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To gain for less
In vain?
By bargains

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 11.28.2014 @ 5:54 pm

I never thought that I liked bargains. I mean, really, I sound stupid. I LIKE BLACK FRIDAY AND NOONE WILL TAKE ME TO GET A BARGAIN!

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 11.28.2014 @ 5:52 pm


The lining of his coat is worn and old
Homeless and cold
He can’t find a silver lining
He can’t find a way to alter-
His past, his flaws
All those wrong turns
It’s all churning inside him
But the lining of his coat is still worn
The people with their shopping bags still make a wide berth
Not knowing all the lonely man wants, needs
For Christmas is warmth
A second glance
Another chance
And time
Time to become visible again
To become stable again
To become able.

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 08.08.2014 @ 6:30 pm


An empty body
Alone on the pavement
Enslaved by nobody
She is just another body
She could have been somebody
Anybody but a dead body

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 08.06.2014 @ 8:53 am


Dear me
My tear ducts are screwed up
My hair stands up (overwhelmed by static)
My mind is cracked
My soul sports ashen holes
I am somehow more than whole (1 and 1/2 perhaps?)
I swallowed my feet like an ouroboros it’s tail
But I would not say it’s over
Or that I even failed
I could never be righter nor wronger
Sometimes I feel outside myself
Like am looking at a strange artifact on a dusty shelf
and I want to break it (me) because it makes me uncomfortable
looking inside my shell of instability
I’m cRaCkEd
I speculate what I might lack
Or that maybe it’s what others lack?

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 06.18.2014 @ 2:40 pm


They try still to instill it into me
As if they can pour what they wish of me
Like an empty transparent glass on a dusty kitchen shelf
I am already plenty full I say
I want nothing of that vile liquid
Or of your filthy smelling pills
I am not ill
No just not empty headed
They won’t listen
Perhaps a fist would instill it?

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 06.12.2014 @ 11:25 am


My life
My soul
Desolated by the careless fools that rein
This wicked destructive world
My mind
My heart
Torn apart
A state of ruin
Far from the jubilating moments of my earlier youth
The fetal position
A familiar emotional position of mine
I sit up terrified at night to ponder the chaos of mankind
I close my eyes and watch powerless
As the seams of virtues and morals unthread mercilessly
The sense of order that use to run along side the dark liquid in our veins gone
I guess we let them all seep out one by one with the blood we punctured out of our own warm winding veins
So destructively
So purposely
Mankind cannot get much worse
Don’t press the big red button
Ask questions first
Push aside rejection
Approval is optional
Not deadly
Or threateningly fearfully important
How quaint their little busy lives are
We are far from hopeless
And stronger then we ever knew we could be before
We are aching
Shivering in pain
Quivering in a rare rawness of naked beauty
We are not like them
We do not like them
We still strive to be like them
A can of Campbell soup
Sold and made by the thousands
Stamped proudly with a brand name logo
Made up of all the same ‘artificial and natural’ ingredients
The world is spinning faster then it did ten minutes before
Gravity is a state of mind
I allow myself to float away
Anything but graceful
But freedom heals me despite that
As I break away
Black against the evening sun
I think I begin to believe
I cannot be the only one
who watches the world unthread
But does not turn to death as a savior
Fighting is one more breathe
Fighting is flying instead of countless streaks of bleeding cuts
I cannot be alone
There are others battling their own demons
screaming cries of war
Like the few that fought then flew so freely
So victorious before my own lone flight

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 05.29.2014 @ 8:19 am


my kind of attitude
not to be rude of course
but I rather be crude then
eluding or alluding

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 05.19.2014 @ 6:57 am


I need a time machine for such
to erase everything that I ever did wrong
I can’t simply backtrack

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 05.17.2014 @ 3:25 pm


a feeling
a terrible terrible feeling
desperate people do
desperation things
steal from me
lie to me
kill me
then justify it
desperate times call for
desperate measures
desperate people do desperate things
does this really justify it?

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 05.10.2014 @ 11:54 am


footprints in the sand
distinctively yours
right beside mine
love prints
four feet
20 toes
to be washed away with the tide
side by side

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 05.08.2014 @ 12:48 pm


No NOT mating!
Your mind escalates at a dirty rate

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 05.03.2014 @ 4:06 pm


More like sorrowful…
A handful
Of dreams -shredded feathers really-
A shattered morphed reflection
That’s all am I
Everyone else’s perspectives
Repeated words
Known but unheard of to speak aloud
A wandering stray
That wants to stay but doesn’t want to say it
(((doesn’t have a say about it)))
All I am -and have always been- is an echo
Many echoes
All echoes
I am the entire universe in a Corporal form
It created me
Shapes me
I feel raped
I’m ashamed
I cannot escape
I’m enslaved
I am the rescuer
The one who needs to be saved
I am afraid
But I cannot refrain
I am the universe’s vessel
I am not actual simply because
I am soldier of the cosmos
A lost cause it would be to fight back
To attempt battle
Or to attack
No dreadful….
Perhaps it would be joyful
If the world should quit it’s axial ways
But the end of days are near not yet

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 05.01.2014 @ 12:45 pm


I smiled
he smiled
how vile it was to watch a play back of insincerity
he didn’t love me
but yet he smiled
amused perhaps by my naivety
I feel used
and stupid
because of those still stretched pink slugs

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 04.26.2014 @ 3:37 pm


it’s not a staircase I have to climb
it’s an elevator he pulls up by hand at the steady pace I demand
it’s necessary to be to be high to be mighty
ignite me
fight for me
it’s your birthright
how utterly gratifying
wrap your you arms tight around me
you are my leverage
why should I try when you can do it for me?
I unglue your power
alter and falsify the lines
blurry is my favorite colour
I’m a charmer a trickster
I’m wicked but you adore the loss of control
because I glorify it
oh my darling swimming in forgetful circles
’round and ’round the glass bowl
I hold your rigmarole soul between my
finger and my thumb
you dumb gullible thing
sing for me
as I eradicate the last of your contumacy
my freedom is effortless leverage
with a tamed goldfish who listens at the meager threat of disparagement
what a eager little goldfish that lifts me high!
leverage is my friend
the elevator my slave
the goldfish serves my self-image
in return I reserve his concern for only me
this is the age of bondage

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 04.22.2014 @ 6:39 pm


you are withholding everything from me
oh why?
Do you withhold everything?

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 04.19.2014 @ 6:29 am

withhold my thoughts
withhold my feelings
it’s better for you
for me
for everyone
if I just withhold
it all

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 04.18.2014 @ 6:11 pm


a fee? for me? oh no not commission she thought there ought not be such a thing that makes girls cry instead of sing

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 04.17.2014 @ 7:39 am


still how can I be still? l I am filled with some many feelings and thoughts I ought not stay still

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 04.09.2014 @ 1:30 pm


breaks down
he’s wondering
if it’ll start again
it won’t

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 04.08.2014 @ 4:45 pm

I wonder do you love me?
I’m wondering does he care?
a girl with hair down her waist an plenty of time to waste does he care she wonders

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 04.08.2014 @ 4:38 pm

wondering pondering a new name a new world
of my own by myself but not
talking to myself
on the broken phone

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 04.08.2014 @ 4:35 pm


a prayer is a secret hope you whisper in the dark of healing and need and list of wishes and wants prayer is holy

» Posted By Rebekah Wooten On 04.07.2014 @ 1:23 pm

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