference room. The Skeleton King wore blue eyes. The doughnuts were a big success. Only one was left. He hoped he could come in and eat it. His manager caught his stare. He waved him away. Doughnuts alone weren’t gone to get him promoted. But he could eat the doughnut while everyone was at lunch.

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The thieves sprang from thier hiding place in the woods. The caravan was ripe for picking up treasures and gold. The Skeleton King lifted his hood from atop his horse and flashed his red eyes. The thieves had no idea what was about to happen.

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