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I looked up, down in every direction all at once but what was the point. The moment i had waited for all my life and i missed it through my own disregard and ignorance. I could feel my frustration manifesting on my faces as burning tears of anger and sadness. I began digging my own grave in my mind and i sung into my seat as if to bury myself. My eyes shifted down and welled up i tried my best to avoid crying but i could feel pressure building in my lungs like a dam bursting with an flood of emotion and i began to hysterically ball and moan as if a five year old who has lost its mother at the supper market. When suddenly something plopped into my popcorn bucket. when i looked up i saw a tall man dressed in uniform but his faced distorted by my tears. He said nothing just pointed to the bucket i looked down and saw the winning pitch ball signed covered in curdles butter and tears but this time tears of joy.That was the best day of my life and im sure Dave spent his entire savings so i could see that game that when i know i was stupid and i married him the next day.

» Posted By RealitySpeaks On 01.24.2016 @ 2:25 pm


Granted with a gift from age five i was blessed with this uncanny ability to attract weirdos into my life, my mom was one, my dad too, My entire family corrupted with pride and ignorance, beauty and eccentricity, every thing you want in a life time movie and all the things you avoid in reality. I was gifted indeed. By the time i was 13 i was homeless with only one possession i could call my own, my identity, and now they want that too! Only thing i got left my name! and they want it there bound to have it too. They think they own it, that its theirs, that i stole it from them. But they stole it from me and now that i have it encapsulating my world, stuffed inside my suitcase, sown within the fabric of my skin, and living in the texture of my hair. They can take there equality and dot out the eyes of every one with a flicker of prejudice wedged in the back of there brain and slap around the next unsuspecting citizen until the world seems like a big gray blob of justice and freedom for all but i LAVANA RAY JACKSON refuse to give up the only decent value my family ever taught me for the sake of AMERICA.

» Posted By RealitySpeaks On 11.11.2015 @ 3:31 pm


This has nothing to do with the word but i posses feelings that have gone too long un-heard.
Im excluded though they say im included.
Try to be different and but im just sufficient.
Please release me of this endless spell is this the place my life will dwell.
Begging for something i dont know.
Remove whats been blocking my glow

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Its hard to move when your stuck in your mind
Trying to move forward while ignoring the chyme
The silent serenity that time once brought
Has now trapped me in this moment of paralyzing thought
I sit still as my mind continues on
Ideas flowing more mellifluously than a birds song
Once i can release what has been trapped inside
I will no longer fill the need to hide

» Posted By RealitySpeaks On 04.23.2014 @ 3:38 pm


I only 2 minutes to write my peace to express my thoughts trough out my speech. It feels like im in a confession booth cause i dont want to talk just to speak a untruth.

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It was a covert affair. I felt as sneaky as a snake avoiding the sun but i was never to be revealed. Though i couldn’t hide my feelings they were plainly overt. It was as if the silence was have a screaming match with my mind but backed down last minute leaving my thoughts in open air. Revealed yet concealed i lay there like a oasis in the middle of a desert waiting to be discovered but never to be found.

» Posted By RealitySpeaks On 04.02.2014 @ 2:30 pm


They called her deranged
They though she was strange
But then who are they
What more can i say

» Posted By RealitySpeaks On 03.10.2014 @ 1:10 pm

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