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Stagnation is how I am feeling right now. Really dead inside and lost and stupid like I am in a rut and can’t go on and it’s all just dead and unchanging. I don’t know what I’m doing or how long 60 seconds is or anything so I am just going to keep writing and I wish I had a better keyboard because my fingers hurt and I can’t tell if tim’s up or not up because it’s in white letters and it’s so confusing because it says that time is up and it said that before I started writing so I don’t understand why it would do that or maybe it’s actually counting words, not time because the black circle is getting blacker the more I write, so I don’t know maybe it is my imagination because now it doesn’t seem to be changing, and I’m sure this is more than 60 seconds by now so,,,

» Posted By Raven On 11.13.2016 @ 10:17 pm


welcome to eternity. This new beginning welcomes people of all color and any gender. We welcome everyone becuase we love everyone. This doesn’t have to be hard. Although many mistakes have been made in your past, remember that welcoming the obvious has always had an evolutionary effect on today’s society.

» Posted By raven On 02.19.2016 @ 2:35 pm


She didn’t know if it was the right one or not but she threw it into the basket without a second glance. Florice ran to the register and noticed too late that she’d left her wallet at home beneath the pillow in her room. Fil will be angry if she comes home without the detergent.

» Posted By raven On 03.27.2015 @ 1:32 am


That bracelet. Oh that bracelet. It was the only thing that he had ever given me. He may have been cute, sure, but when he gave that bracelet, oh that bracelet. He was so sweet. You know, maybe I had made a mistake. He was the right one. “Wait! Don’t leave!” I shouted after him, “I’ve made a huge mistake!”

» Posted By Raven On 02.19.2015 @ 7:00 pm


She gazed out the window and across the road, where a young girl was playing with her dog. It brought back memories of her own childhood, one that she had spent with her deceased brother.

» Posted By Raven On 08.03.2014 @ 10:37 am


Are what you left on my heart
As I watched us drift apart.
I know you said it want be long
But deep down inside we both know
This is so “long”

» Posted By Raven On 06.23.2013 @ 2:41 pm


fools are quick to comfort me as I have been in their slippers and wearing their bells and the songs that i tried to sing made it quite urgent that i join their merry bands for the winter or so and just to make you wonder why the deaf are not blind i wore my outfit inside out. If you are only kidding then join us as well as well as you can and we will gather quicly in a rig of fools a ring for dancing and a ring of fire.

» Posted By Raven On 06.10.2013 @ 8:51 am


I was walking through a park, looking at all the people around me. I realized how I would go through life utterly undetected; there was no importance to my life. There was no meaning. I was nondescript and plain, but that didn’t

» Posted By Raven On 06.08.2013 @ 11:39 am


its to do with brothers and their relationship , it is a very close relation between one or more male individuals involving trust, love, friendship and many various connections that people share. It is a very valued connection since it be benefits the all the people involved in the relationship.

» Posted By Raven On 06.02.2013 @ 2:07 pm


I mumble through your hair
I mumble everywhere
In your ear
Near your Dear
In a race
In a case
As Long as your hear it I’ll mumble all over the place

» Posted By Raven On 04.17.2013 @ 4:33 am


knowledgeable duecher, uniform, shady, outsmart him, dont show emotion, ask lots of questions, can I trust him…?

» Posted By raven On 02.07.2013 @ 9:36 pm


my bed. clouds. soft stuff. feeling. sleeping. comfortable. something i am not feeling right now. huge bed with huge fluffy pillows. nice. i need this. i dont know what to write. the feeling when you sit down in a nice soft armchair.

» Posted By Raven On 08.20.2012 @ 9:01 pm


Assaults is a word that is describing a rifle! Assaults is also harming someone. No one likes it unless its a gun. I like assault rifles in COD. Lol it has the word ass in it.

» Posted By raven On 08.07.2012 @ 12:50 pm


Puncture. Reminds me of some Chinese thing but that’s a different one, if you know what I mean. isn’t this word supposed to hurt? like a stinging feeling of some sort?

» Posted By Raven On 08.06.2012 @ 8:54 pm


Sora always wondered why exactly the keyblade had chosen him. He never really thought much of it because at the time he received it, there wasn’t much time for him to consider it. Perhaps when Riku managed to get a hold of it, he began to wonder more about it, but then he had to press onwards. He

» Posted By Raven On 08.04.2012 @ 4:52 pm


I have no idea what to say about a turbine because it’s late at night and I have no idea what a turbine is in my partially drugged mind. I feel like it’s a propeller on the bottom of a boat? Or is it the thing they use in dams to turn them and make electricity with the power of the water churning? I think that it’s. No, and theres also a wind turbine, right? That harnesses the wind and they turn and they create electricity as well.

» Posted By Raven On 07.09.2012 @ 5:12 pm

the turbine of my youth churned me into shredded feelings of despair and you were always there though who would have known that in the rumble of the waters under the building by the river anyhow. glad i know it now.

» Posted By Raven On 07.09.2012 @ 2:05 pm


there was a dilemma in the store yesterday, a woman wanted the las can of green beans. but i needed them for a secret recipe my grama gave me. it was the main ingredient. so I pulle dout her weave. and she left. THE END

» Posted By Raven On 05.29.2012 @ 10:26 am


Music is full of wonderful things like instrments.

» Posted By Raven On 05.06.2012 @ 1:44 pm


Catcher in the Rye. I want to catch the raindrops out there in my hands. I want to feel the cold, slippery gelatin of rained-over raindrops fall between my fingers. I want to touch the budding weeping willows that are coating in this goo. I want to catch it in my mouth.

» Posted By Raven On 03.28.2012 @ 7:38 am


The chief loved the woods. Often he would run through them until he reached the thickest part. Once there, he would just sit and stare at the beauty of it all. To be alone and have that feeling of serenity.

» Posted By Raven On 02.03.2012 @ 1:43 pm


There’s scarcely anything in there; it’s black and empty. The bubbles have disappeared for the time being, and the mary janes have worn off her feet. Replaced with converse. Or heels. But there’s scarcely anything in that bag. Time to start over again.

» Posted By Raven On 01.22.2012 @ 8:01 am


She was savage. She ripped hearts apart and devoured entire souls. It was entrancing, beautiful in an odd way. Like watching a car crash, or seeing the world burn before your eyes. I loved her. I loved everything about her. Even if it’s killing me.

» Posted By Raven On 01.09.2012 @ 11:29 pm


He snuck out of it, wiggling his little rump until it, too, could squeeze through. Everything was huge, here. The carpet was endless. The walls were higher than he had ever seen.

» Posted By Raven On 12.08.2011 @ 2:25 pm


tires go on cars, they’re round, they can go on bikes. they are usually black. they roll to move things such as vehicals for transportation

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Lost in the city downpour, the cars skidded past the hooded figure without any sort of recognition that this living, breathing person could possibly need the aid of a person in these machines.
He wasn’t quite sure how he got there, but he knew the rain was soaking through his blazer, and that he wanted to go home

» Posted By Raven On 11.05.2011 @ 10:04 am


Combinations are funny things. I dunno, more like… an experiment. To find out what you’ll end up with. Positive, negative, meh. So many things in the world are a result of multiple objects. You. Me. Life. These words. The computer. The universe. Combinations are funny.

» Posted By Raven On 11.04.2011 @ 8:16 am


“There’s gonna be any awakening, man–th-th-the 18th.” His body swayed; his words staggered.
“What do you mean? What kind of awakening?”
He shook his finger in front of my face. “We’re all gonna realize what the fuck we’re even working for, man.”

» Posted By Raven On 10.23.2011 @ 4:31 pm


She said she couldn’t relate to them–the curve of their petals, the rigidness of their stems. She said she was different.
They disagreed, but she floated past them, her long curls suspended in mid-air for a millisecond before they draped back onto her shoulder blades.

» Posted By Raven On 10.20.2011 @ 8:13 pm


“It’s not much of anything, really… just some colors slapped together, furniture from my twenty years of living.”

» Posted By Raven On 10.19.2011 @ 8:42 pm

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