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There was a young girl in her teens. She had a rough life but knew with the help of her boyfriend she could make it through it. She needed him when times got rough at home. Her stepdad came home drunk one day and beat her. She ended up blind in one eye. She ran away to California to be with him. Ever since then times had changed and she is a better person.

» Posted By Rocky On 01.02.2018 @ 10:27 am


We marched along the pavement. The heels of the clandestine boots clicked and knocked against the rubble of the houses. Shadowy figures poked out from behind curtains and retreated shortly there after. I smelt sulfur faintly, indicating then point of no return. I looked to Alfred, who gazed ahead with a stern expression. Seeing him now, no one would suspect that he muffled his weeps into his pillow last night.

» Posted By ROCKY On 06.02.2013 @ 1:30 pm


i dont know how to be happy anymore. I feel like ive lost touch with who i am and what makes me happy. i realize that its more important to just be and let happiness happen whenever it happens but i havnt felt it in so long that i dont remember what it feels like.

» Posted By rocky On 10.07.2012 @ 10:54 pm


They didn’t know what caused it… it must have been some sort of magic. But one second it was sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and then, suddenly, there was a downpour of glitter. Yes, glitter. It was like a Ke$ha concert, only all over the city. What could be better?

» Posted By Rocky On 11.04.2011 @ 5:06 pm


One day I dream of having a wonderful husband who will take care of me just as much as I take care of him. You know the show Friday Night Lights? I want a relationship like that. I want a relationship that is full of love, dedication, and passion. I want my husband to look at me every morning and think how lucky he is to be married to me. And I want to think the exact same thing about him.

» Posted By Rocky On 10.30.2011 @ 9:41 pm


Her artistry in painting, dance, sculpting, and more was immaculate… but her heart belonged to photography. She loved the way the camera fit in her hand. The heaviness of the lens. The sound of the shutter opening and closing. She loved it all.

» Posted By Rocky On 10.26.2011 @ 2:35 pm


When I was little I dreamed about living in a castle. Don’t all little girls have those dreams, of finding prince charming and being whisked off her feet and becoming a princess? Recently there was lots of publicity surrounding the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I guess it really could happen to anybody…

» Posted By Rocky On 10.19.2011 @ 8:08 pm


There was a mutual respect between them. Despite their differing political views, they sat and listened to each other, questioning the other’s beliefs and carrying on the passionate conversations deep into the early morning hours. He was attracted to her intelligence just as much as her beauty.

» Posted By Rocky On 10.18.2011 @ 1:29 pm


Her pencil was dull… just like her boyfriend’s personality. She couldn’t figure out how to start the break up letter, she just knew that she had to do it. He was never excited, never did anything to surprise her. They had gotten into the land of no return – the place where couples go to fall apart.

» Posted By Rocky On 10.17.2011 @ 3:46 pm


I like fall and winter fashion WAY more than spring and summer fashion. Spring is too floral. Too bright. I like the oranges, browns, greys, and darker colors that come with the overcast weather. The sunshine is great in spring, but the colors are too bright. The flower patterns are too prevalent.

» Posted By Rocky On 10.12.2011 @ 5:21 pm


She said it with such conviction that it was hard not to believe her. She was firm in her beliefs – the kind of self-security that only the most confident people are able to maintain. The strength of her statement made me question everything I had ever believed to be true. It made me believe that there was no way she was wrong.

» Posted By Rocky On 10.11.2011 @ 9:39 pm


The stacks of books smelled like home. The shelves beyond shelves of the binding, the old pages, the stories – it was a dream come true. She had no idea where to start, no idea which one to pick up first, which story to dive into. It was overwhelming, but oh so amazing.

» Posted By Rocky On 10.10.2011 @ 11:43 am


Pumping iron. That’s all they do. They go to the gym. Hours upon hours each day. They run, they play basket ball, and they pump iron. They only worry about themselves, their physique, they just want to have muscles so they can get all the hot babes. Well screw them.

» Posted By Rocky On 10.09.2011 @ 9:57 pm


I am lucky to live in such a prosperous area. It goes beyond wealth though. Family is what really makes my life rich. The prosperity of wealth combined with the love of my family and friends makes me one of the richest girls in the world.

So why can’t i realize it?

» Posted By Rocky On 10.07.2011 @ 11:57 pm


The setting of the show was New York, 1961. It reflected the life she always wanted. The cute dresses, the perfect children, the successful husband, the great family values. She liked the idea of living in that time period; of taking care of her family and being happy.

» Posted By Rocky On 10.06.2011 @ 10:21 pm


They warned her that he wasn’t as nice and great as she thought he was, but his happy disposition charmed her. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t help falling for him. Her heart fought against their voices, their warnings. She didn’t care. In the end, they were right. She should have listened.

» Posted By Rocky On 10.05.2011 @ 4:49 pm


I’m not sure what to say about morality. Is that like, being moral and doing the right thing? Because if so, I’m not sure if I qualify to speak out about it. I’ve made some mistakes lately, I’ve been a pretty bad friend. So no, I have nothing to say. Besides maybe I should change the way I act and the decisions I make.

» Posted By Rocky On 10.04.2011 @ 10:48 pm


Suppose you made a decision to do something that you really wanted, but it was something that would hurt one of our best friends. Suppose you kept it a secret and didn’t want people to find out, but they did. Suppose that secret ruined your, albeit rocky, friendship. Would you make the decision?

» Posted By Rocky On 10.03.2011 @ 4:32 pm


She had her hair down her back, in a long braid. It was so long that it almost reached her waist. It shimmered like gold under the sun. He couldn’t help but notice how it swayed when she walked. He thought to himself that she might be the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

» Posted By Rocky On 10.01.2011 @ 9:36 pm


Sometimes people can be so dense. They don’t realize what is going on around them. They aren’t receptive to other people’s feelings, they only take into consideration what they want and how they perceive things. Empathy can be a powerful thing – it allows you to move past that density and have a more perceptive view of the world.

» Posted By Rocky On 09.29.2011 @ 10:47 am


The playground is where I met my four best friends. We were three years old and racing towards the monkey bars. That’s where Hannah broke her arm. And that’s where I smashed my chin open. We spend all our time together – even got chicken pocks together. We are, twenty years later, still called The Chicken Pox Gang. They are the ones I can turn to no matter what. And it all started on the playground when we were 3.

» Posted By Rocky On 09.27.2011 @ 5:10 pm


The evidence was everywhere. A bra that didn’t belong to her was slung on the back of the chair. His belt lay on the floor, and the scent of perfume lingered in the foyer. A perfume that she had never smelled. She walked towards the bedroom.

» Posted By Rocky On 09.26.2011 @ 6:31 pm


Pressed. Pressed for time. Pressed for money. Pressed to do the right thing. Pressed to iron out all the kinks. Pressure. Pressure to be perfect. Pressure to be successful. Depressed. Maybe if we didn’t have so much pressure to be amazing and be more than we ever dreamed, we’d have some time to decompress.

» Posted By Rocky On 09.25.2011 @ 10:30 pm


I was convinced that we would last forever. Even though we were only 18, the way we cared about each other was so much more. My parents loved him. My sisters loved him. The same was true of his family with me. Everything was great. Until it wasn’t. Until the next summer, when the distance got to us and we couldn’t do anymore. Sometimes, no matter how convinced you are that something is meant to be, it simply isn’t.

» Posted By Rocky On 09.23.2011 @ 5:57 pm


Port makes me think of portables. My senior year in high school my English class was in one. They were rebuilding all of the buildings at school so we had a little portable city. Now when I go to campus, I can’t even recognize it. It’s like they tore down all my high school memories and rebuilt it for somebody else. It’s a good think I don’t think of that place fondly.

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Sometimes, when I’m really upset, I crouch down and try to get myself into as small a place as possible. I curl up in a ball and let myself cry. It’s almost like I am giving myself a hug. It stops the anxiety. Crouching in a closet, closing myself in, making myself small enough that I could just disappear.

» Posted By Rocky On 09.20.2011 @ 8:14 pm


Every day should be a celebration. We should celebrate being alive, having family and friends, having a roof over our heads, having enough food to eat. A celebration doesn’t have to be something big – doesn’t have to be a party or involve streamers or confetti. It simply has to be recognition and happiness that we are live and that life is good. I know, easier said than done.

» Posted By Rocky On 09.19.2011 @ 5:05 pm


A lot of times I am more concerned with other people’s well being than my own. I let that concern get in the way of my happiness and my desires. I am now realizing that I should be more concerned with myself than with what other people thing. Empathy is important, being concerned about other people is okay to an extent, but letting it consume you is unhealthy.

» Posted By Rocky On 09.18.2011 @ 3:50 pm


my life is on repeat. the lonely. the drama . i ask it to stop but it never does. they just keep it fueled. its dragging me down and i hate it . i wish it was just us somewhere else. i miss you.

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