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pace the space of the room back and forth to and from here we go, my angel where are you going where are you going stop right there i’ll have to report you to the authorities police police i warn you i’ll have you arrested my bench, my bench, my bench
i want it i want it i want it pace the space back and forth to and from stop go

» Posted By Robert Stinner On 06.06.2014 @ 5:02 pm


“watch me” the face said to me a telltale hamlet beckoning me to draw myself in “now listen to what you must do” and i listened to what i must do he was very handsome clean shaven very lovely hair that was my mistake “are you listening?” yes i am, i am

» Posted By Robert Stinner On 01.31.2014 @ 2:51 pm


i will she said he said i said you will i said he said she said they will he said she said i said what what what what will you do what will happen to me us we they her him you me take it off the wall and shoot, yes, shoot we’ll be right here patiently waiting we don’t see we don’t see you

» Posted By Robert Stinner On 01.03.2014 @ 12:10 pm


crawling up seven floors seven long floors “is everything alright” yes – no everything is quite alright thank you love “are you sure” yes and no thank you love up down three levels up seven more where are we going “are you sure” “is everything alright” “you don’t seem very well” yes no love everything is very well

» Posted By Robert Stinner On 12.31.2013 @ 10:26 am


crawling on me all over me i feel little red marks popping up all over the back of my neck you are violating me, love, biting me all over just like a little flea that scurries all over the family pets you shouldn’t be doing this, love, it’s not very nice

» Posted By Robert Stinner On 10.22.2013 @ 5:20 pm


My heart is beating through my ribcage. My stomach is growling. everything inside me is crawling, desperately, toward this entity. This thing, that somehow I want more than anything else. Please, someone help me. I need it. Nothing else can satisfy me, this is integral for my survival. I am dying and maybe I can live.

» Posted By Robert Stinner On 09.03.2013 @ 2:03 pm


I am dying. Dying, dying, dying dying dying. They have done it to me: everything that I had, forced from my grasp. I am weak. Nothing more than a spine. I cannot help myself, no one can help me.

» Posted By Robert Stinner On 06.13.2013 @ 2:00 pm


She crunched the wafer and thought, “this is just about as bland as my life”. When a person starts to eat wafers out of boredom, they’re just feeding their own boredom. Is there any food more dull than the wafer? Is there any life more dull than the one that resorts to eating it?

» Posted By Robert Stinner On 05.22.2013 @ 2:55 pm

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