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“How dare you?!” He hissed, ramming her into the nearest wall. “What were you thinking, pulling a stunt like that.” She twisted her head to avoid eye contact as his breath hit her skin.

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“You got me a pony?!!!!” Sara asked. “YEEEE! A pony! A pony! a real live pony!” Her parents looked at each other, starting to rethink this idea. “No Sara, we didn’t get you a pony. We got the farm a horse, that you can ride sometimes. But it has to do work around the farm.”

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BONG BONG BONG! The sound was deafening, it signalled the end of the work day. As everyone filed out, Sarah wondered what the liberty bell used to represent. Liberty. There was no liberty anymore, everything was controlled by the government. From the food they ate, to the jobs they had. When you were born your parents got a file. Telling them what your life would be like, your name, how to parent you. Where to send you to school, what you were going to do as an adult. At the age of 18, you were told who you were to marry and how many kids to have.

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As Cherry walked along the bridge, ideally dropping stones into the gorge below. She contemplated jumping, it had been such a long day. A long year really, it was starting to get her down. Nothing seemed to be going her way. Not that it wasn’t her fault, she’d left things to long. Until they became urgent, then find out that what she’d done was completely moot.

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The sweat beaded into my eyes as I pumped the bellows. I hadn’t worked this hard since I’d left the farm, it felt good to be using my muscles again. “Harder!” Nik said gruffly, slapping his huge hand together. “We’ll make a blacksmith outta you yet!” Grinning I pumped the bellows harder, feeling better then I had in a long time.

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“I just don’t know if I can do this” Sara said as they walked by the man with the accordion. He was there every day, from dawn till dusk collecting spare change. To anyone who had ever walked Limelight Ave the accordion player was a landmark, his music drifting up and down the entire street. He represented the only constant thing in Tom’s life, apart from Sara. And now that was changing. “I understand. I just can’t imagine this happening without you.” I said, wishing desperately that she would say yes.

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“What happened” I asked, looking anxiousley at Cody. “I got benched! I can’t believe it. Coach actually benched me. Me!” I was shocked, Cody was the teams best player, sure he and Coach had their differences but there was a big game coming up. He couldn’t just bench Cody.

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“Wow” I breathed, looking over at Ella’s face. “This is where you live?” mutely, she nodded. “It’s not a house! It’s an estate!” “I told you I was rich” She said. “Not like this you didn’t” I said glaring at her “What are your parents going to think of me?”

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Standing on the brooklyn bridge she looked like a fantasy. Hair slightly blowing in the wind, the sun at her back lighting up her red hair like fire. The look of pure content played across her face, eyes closed with a smile on her lips. The best part? She was mine.

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“Damn” The team surveyed the damage the flood had caused, none of them were green but this was the worst any of them had ever seen. Focusing back on the scene they rushed to help a drowning woman.

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Lightning lit the sky, illuminating nooks and crannies in the canyon. CRACK! It was right overhead, if they didn’t find shelter soon they were screwed. He looked over at his partner, she was already looked miserable. It was his fault they were in this, not that she’d ever blame him, Nia took protocol very seriously. You never blamed your senior partner.

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I gently touched the scar with my finger, she flinched backwards. The wary look in her eyes told me it hadn’t been an accident. He was used to people being scared of him, but for some reason her reaction bothered him, made him want to show her that he wasn’t the horrible monster of his reputation.

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I wiped the blood of my face with my sleeve, staining it a dark brown. “You” I said, turning to the guy who’d just punched me in the face. He had this cocky look on his face that was just begging to be wiped off, preferably with a little blood.

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They kicked me onto my knees, yanking my head back a guard said “Answer the Princess!” The princess in question was tall, with a cold impassive look on her face. Not the sort of woman you wanted to be prostrate in front of.

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“Hey!” I yelled, calling after my brother. “You promised me you’d take me to see it!” Mish rolled his eyes, “I’m taking my girlfriend to see the view from Mount Baldonia, that’s more important”

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