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It is tedious to navigate through a crowd of socially empowered people without feeling embarrassed or scared.

» Posted By Rosie On 07.11.2018 @ 4:09 am


Why can a thing not be equal? how does having a premium type of thing helpful? why should there be a distinction?

» Posted By Rosie On 07.01.2018 @ 4:48 am


When you are down and out and everything seems hopeless. Then, remember that no matter what, you are unstoppable. you are what you believe.

» Posted By Rosie On 05.22.2018 @ 3:05 am


As I stood by the gate, I waved goodbye to everything I knew. This was it. A journey that would take me to the new and unknown and for the first time I wasn’t scared.

» Posted By Rosie On 05.17.2018 @ 2:24 am


I really find it tedious how some people assume things about your mood. About why you act in a certain way or say certain things. I don’t like that. Arhgg. Seriously. It’s annoying. If I act a certain way or say something don’t overanalyze it. I’m just being normal. Seriously. Unless I tell you

» Posted By Rosie On 11.07.2017 @ 6:51 pm


People who live in a country. They participate in their community. They contribute something positive to make it a better place. Everyone has a voice and everyone gets input into what happens in their county.

» Posted By Rosie On 01.11.2017 @ 12:26 pm


It’s funny how you went
From “I love you so more than anything”
To “I don’t think I know you any more”
In a matter of days.

» Posted By Rosie On 03.28.2016 @ 5:36 am


Sometimes, I get so dizzy. I’ve tried standing still, but it just gets worse. Ever since it’s stopped going, I’ve been off-kilter. Poor planet

» Posted By Rosie On 03.24.2016 @ 3:45 pm


It’s terrible really. I can only think of one person.


» Posted By Rosie On 01.28.2016 @ 1:46 pm


Everything looks the same now.
For so long I have tried to look beyond the thick fog encompassing my life, but I’ve grown too weak.

I suppose it is time to let it consume me as well.

» Posted By Rosie On 01.27.2016 @ 12:29 pm

The fog consumes everyone in the end.
You said you were different.

The only thing I can see now is that you were lying.

» Posted By Rosie On 01.27.2016 @ 12:24 pm


For the duration of the ride, I was flying solo, then out came the parachute and the delicious skydiver who would very soon, attach him self to me for the tandem jump. My heart beat heavily within my ribcage to the thrum of the plane’s engine. i was actually more scared of flying up in the small place with no doors then jumping out from the thing! I couldn’t believe this is what I was about to do – whatever possessed me?

» Posted By Rosie On 04.27.2015 @ 8:29 pm


Eyes watching, expecting a great performance, a life changing speech. I stutter and stammer, choke on my words,blush bright red. I can see the colour reflecting off their disappointed faces.

» Posted By Rosie On 02.25.2015 @ 2:33 am


My first boyfriend was such a disappointment I no longer list him when I tell people about my previous relationships. My second was quite suave, but also pretty full of himself, although it took me two years to realize that and get over him. My third was the best one yet, which scares me, because I’m afraid I’ll never do better. Here’s hoping that it only gets better from here.

» Posted By Rosie On 01.15.2015 @ 6:14 pm


Bear cub. In the den. Warmth and comfort. Peace and security. These are all things I long to have.

» Posted By Rosie On 12.03.2014 @ 10:09 am


The unquenchable thirst was all he could thing about as he trembled and stumbled around his room. Bags of empty donated blood were scattered around his room but they never helped. He needed blood straight from the veins.

» Posted By Rosie On 10.25.2014 @ 7:59 am


“Holy shit,” she whispered involuntarily.
He laughed, mockingly, but lightheartedly so. “Surprised?”
“…impressed,” she mumbled. Yes, surprise was not quite the word for her feelings at this moment, considering the context.

» Posted By Rosie On 08.28.2014 @ 12:35 pm


no comment

» Posted By Rosie On 04.14.2014 @ 3:50 am

Tiredness hits you like a syrupy fog. Just moving is painful. Your brain feels heavy, and the floor feels magnetic.

» Posted By Rosie On 04.14.2014 @ 3:49 am


Security is a funny thing. You’re born with a sense of it, from your family, the doctors, everyone around you in that hospital room. Their main focus is keeping you alive, keeping you safe. But what if all that security disappeared? What if instead of having all these people to protect you, you had people trying to kill you?. What if, as unlikely as it could be, it seemed all of these people, and more, wanted you dead, because of one HUGE mistake. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Well welcome to my life.

» Posted By Rosie On 03.29.2014 @ 12:29 pm


Her dream had a surreal terrain. It reminded her of an Alice in Wonderland setting. Trees with velveteen stripes and mushrooms with furry dots lined the potmarked path.

» Posted By Rosie On 03.12.2014 @ 9:12 am


The gym could hold only a 200 occupancy. This would need to be changed before the big game. Of course, money is an issue. School board members would scramble to raise the necessary funds.

» Posted By Rosie On 02.26.2014 @ 4:44 pm


She finally found a seat. Yes it was the farthest from either the counter, restrooms, or exit but at least it was a seat. He had not been to the café for weeks. She had never given up hope and she was not about to as she seated herself.

» Posted By Rosie On 02.25.2014 @ 9:27 pm


Emperor Crigh reigns from on high,
On a silly throne of broken bones,
He rules to this day,
In a world without the brave.

» Posted By Rosie On 02.23.2014 @ 2:31 pm


The roses lined the path perfectly. She turned, with the intention of telling him this, and stopped. Shock flowed through her body. “No, no! Stop!” fell from her lips. He had begun to prune away the rose bushes. He wondered what was wrong; he knew that the roses could not be that close to the path. Though it was too late, he had with one quick movement, ruined the ambiance of the entire garden.

» Posted By Rosie On 02.21.2014 @ 3:44 pm

The roses lined the path perfectly. She turned, with the intention to tell him this, and stopped. Shock flowed through her body. “No, no! Stop!” fell from her lips. He had begun to prune away the rose bushes. He wondered what was wrong; he knew that the roses could not be that close to the path. Though it was too late, he had, with one quick movement, ruined the ambiance of the entire garden.

» Posted By Rosie On 02.21.2014 @ 3:37 pm


He wakes up with the scream still on his lips, but the sound freezes in his lungs. Mouth open, chest straining, and he can hear his panting, hear the harsh wet puffs from his chest but the sound. He yells, on impulse, and feels his throat contract around it, feels his tongue move and teeth clench, and there is no sound. He has no voice, in this fresh hell he has woken to, his arms are bound tight behind him, not as they do back home, but wrenched upwards and in, his forearms nearly flat against his spine side by side and the torque is a dull burn, now that he’s paying attention. Naked, from his toes to his collarbone, and not alone. He shuffles violently back until he comes up against solidity, feet flat to the floor and knees pressed as close to his chest as he can manage, reducing vunerability, threat, where the fuck am i, where is my crew, where!
“…just what you’re looking for, my friend, a new shipment this morning, and the spirit coming off this particular beast even in Dreaming! Perfect, my friend.”

» Posted By rosie On 09.09.2013 @ 6:52 pm


she lay
wistful and twisted
full of sickly bitter nostalgia
like the sheets tangled around her
a vestige reminiscent of lovers past and passed.

heart ache felt

» Posted By Rosie On 07.07.2013 @ 9:53 pm


Fools- the first thought that comes to mind is the Shakespearian Fool, possibly because I spent the last four weeks reading and writing about King Lear until I was vomiting semi colons and quote marks. Next I think of how my dad always tells me off for saying ‘fool’, as if it is some sort of swear word… We came to the agreement that it’s completely acceptable if I say it like Mr T.

» Posted By rosie On 06.09.2013 @ 5:34 pm


homelessness sucks it’s unfortunate that some people are born homeless or end up homeless by fate and others don’t. I think that it wouldn’t be great to be homeless and that we would live in a much better world if we could get rid of homelessness. I don’t know what else to say that is productive this is such a hard topic: the fact that people are homeless. when other people have WAY to much.

» Posted By Rosie On 06.03.2013 @ 4:59 pm

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