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Love blossoms given time. It transforms from a tiny seed into a large oak tree, intertwined with its beloved that sit next to it. Their branches entwining with one another, creating a larger, stronger tree with their two forms. The branches reach toward one goal, the sky.

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The sea birds cried out above me. The warm sand told me to calm my nerves, as I lay myself on a bright-colored towel. Now was the time to tan this overly white skin tone I was cursed with the moment I left the womb. A rough breeze threw my hat off my head, wanting the sun to beat onto my head mercilessly.

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The skull seemed to glare at her even through empty, dark sockets. Scarlet shied away from the staring centerpiece, surrounded by black feathers and black lace. She turned on her heel only to find herself face to face with the owner of the mansion: her deceased grandfather. His transparent form glistened and gleamed in the waning moonlight streaming through the window revealing his well-kept beard and Victorian fashion.

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“Watch out for those spikes, Annie!”

Annie jumped and dodged and weaved, screaming at the top of her lungs. Professor Sanchez could hear the high-pitched sound bounce off the walls of the old Egyptian tomb. He grabbed her as she jumped on the edge, happy to see her safe.

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The class clapped after their principal gave his speech, but among those clapping the audience, a few in the back barely made a sound as their hands made contact. The impressed ones were clearly in the front row, clapping the loudest before the principal turned to step off the stage in the auditorium. I sat in the back, clearly unimpressed.

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The whistle of the train blew loudly, echoing over the flat terrain. A tear trickled down Sheron’s cheek as she remembered the flames that tore through the small village in the valley she left behind. The image of her mother bursting into flames occupied her too much to see the beauty of the desert that lay beyond her train window.

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“I honestly don’t know what to do, Mike, I mean, she was pleading for her life for God’s sake.”
“Calm, down Josie. Start from the beginning.”
“I went into work like normal.”
“And then I stumbled across this woman sitting out front, an officer confronting her about sitting there because she was homeless.”
“So what was so bad about that?”
“He took out his baton and threatened to beat her.”
“Really, why?”

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The bellboy rushed to the scene from the elevator that stood around the corner in the grand hotel. A gorgeous moviestar was sitting on the floor, rubbing her ankle.

“I always believed in true love at first sight, but this is out of my league.” He thought as he stooped down, asking out loud, “Ma’am, can I get you water? Anything?”

It was too late, he was already under her spell, her eyes drawing his very soul into her trap.

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Her golden hair lifted in the breeze coming through the cobblestone-framed window. The view it offered was glorious: the mountains of Azure framing the blue sky in the far-off distance, the forest of Wanderers nestled at the stony feet, and then the open field stretching to the castle gates.

“It’s beautiful, Stefan.” She spoke to the boy beside her.

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Footsteps echoed down the hall, filled with magnificent artwork that decorated the grand halls. But the sound of a single pair of feet was the only other sound.

The old man sat at his desk, having reached his destination. With a quill in hand, he began scribbling on a clean piece of paper, a contract for the next artist.

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The snake coiled underneath the log, awaiting for its prey with beady little eyes. Its tongue licked the air, picking up a small field mouse’s incoming scent. Its warm body boiled red in its sights.

If Christie had lips, it would curl in a devilish grin before she struck.

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“Oh, my word, look at the framework! What a beauty.”

“Ellie, your words are echoing around The Louvre. Don’t you think you should keep it down?”

“No! The framework is too beautiful to be observed in silence. I mean, look at the carving! Truly magnificent!”

Essie proceeded to take a ruler out of her backpack despite her brother’s advice and approached the Mona Lisa, measuring the frame from the red rope, keeping her from touching the glass surrounding the actual masterpiece.

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“Altitude, latitude? Where are we on this map?”

I continued turning the map of squiggly lines and gibberish around in my hands, getting frustrated by the moment. My partner in crime merely shrugged, not knowing the Elvish tongue as well as I. You’d think Dwarves, AKA mountain dwellers, would eventually crawl out of their caves to learn of their neighbors at some stage.

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She ran up the stairs, trying to backtrack her memory of where her precious bracelet had been left. Her mother’s jade rabbit bracelet that her aunt had given her years ago was something Charlotte had promised her mother she would never lose.

Charlotte burst through the bathroom door, knowing she would have habitually taken it off before washing her hands. Her eyes finally settled on the bright red cord bracelet with the jade rabbit in between two spherical jade beads.

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She bowed her head in reverence as her father blessed her and sprinkled her with holy water.

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Jump jump jump, kick.

Alex moved to the loud music on the pier, the seagull being the best audience and only yapping and hollering at the standing crowd, watching the wonderful artist at his best.

Jump jump jump kick kick jump

Alex almost sang the words aloud, but his mind concentrated on each step before the dance could wither away into random choreography.

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As the elevator climbed up the 100 stories of greatness, my heart dropped back to level 1. My arms were shaking, but they still managed to keep my 100-page transcript from falling to my shoes. I was about to meet Mr. Wayne of Wayne Industries. My heart continued to beat faster, trying to pump my frozen blood. I tried to tell myself that dropping a copy of a transcript shouldn’t have to be this nerve-wracking, but it was no use, nervous feet glued to the floor of the moving elevator.

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The stake was driven into the railroad steel bar, digging into the prepared soil and gravel. The worker responsible for the work wiped his sweaty forehead. He looked up at the horizon, workers silhouetted against the sun’s fading rays of light, wondering if the rail line would ever be complete. His doubts would soon be abolished in the near future when communication and travel would develop at an unbelievable rate.

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“Objection, irrelevant.”

“What? I’m just asking what church he goes to.” She pointed out, trying to ease the other attorney sitting across from her. His stern glare and arms crossed over his chest was enough body language to tell her that it was going to be a long, long day. The court reporter sitting at the head of the table sighed inwardly, getting ready to read back the question.

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She wheeled around on her heelies, smoothly riding the tile flooring of the empty school’s hallways. Her upbeat music blasted through her headphones, trying to help her push out the depression that clouded her insides. She hoped her personality would shine through, riding it all the way to cloud 9, away from the visages of her next door neighbors and their icy glares of judgment.

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“This is nonsense!” She cried as the bell rang. She was furious her teacher hadn’t answered her question. It was being blown off, no worse. Mrs. Torrence had ignored her since the first day of school and here they were a week later and she just happened to ask a question before the bell, so what?
Billy gave her a confused look, “What?”

“She didn’t answer my question,” she mumbled, pouting.

“The bell rang. You know the new rule of the semester.”

“Well, it’s dumb.”

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“Oh, a puppy!” Katie squealed in delight as the dog toppled over the open box into her lap. Jason and his wife smiled at the sight and quickly snapped shots of their daughter’s bright eyes as the puppy continued to smother her in happy licks and yips. The Christmas tree’s lights sparkled, dazzling the scene with its splendor.

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She walked down the cobblestone road, making her way carefully over the large stones. She swore under her breath as she almost tripped over her own feet and knocked herself into a pole. A young gentleman caught her by the hand before her head came into contact with the light fixture. “Thank you.” She said “It’s but a trifle.” He replied with a smile.

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The girl stood by the window, watching the rain fall before a building fog finally swallowed up the soggy background of the bog beyond the mansion’s walls. She turned away with eyes reflecting the grayness of empty halls and empty grand rooms that once were filled with living beings. Her hand caressed the grand frame of a large mirror, reflecting the dark, gray scene outside and not the transparent individual who stood before it. The girl shed a tear for her reflection that had disappeared from the mirror’s surface since her last breath.

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Lights! Camera! Action!

“Boy, Johnny, the criminal got away again!” A caped masquerade exclaimed to his younger companion as they turned around the corner, walking along the pavement, making sure they didn’t look at the cameras or the crew that stood behind the wondrous machines.

Everyone was thinking the same thing. This movie was probably not going to do well in the cinemas.

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She took a deep breath and dove into the pool below. To say she did with a clear mind was not something that was completely clear. It seemed to be a progressive move at the time for Sara Jones. She dove straight to the bottom and found something sparkling in the dim light above the waters. She grabbed it and tugged until it came free from the plaster. It was a locket of some kind.

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The ship swerved away from its charted course. The captain had an unplanned detour to take, in order to avoid the storm coming up ahead.

The captain beckoned to his first mate and pointed on a spot on the map laid out in front of him in his cabin, “There. We’ll be able to get provisions and wait for the storm to blow over.”

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The little five year old careful traced the stencil with her favorite color pencil, red. It was the color of the red lipstick the orphanage’s leader wore whenever she was in a bad mood. Red was the color of the anger that her commands were laced with. The little girl’s pencil tip smashed into the paper. She hadn’t realized she had been applying so much pressure as she thought about Mrs. Stancin.

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The girl looked up from her pit of blackness that she had fallen in. A small face with paint splashed on it peered down at her.

“Help!” She cried out to the native, hoping he might as well understand some word of English, “Don’t you island inhabitants learn something from your captives or victims who happen upon your tiny rock?”

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The dog paddled up to its master, beaming with joy at his own ability to stay above the water effortlessly. He woofed as he got close to the bank, and quickly exited the lake. He shook himself dry-ish. His master wet and laughing, chased after him. The dog barked a challenge and bounded away, looking for some mud to have some messy fun.

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