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There it was. Just beyond her horizon, out of her grasp. That small, growing feeling tugged at her heart. Why couldn’t she just reach a little farther, burn a little brighter. Make everyone help her reach farther than she knew she ever could on her own. All she needed was a smile, that slight turn up of a woman’s lips, a man holding the door at the bank before it closed. She needed something tangible to hold onto, to show her children everything would be alright.

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she was his assistant. Always on time and ready for the day. He never knew it, but she looked up at him as the father she never got to meet. Even through she only stapled his papers and filed his emails, she was a piece of him that he would not be the same without.

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The cave went on for miles into the mountain. I couldn’t see an end anywhere in sight, but we couldn’t go back the way we came either. There was too much going on. I could hear Mia in the background behind me crying softly to herself. No one tried to comfort her. We were all in some ways on our own now even if the group stayed together.

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free. a space that is available. to be available means to have time free, usually. to be able to do something. for example, i am available to go to the party on friday. to have space. to have time. to have something. something good. she is available. the space is available for rent, and that bike is available to me.

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The broadcast faded in and out of the static it tried to cover. There was something he was saying, but as soon as he would say something important, the static would win again. She would never find out what was going on this way. Life was at a standstill. Everyone was panicking, and she couldn’t even figure out if there was a plan of action, anything that would save them.

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It was the fourth of July. Everyone was staring in awe at the fireworks. Little girls were screaming as they ran around with sparklers. No one could hear my scream from only fifty feet away. I might as well have been in an empty, dark corner of an alley–it would have had the same outcome either way.

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Both of us could only stare at the horror before us. No one, not even the worst of people, should have to go through what all these people did. Most were dead; those who were still alive looked lifeless, as if they had no reason to live anymore anyway. We could not believe the suffering these people had gone through just for one man’s tyranny.

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The cook just looked at her for a moment with a look of pure disgust. It wasn’t really a big, she thought, but the cook looked at her as if she had just witnessed her killing someone for sport. It couldn’t be that weird to be a vegetarian.

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It was all in the past. That’s what everyone kept telling her. The thing no one knew is her mind brought it up every single night without fail, sometimes even waking her up. She wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep for hours every time. It may have happened in the past, but it wasn’t in the past. It still haunted her.

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The library was astronomical in size. She couldn’t possible find every bit of information that would help her. There were classified papers, books on the subject, books on the primary books. She was going to be here all day. There would be no time to relax–everything depended on what she found today, and she couldn’t afford to not figure this case out.

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He walked into the square and looked around. He didn’t know who this mysterious person was, or what they wanted with him. He only knew that he sensed that somehow, everything depended on this meeting, and that it was going to change his life more than he knew.

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It was of great interest to him. This merger either meant that he had a job or didn’t. So when he heard those small, slight words uttered two booths away, about how the other company was changing their minds, he couldn’t help but feel a small hint of dread creep up his spine.

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Her teeth were chattering in her mouth involuntarily. She looked around at the magnificence of what she was seeing–the stars above were bright, she was looking at this breathtaking view, she was next to the man she loved.And she couldn’t enjoy it because her teeth wouldn’t stop chattering from the frigid cold enveloping her.

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He charged it to his bill. His company was going to hate him after this convention, but he didn’t care. They didn’t really pay him enough to begin with, so this was his “christmas bonus” the company had stopped giving them a few years back.

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You’re gone. And I’m alone again. I’m not sure how to take this. I actually liked you. I know you liked me as well, so what happened here? Wrong timing. Blame it on the time. Blame it on where we’re going. Sure. Those are bad things. I’m not arguing with you, but isn’t life imperfect? Doesn’t everything good come with that ironic piece of shitty bad that we hopelessly try and try and fucking try to avoid? There is always bad timing. But there is also always working to make something out of life’s shitty nothing. We could have made something out of something. We were already ahead of the curve. But you stopped a little short, and I kept going.

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The affairs were all in order. There was nothing left to do, but she couldn’t just walk away from the desk, leave everything in the past. He was gone. She had executed everything as he had asked. So what kept her in this moment–afraid to move forward, not able to move backwards? She tapped her fingers on the mahogany wood and pressed her lips into a tight line. Moving away from this desk meant it was over–even what kept her around his life after he was gone would fade away.

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I was afraid. I had never felt this way before. The carpet was breathing beneath me. How much did they give me? I could feel everything I touched like I had never touched it before. Everything was crystal clear yet blurry at the same time.

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I never liked muscles, until I met the muscle man himself. He can hold me down just by laying one arm across me, and I’m not going to lie, I don’t hate it. I go to the gym just to watch him work out. I don’t even mind killing myself on the cross circuit machine for an hour.

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Knowing nothing in the world would change for the worse, knowing everyone you love could be in one place, the person you love most in the world loving you back, and the thought that no matter how many risks you take, you could always land softly even if you fail. Comfort is an impossible achievement.

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She was sure it was a trap. If she said yes, she would have to continue with a lie that wouldn’t ever be fixed. If she said no–well, she didn’t even want to think about that. And she would never be able to get a maybe to pass.

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The methods behind his madness were just as mad, but they had gotten him through quite a bit of this process, so he wasn’t going to get rid of them just because he fucked up this one time. No, he was going to keep going all the way to the top.

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One day, I got called into the principal’s office due to an event I was in. The principal was very rude and didn’t let me talk. The principal was such a douche! I can’t believe it! Man, I wish I had a different principal.

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The props were really heavy. Of course, the actors didn’t give a damn if she broke her back carrying their equipment, their stages. But she did. It was eleven o’clock at night. She was the only one in the theater. She dropped the prop on the ground and walked out.

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The instructions were clear. Pretty much all he had to do was twitch his finger. He corrected a little to the right for the wind, and lined up the shot, pulled the trigger.

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The suspects were lined up, but she couldn’t seem to remember his face. She stared through the glass, she scanned through the memory in her head, but nothing would come up. She closed her eyes. She could remember nothing but her own fear and panic that night–but then, there was a flash of light across his face from a far away street light in her memory–she opened her eyes and stared down the line until the same set of blue eyes looked directly into hers as if he could somehow see through the glass.

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The auxiliary team moved in. All they could hear was static from the other end of their radios. If the other team had failed, what could they do really? But still, they had to keep going. Even if it meant one of them could get shot–or whatever was ahead of them–they had to keep moving forward cautiously, hoping that Alpha was too far away to call back, that they had done what they were supposed to do, that they would greet them with smiles saying it was done. But being shot wasn’t what scared them the most–they didn’t want to have to shoot anyone else.

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She placed her hand on the doorknob, but she couldn’t actually turn it. She could hear the sounds from the other side–her husband’s voice. A woman’s laugh. She didn’t want to face the other side of that door–her own bedroom was now the one place she didn’t want to go.

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The adviser called me in, and my feet wouldn’t move. I was being called into the throne room by the king’s adviser. I don’t think there is anything that had ever happened before this moment that would have even remotely prepared me for this moment.

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The modem kept clicking in the background. Then, it would break. I would have to start it up again. I hated this stupid camp. I have friends other places, I actually had things to do this summer, and instead I’m stuck here in the middle of nowhere where I almost would rather not get on the computer because it makes me even more aggravated than the camp.

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This Saturday. eight o’clock. She thought about it in her head. She had had a crush on this guy for a year now, and now that she was so close to having what she wanted, she stepped two steps back. She was bored already–that wasn’t good.

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