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It is a type of pasta or something like that. We need boil it before eat and

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the anithesis is a prompt that will contradict your thesis with the aim to make it false and prove it is wrong. The antithesis surge when someone publish something contrary to what you said or published.

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I want everyone gathered here to know that this fur coat is an overt expression of my intention to fully embrace my destiny as a transvestite mad scientist. These matching goggles will also aid in this transition, as will these gauntlets.

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No matter how many times I cut this arm off, it will grow back. I have rooms full of arms in this mansion alone. Eternal life, being unkillable, is unseemly.

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I was startled when my body began to transform. There was a tickling sensation like a thousand mice feet scritching at my sides. My sides had become that of an obese woman and god did it feel good. The expectations on me would be lowered and I could coast through my life at a slow speed of a donut being dunked in icing, or a shopping cart line at WalMart. I can sink into the milk filled bathtub of mediocrity and no longer would my poor artsmanship nag at me, dig its talons in my heart with guilt and purpose. I didnt need a purpose anymore. I was now becoming a beast.Ttwo more days and I would be a human invertebrate. Free of this noble form. The fast track to idiocy and a silent useful death.

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since i met her i feel like i have lived my entire life, even when i am only 16 years old. She was my best friend, the one i could be confident with, the one who knew every aspect of my life. She was perfect. Then she became my girlfriend, i was the happiest man in the world.

» Posted By Ricardo On 10.13.2012 @ 9:59 pm


sonar is the art of guiding true darkness with nothing but sound. Its a way of seeing that goes so much deeper than colors or textures, its music that lights.

» Posted By Ricardo On 07.17.2012 @ 1:09 pm


The crew is the best thing you can have. When you have a crew you can feel safer, because of your pals. Crew.. that sounds like an ice-creams flavour.

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the silk was the only thing that was protecting my soul. so soft that anyone could see it and, evenmore, could touch it. but, that beauty could only come with a great risk: of being mutilated

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Something I don’t like. It’s the absolute worst part of human nature.

It could be considered a primal urge, but I doubt it. It’s a product of frustration, making both unpleasant and avoidable.

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I live in the basement, with a bunch of old books, kindly rats and fascinating dreams. It is full with darkness, but enlightment could be reach there.

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Why have a schedule? It helps plan. It helps us fit into the short time we already have. But why not just do whatever? No–it doesn’t work that way.

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He delivered a punch to the face of the chancellor. It was a well deserved punch, one that so many people had been waiting on. It was “enough” in every language, it was “screw you” in every other language…

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His cousin was a an all-around moron. Stupid in everything he did. It made him feel bad that they were related at all, but good that they weren’t THAT related.

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So I felt kind of stupid since didn’t know what “dicuss” meant, but then I looked it up and figured it out I’m not the one who’s stupid. So due to the spelling error, I have no real story to write. :)

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Trees. Surrounded by trees. Each planted with the knowledge of generations. How much knowledge had been grown in that forest. And how much could be burned down with a single flame.

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The sounds were indistinct, clouding Jerry’s senses as he was inundated with noise and he began to feel dizzy…

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The moon shone brightly that night. He wondered if someone was looking back at him from the moon, perhaps another, secret mission to the moon, and his view of the moon was matched by that person’s view of the Earth.

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The situation was bleak. There was nowhere to go. Even if she felt there was somewhere to go, there was nowhere to go. There would always be nowhere to go.

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He walked through the park, the leaves on the trees rustling in an eerie way. It was eerie because he could only hear the rustling. That it was so silent that he noticed something that he would never notice at another time…

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Max jumped out of the way as the beam came hurtling from overhead. He had nearly been crushed, taken out from above. He had looked in every direction before the ultimate impact–forward, down, etc, just not up…right where he hadn’t expected.

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he advanced in his meditation. not much depended on him as, like he already knew, he was no one, no one was no one, life is just as a velvet of stories trying to find some sense.

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In the place where no one can be, at least for more than a little while, there was a man whoi knew what he wanted to become, and where he has to charge

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the bracelet of the girl, I saw it before, at the beginning, I didn’t recognized it, it was until I was home, when

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i feel atracted towards something by another being whos presence i cant identify, i feel treatened by this precence and misguided

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I was listening to Lipgloss by Pulp when i noticed there wasn’t any tea left, and for as stupid as this situation may seem, it is nothing but the start of an incredibly long secuence of senseless situations.

» Posted By ricardo On 12.28.2008 @ 9:30 am


I have destination in my life

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Ohhhhh man, international is like the best word I could have gotten. I myself am international I live in the U.S. but definitely not from here. I pretty much know someone from almost every corner in the world

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kicked out of some where. not allowed back broke the rules an not allowed back until told to.

» Posted By ricardo On 11.17.2008 @ 11:45 am

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