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It’s funny how something they say is physically harder to do than smile can be so easy when you feel absolutely nothing. When your face is naturally facing down how can you turn it around so easily? 3 muscles to smile, those muscles must be seriously powerful because it seems impossible for someone completely empty to fill up so easily with sincerity. How can an empty cup fill itself? It has no arms and legs, it has no opposable thumbs.

Positivist might say an empty glass only needs to be filled like it can magically fill itself. What the positivist forget is things are never so positively simple as turning something around or filling a cup. There are infinitely detailed processes that go into a sincere smile.

How many neurons have to fire, in a specific order, to spark an emotion to release, to activate those simple 3 muscles? 3 simple muscles and over 100 to frown. If those 100 muscles are pulling against 3 and the cup you’re trying to fill has a hole in the bottom, then what? I say screw the “cup” and all the sunshine rainbow simple smiles promoted by these positively empathy numb neurons.

The truth is not in the empty cup, half full/empty or whatever state its in. The truth is in your mind, body, and soul. Whatever is pulling that smile down, is trying to tell you something. Its you, telling you, that you are not happy. So, listen to your frown, especially if your down, and find out what keeps poking holes in your ‘cup.

» Posted By RightEye Randy On 09.17.2014 @ 9:49 am


Late for work. Spring into action. Run for the shower. Heart racing. Shampoo, toothbrush, toilet, run! In the car, 5 minutes flat, race down the highway, run! Speeding by at 90 mph, flowers trees cows forest 1 house, then 2, into town, break the limits, almost there, run! 2 minutes to go, 5 minutes away, made it to the city, oh man, which way? run! Get out of my way! Run! Everything slow, mind fast, if only I could get into a crash, call in, say I’m hurt, any fish and i’m off the hook, run! no time for the elevator, 30 seconds left, buzzers ring, 10 ft to the door, run! up the stairs, legs like jello, 6 flights later, quick get mellow, at the door, walk inside, worry subsides, how could I forget? Its July, check the date, the 4th….ahhhh, head hangs low, feeling dumb, at least I’m not the only one, leaving the building, when i see, another one just like me, running fast to the door, I stop her short, its the 4th, whats wrong? She smiles and says, “oh, you too?” Then we went to get some food. Biggest worry, least expected, found love on a late exception.

» Posted By RightEye Randy On 09.13.2014 @ 8:57 am

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