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The crackers were shedding salt all over her shirt and hands as she ate, and the ferret crawling over her body licked at it. She figured eating something so salty when it was hot and she was thirsty was un-advisable, but she was starving and it was the only thing she could dredge up out of the backseat to eat. “You think he’s trying to train me to be a patient woman?” she asked her ferret, Dancer, and returned to staring out the windshield. After five beats she abruptly threw the crackers aside, turned the ignition, put the car in drive, and floored it out of the empty parking lot.

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He bent down and examined the motorcycle. The muscles of his shoulders and back bulged and contracted under his shirt and she stared, blushing.

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She sat on the bench outside of the hardware store looking at nothing in particular. She held a lollipop in her hand but licked it idly and was likely to simply toss it away before she was finished with it. She had folded up her bright yellow work apron and tucked it inside her purse rather than be recognized as an employee.

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She bit into the mango as she stared out at the festivities. If she had been allowed to wear her dark gray dress like she wanted it would be easier to hide in the shadows against the wall, even though everyone was looking for her: the girl of the hour, the champion, the savior of the world. She was stuck in this bright red velvet gown and was reduced to using her magic in order to stay invisible. And when Princess Christiana asks her where she was and why she hadn’t been at the banquet held in her honor Dahlia could honestly say that she had been.

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She wanted to create something that would save the world. But she was only 4 years old and very silly. She turned her nose up on the creations of sticks and glue by the other kids–if they engaged in such crafts at all. Prison was a strange place to be making toys out of sticks. She held up her tinkerings for her own delight: miniature needle robots that would help her make lace shirts and a compass that pointed towards the closest person with a weapon.

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The flare gun flashed orange and then a tiny red rocket-ball, like a small devilish tinkerbell shot up into the air. Up, up, up. And…Boom! The sparks shattered above us.
I turned to my friend and glared. My eyes were narrowed as I snarled, “Yeah, that was truly brilliant.”

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Her hair smelt of orchids, sugar and musk. She usually kept it in a ponytail because loose it was thick and curly and looked like sex hair no matter what she did with it.

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The alarm sounded throughout the compound and people stopped to look. They were trained and given instructions that when the alarm sounded that they were to go immediately to the safe rooms or to evacuate the campus depending on the pitch of the tintinnabulum. But they were so shocked by the sound of the alarm and what it meant; it never happened and for it to sound was the realization of their worst nightmares.

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She dumped the pills out into her palm and counted them. There were seventeen and they expected her to take all of them. They would weaken her mind and body so that she could be strengthened, they said. And she wasn’t sure that she believed them. But she wasn’t sure that she could dump the pills back into the bottle now. They seemed to entrance her, sitting passively, but promisingly.

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Jelly fish are terrifying but beautiful creatures. Neve sank into the water, the blackness growing and consuming. The incandescent creatures glowed like sunset clouds, wafting up from the deep. She was petrified and mesmerized at the same time. Oh God, she thought, death could look not only beautiful, but pretty.

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She bent over the balcony railing, her body like a long, svelte line. He watched her from his balcony which was two stories above hers. Her long cascade of golden hair and her lean limbs were Fae-like, and he imagined everything she did she looked like she was dancing, and she did it with supple grace. She was emptying a chamber pot and didn’t see him. The servant girl went back inside the castle walls, attending to her chores.

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My relatives are coming to get me, but I’ve never met them. Strange how a family is formed, and there are always secrets always quirks and you think your family is the weirdest. Apparently my father isn’t my real father, apparently my mother had an affair and that’s why everyone always commented how I didn’t look like my siblings, how my mother stopped looking at me with pride…and instead, guilt.

(Note: this is not actually the case with my family, this is made up)

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In the basement she stood looking up at the staircase. It smelled moldy down here and she didn’t like the dank sounds the shadows made. She knew they weren’t going to simply let her get out of here but why the challenge had to be so cliche she didn’t understand. She had never been one of the kids that were afraid of the dark basement, because her bedroom had been in the basement and what had truly been frightening was what was upstairs: her parents.

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Keep going! Keep going! Master Swordsman yelled. His fires were almost tall enough to fuel his next greatest weapon.

He turned and faced his great masterpiece: a juggernaut, as tall as ten men, nearly overflowing with flame and menace. It would not be long now.

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The web is falling down, silken upon my head. This is your crown, the forest god tells me, and you would do well to learn how to use it.
What I didn’t know then was that with each strand I could spread myself outward. The expanding web represented my new ability to see everything and into everything around me. It was not beautiful, it was terrible and I could do nothing about it.

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I think that you are being moronic, this is what I wanted to tell him as he put ground red pepper instead of chili powder into the enchiladas. But I didn’t and now look at how things ended up.

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She sat at the table with her precious list of recipes. They didn’t fit very well into one book or one box. The papers and napkins they were written on were all different shapes and sizes. They came from different people, friends family, strangers. They were her life now. With these magic formulas she could survive anything.

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