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There was a preponderance of buffalo coming down the main avenue, and it was no surprise to the residents there. They had built the town close the open plains, and wildlife often made its way down the central corridor of the town. The townsfolk didn’t talk much about the incident with the wolves from several months ago.

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There wasn’t any time to be offering the skulls to the children. They were already too caught up pulling the wings from the flies they were snatching out of the air. It was only when it was gently suggested they saw off the top portion of the skull and use it as a bowl for their wingless flies that they began to enthusiastically take them to their respective corners of the room.

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There wasn’t any time for regrowth in the jungles, when everything was being torn down at such a rapid rate. The bulldozers were too fast and intense on the jungle floor, and the men behind them knew they were on a time limit, and their pay was stuck to the levels of destruction they could make.

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It was all a way to get into the driveway, veering around in the car until it clicked hard into the curb. The obviousness of the stunt wasn’t so much to impress people, as to simply be a distraction for when they set up the multitude of distractions for the pollce when they arrived.

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There was no way when driving along the freeway that he would give in to the stale nature of the roadside diners. It was only when he saw the deep blue Chevy, and the girl in faded jeans standing beside it in the parking lot of one diner that he considered that going for coffee and french toast would be admittedly, and probably, beneficial.

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There wasn’t anywhere to look in the field, but beyond it and into the woods, there was a statue that had been there for decades, and no one dared try and discover. There were rumours of where it was, but just looking at it was to go slightly mad…to take one’s mind beyond where it was meant to be.

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There was a polo team hanging around the village, looking for a field to play in, but they could only find one mallet, and they decided to use it on their captain. He’d been bragging for too long about his penchant for dominating the game, so they felt his time had come. It was a gentlemen’s sport, but bragging was unbecoming, and so they decided to brain him.

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He used the divider from his office as something to float on down to the street as he leapt out of the building window, buffeting to and fro like a leaf in fall time. Previously, the divider had more use as something to separate him from his co-workers.

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When he finally found that headband in among the mud and churned up grass, even as dirty as it was now, he put it back on, hoping that one of the girls he’d seen during the concerts would see it and commence to casually and unconsciously sashay her way towards him with any kind of desire.

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The bitterness of the rivalry was only matched by the outpouring of grief that came from watching the floods overtake the homes and hovels that were along the shorelines. There was no way to match wits with the strength of the river.

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If there was a way to bring the cub into the room, there wasn’t going to be any blockage from the other creatures that were already there. They were mostly full-grown, but their appetites weren’t as voracious as they’d been in the days before. After all, a rhino feeds many.

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There was a style in the fiery nature of her walking down the street, in the midst of the rain that was falling heavily. It was as if the raindrops were too afraid to even land on her skin, and that they felt compelled to avoid the strength of her steps.

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There wasn’t any maestro to be seen in the fields that surrounded the auditorium. He had disappeared prior to the performance, making his way with baton in hand, conducting the grasses and otherwise causing the weeds to react in vibrato to the wave of his musical wand.

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There was no way that you’d find the crowds dispersing tofu to the residents of the neighbourhood without asking for compensation in the form of abbreviated arpeggios and walnuts roasted to paste and pleasure.

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There wasn’t any way to find out if there was to be anyone speaking in the middle of that forest, but there was the silence of birds, and even the winds. There was no dialogue, even for the forest in that area of the woods. Each step was silence, absorbed into earth, like a leaf falling, twirling endlessly before it even hit the ground.

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There were eleven ways of finding the dogs in the fields and surrounding woods, as much as there were dogs too, but no one wanted to count anymore. They just wanted to stop carrying kibble to try and trap them and bring them home. Instead, they were considering making friends with their cats again.

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There was a space somewhere to transform the letters and phrases into something worth bringing to the lawyers, but he couldn’t bear to sit in the same room with them, much less be witness to their practically snorting Earl Gray tea, with fingers raised to snobby skies.

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There’s a simple way to be delirious when taking over the ship and looking for fish on the high seas. There’s another way forward when you put whiskey into the mix, and look for solutions in the waves, the clouds and the storms that approach.

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There was always some kind of sympathy when one went down to the dock and looked out over the water, imagining fishes biting at your leg hairs, or just the sand between your toes squeezing up between them, never better than a day where time stood still.

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There wasn’t moonshine that was required for fighting in the hills, but there was an axe or two lying around, and it wasn’t long before the bottles were put down and the weapons lifted up. They were swung around like an empty container of liquor with anger, and fury.

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There are stitches in those vertebrae that even I can’t explain. It was on a moss-covered path that I last recall anything, and woke up to what felt like a thousand spiders having engorged themselves in my spine, working long and hard to sew me up from an injury even I didn’t know about.

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They were going aboard a canoe to take them downstream, and the river was more calm than they had supposed it would be at this time of year. But the leaves were of red and yellow colours, and that calmed their nerves until they came to the overhanging trees that seemed to drape themselves right into the river.

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He handed out the stilts at the base of the wall, and silently nodded to everyone to start putting them on. The wall was too tall to see over, and the use of stilts would at least give them a view of the chaos on the other side, and the bodies of all who had already died.

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There was no shoulder to the road that he wanted to pull over on, but just an edge that fell deeply into a chasm, wherein he saw things crawling up the walls like in that dream he’d had several days ago. The dread feeling of familiarity was making his arms shake the steering wheel of the car.

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The cafe was the only place I went for solitude and chess with my friend, Pete. We used to get high and pour our minds into the chessboard pieces, drink red wine, go out and smoke, and then make our way back to the table for more contemplation. And we’d sit in the dark, with just a few candles around us, ignoring the other patrons, drunk and buzzed.

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The footprints were fabricated, or so some people thought. There wasn’t enough evidence to support the theories of something half-human in the woods, but there were plenty of tales by the local townsfolk to make it seem that there was a legendary creature amongst them, prowling the local forests and making the dogs of the town howl with exasperation.

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The law was fabricated to make it seem that the people had done something wrong, that the town itself was of a guilty gut feeling and to take the blame away from those that only passed through it. There was no time for drama or exasperation, but only anger at those who were seen as the offending party.

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Finding a plague of indecision in his mind while driving the car, he swerved to the right when he saw the turn, and decided to get off the main roads. It turned out to be bumpy enough that he had to grip the wheel a little harder, and so he focused on looking forward to the road ahead of him.

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There are those destined for better paths and transitions of faith and feeling, while others will simply stagnate. Who can wait so long as to wait for things to happen, as opposed to proceeding forward into a fortunate future of opportunity?

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He was pained to look in the direction of the island in the middle of the lake. He remembered sitting there in the midst of a storm with her, the water almost boiling around them from the sheer force of the winds. The lightning dancing across several parts of the water, and looking like skeletal fingers.

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