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I like the moth for its simple elegance
unlike the mariposa’s vain extravagance

except when I find a spread of holes
one has eaten out of adored clothes

from anger I then grab the insect spray
then from pity, sigh, as one passes away :- (

» Posted By Renzo Saggio On 03.07.2017 @ 2:52 am


My Gal
Yearning for her, I can not help

Graceful and gorgeous girl
An athletically agile Angela
Lissome, loving, and lovely Latina.

» Posted By Renzo Saggio On 02.26.2017 @ 7:34 am


I am unfazed by a stare
of jealousy or angry glare
for rivals are usually unaware
of superior strength that I bear
besides a career is a better care
to afford a trip to Britain’s Aire

I was, once only, fazed by a stare
that accompanied a smile and face fair
I am a fighter not a lover, no menace I fear
no threats, no gun pressed to lobe or ear
save a sweet look of desire none could pierce
I have fought against great odds, eyes steady
meeting stare for stare until others’ eyes lowered

but from her mere glance I would not be ready
my heart fluttered, body shuddered, mouth stuttered
and my eyes for the first time ever had bowed
never shall I feel such weakness again I vow.

» Posted By Renzo Saggio On 01.23.2017 @ 9:24 pm


Figuratively speaking,

for most people dawn is something to always look forward to yet forever miss
because most people are stupid and that realisation never dawns on them a bit
it’s as if they are albino vampires and the least light of thought is too brilliant a doom
a shame for many to shun a wisdom’s dawn in a world that needs full function at noon

» Posted By Renzo Saggio On 10.17.2016 @ 9:53 pm

Literally speaking,
I like dawn in the morning, that sudden surge of chilling air precedes the warming
as, from behind mountains, flame coloured sky reflecting in city fountains as it flies
through town and groves and veins of city streets it freely flows, alighting all with gentle glow
later to wane to tepid typical day, but at dusk, transitioning to fire along the calm sea’s horizon

» Posted By Renzo Saggio On 10.17.2016 @ 9:47 pm


One can be given the keys to success
and as to a car, it will be a nice ride
for a while

or work up each step to a ‘passport’
to allow you a much greater range
of prosperity.

» Posted By Renzo Saggio On 09.29.2016 @ 1:57 am


The thermostat read 80.
I activated a/c. It felt very cold,
some minutes later, I felt it to my toes
but temperature indicated was down 1 degree
impossible, I thought, for I now feel much less heat.

» Posted By Renzo Saggio On 09.25.2016 @ 7:15 pm

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