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a TV screen, watching a movie a TV scene…something in a movie theater. Eating popcorn…yeah, now I see it, everyone is sitting in the seats, the white glow of the screen reflected off of them, eating popcorn, eyes glued to the screen. The movie projector in the back, projecting the movie…maybe Yogi Bear?

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The banjo was strung with slim, twine-like string, tied to the top of the uppermost branch of the tallest tree. Rosie stood back and admired her work.
Well done, she thought to herself.
A banjo strung to the top of a tree strung with twine. Random, but clever.
Beautiful, but perfect.

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I tried to tell him. I tried to say that if only he abides by my plan, it could be fine. It could be simple.
But did he listen? No. He went along and did his own thing and completely disregarded what I’d said.
And where has that led him? Here, the hospital. He’s unconscious now, and I should feel bad but it’s so hard to feel bad for your near-enemy when if he’d only listened to you, he wouldn’t be here. So hard.
And it wasn’t simple for me either, having him disappear in the middle of nowhere. Then I had to search for him, and thank god I did, because I saved his life.
He wakes up groggily and rubs his eyes, then draws back in presumably sharp pain. I can just conceal a smirk.
“Where am I?” he inquires.
“You, SIR, are in the hospital, and it’s thanks to you you’re here and thanks to me you’re alive. I didn’t have to save your life, you know. I did it because – I wanted to show that if you follow the simplest plan, you wouldn’t be here. That’s why you’re still alive.”
And I turn on my heels and leave the room, leaving a very confused Bernard in the hospital wing, to ponder what I’d said.

» Posted By Raviv On 05.08.2013 @ 5:57 pm

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