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We used to do montages in our drama class. Our teacher would always tell us to get as many levels as we could – tall, short, in the middle.
I was the shortest in the class though, and it became a joke to try and make me the highest level. You should have seen some of the acrobatics students had going on to make me the highest level.

» Posted By Rooper On 05.31.2011 @ 4:24 pm


Remember that night?
Me neither.
Then it was truly great.
The best.

» Posted By Rooper On 05.30.2011 @ 3:19 pm


sideburns aren’t attractive. they may not actually burn the side of your face, but they burn the eyes of anyone who has to look at them. avoid growing and/or seeing sideburns at all costs.
because who do you think you are? some old British writer?

» Posted By Rooper On 05.29.2011 @ 5:03 pm


despair, despise, don’t compromise. no composition. have a cosmopolitan.

» Posted By Rooper On 05.29.2011 @ 10:51 am


i work at the canteen. can no teen get away with a job like this? can a teen do that? no you can’t, teen, no you can’t. you can be a teen, but not without your canteen job. happy summer.

» Posted By Rooper On 05.26.2011 @ 5:23 pm


you gotta torch, you gotta torch that porch down. don’t attach yourself to it, don’t view the world from that porch. torch it and go and do something. get up and do something. and if you’re behind a window, torch it, too. melt it. get up and go. stop viewing, start torching, start doing. set your world on fire.

» Posted By Rooper On 05.26.2011 @ 3:38 am


new york city pretzel stands, hot, gooey, chewy, and only good when they’re salty. I’ve never really like giant pretzels. I hardly like little pretzels. I think I prefer the little pretzels though because they’re saltier. The bit ones are too plain. And the ones with cheese inside them are gross.

» Posted By Rooper On 05.23.2011 @ 10:21 am

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