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They say everyone needs an editor. I think they slow you down and steal your work.

Well, one of them does. Don’t sign any piece of paper that has the name “Patricia Dance” on it anywhere. Trust me, it will be the worst decision of your writing career.

» Posted By RoseThingamajig On 10.09.2017 @ 1:04 pm


Not a snowball’s chance in hell, as the saying goes. I feel like we overlook the more important question of, how did the snowball get there? Are we discussing an ice demon in the underworld? Can precipitation die? Does snow have a soul?

I just think we’re not thinking this thing through.
Should someone rescue the snowball?

» Posted By RoseThingamajig On 06.03.2016 @ 6:33 pm


There are many things abundant in life. But they tend to be the worse things in life.
Environmental damage is abundant. Povery is abundant. People are abundant, but not quite abundant enough to solve the first two.

» Posted By RoseThingamajig On 04.28.2016 @ 5:34 am


There’s no more enlightenment for anyone. The silence is gone.
There is no more sitting under a bonsai and breathing in the quiet. Cars go by.

» Posted By RoseThingamajig On 04.21.2016 @ 3:08 pm


Monsters live under your bed, of course. Established fact.

But try to show some sympathy – this is actually due to the otherworldly housing crisis. There’s a complex political system at work in mirrors, and coincidentally it mirrors ours.

Mortgages aren’t so important since monsters tend to wander, but leasing shadows is getting more and more difficult for small monstering families. Bogeymen are the worst landlords, and rents are at an all-time high for dilapidated corners and creaky attics.

» Posted By RoseThingamajig On 01.28.2016 @ 10:52 am


I don’t want to be confident. It seems like more trouble than it’s worth.
The best seat in the house is the one with a view, not the one closest to the microphone.

» Posted By RoseThingamajig On 01.13.2016 @ 2:50 pm


Rural means you can see the stars in the night sky, without a hint of smog. Rural means getting a lift to school in the back of a trailer. Rural means knowing your neighbours. Rural means your neighbours knowing you.

And rural means safety, because crime rates are lower. But rural means terror, because country roads are long and winding.

» Posted By RoseThingamajig On 01.13.2016 @ 2:56 pm


To be fair, to me, to him, how could you say that something is worthwhile and something else isn’t? It’s essentially down to perception. That’s how we ended up with a priceless heirloom forked over to St. Vincent’s along with a stack of unread paperbacks and a pair of shoes that didn’t quite fit, while he stared helplessly at a €12.50 china teapot from Penneys.

» Posted By RoseThingamajig On 01.07.2016 @ 11:35 am

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