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She never meant for the problem to blow up this big.

She could swear to the whole world and bet every single penny she had that she never meant for the picture to be sent out to the whole entire student body. She thought that the little problem that they had would be erased by the private picture, except that it was more than just “private.” The picture was sent, unintentionally, to the whole student body in her school, and now, she was wishing for a power to erase the memories of everyone in her school.

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The accused murderer rose from her seat, her face glowing under the dim light that illuminated the room. Her eyebrows were cocked upwards and there was a slight smirk on her face as her eyes showed a sign of maliciousness; she walked towards the judge femininely, luring all the stares of everyone in the room. Her beauty was like an angel’s and her petite frame was all anyone could focus on.

“Please take a seat, Ms. Fitch,” The judge ordered, his eyes casting a dark shadow on his youthful face.

“I need a moment to talk to you, Mr. Smith,” The woman replied with a hint of elegance in her voice.

“The trial will begin shortly, please take a seat,” The handsome judge replied with authority.

“And please, call me Mrs. Smith,” She went on as if the order was not issued by the judge, as if nothing had happened between them.

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I saw the happiness hidden behind the frowns and scowls. I saw the relief that passed by everyone in the room behind my back.

From my peripheral vision, I saw a girl trying to hold in her smile and her breath of relief; the fact that I was out of the competition seemed to be thrilling for most of the competitors here. I hated losing, and I wasn’t the best person to handle defeat; I was an open book and everyone were tearing my pages apart.

Their hidden happiness sickened me and all I could think of was a way to get out of the room for it seemed to be getting more and more stifling. It was as if I was pulled underground to a level of hell and the demons were grinning as they realized that my existence was worthless.

I hated losing, and I hated all these people.

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The disaster had kept her awake, and the spine-chilling laugh echoed in her mind like an alarm without a switch. No matter how much she tried to think of something else, to close her eyes and fall asleep, the laugh was still screaming at her ears. The bedroom was dark and no sound could be heard, but the laugh inside her mind filled every little spot of her room and screamed at her constantly. No matter how many pillows were pushed against her ears to block the horrifying laugh coming from her mind, nothing would change.

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Her armor and shield crumbled when someone kicked her ribs. Her petite body limply fell to the ground, her mouth coughing up a mixture of blood and spit that would decorate the dark ground in the middle of the night. She felt the throbbing ache of her whole entire body as the dark figures hiding behind their masks and black robes continued to stomp, kick, hit, and beat her constantly. Everything was a bedlam from her point of view, and she reached the point in which she was unable to open her eyes to look at the starless sky anymore.

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She dropped her teacup when the news finally registered in her mind.

The white and gold-ornamented teacup broke apart, its pieces scattering on the marble floor. The golden tea was spilled everywhere, its smell permeating in the air; the wide room smelled like a fresh of air mixed with tea.

The girl stood in the middle of the room, her face void of emotion, although she was screaming on the inside. Blood stained her feet, the teacup pieces piercing through her skin and creating scars. It should have felt painful, but she did not feel anything; her body was numb.

The news that she had just overheard from the other side of the walls was enough to leave her catatonic for the next few hours as she tried to make sense of her situation. Her heart had skipped a beat and her tear rolled down her cheek quietly albeit she attempted to try not to cry by biting down her lips. Everything in her life was going down, she could feel it in her bones.

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The sum of the money she had made during summer was enough to buy her the prettiest purse she had ever seen in her life, for now.

She had counted the money over and over again, smoothing each of them as she recounted them all over again with a giddy grin on her face. Her hands were clutching the money tightly as she daydreamed about how the red and white leather purse would look like when she paired it with a red dress and white shoes her grandmother had bought her a few weeks ago. Her hair would then be braided into a single french braid, and a smile would grace her lips and her small face.

Just thinking about how cute she looked like with the purse made her grin like a lunatic in her room, and she hurried immediately to buy the new purse at the mall. She had slipped on her red dress that flowed with the wind, braided her hair and put little dainty flowers as decorations, and worn the white shoes her grandmother had got her a few weeks ago.

As she arrived at the store, her jaw dropped to the floor when she found out that the purse was all sold out.

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The rainbow stretched across the equator, and the people underneath it only gazed and point their fingers, taking multiple pictures. It was the first time a rainbow like this appeared in front of their eyes; the rainbow looked surreal, almost magical. It was stretched across the equator, across the world with its bright colors of red, purple, pink, and blue. A little girl with a ponytail looked confused as she talked to her mother who was standing behind her, confused.

“Mommy, why is the rainbow weird?”

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She cleaned her apartment over and over again.

She changed her bed sheet countless times to get rid of the feeling inside her chest; she wiped away the invisible dust on top of all surfaces on her apartment as if that would clean the stain on her body away; she vacuumed the floor and mopped it again and again as if that would make her shine like a jewel again.

But even when her apartment was shining bright, there was still filth lingering in it– the filth of the stain she had brought with her since she went back from the cursed party she attended a few nights ago. It had happened so quickly and randomly; it was mindblowing to think that someone that she called her “bestfriend” would do such a thing to her.

And as she stood in her living room, the memories of the party swarmed inside her mind, drowning her in the sea of sickness in which she felt the cursed fingers all over her body again –groping, touching, pinching– and she called for help with her lungs filled with cries, but nobody came. The music was blaring, it was choking her to death. And the person on top of her was pushing her down, thrusting into her as she tried to move an inch of her body else than her mouth –her arms, her legs, it doesn’t matter, she needed out– but was soon forced to be silenced and binded by his choking touch and bitter lips.

That night, she gained a stain on herself.

And no matter how many showers she took, how many times she cleaned herself, her apartment, her car, her belongings, nothing could wipe the stain away.

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The triplets were taking on a journey to the witch’s house. Like Hansel and Gretel, they first left a trail of something to mark their way home just in case they were lost, but also like Hansel and Gretel, the triplets were now gone in the wild forest. The three little boys could only hold on to each other with the tiny string of hope of getting out of the forest as soon as possible and to have the police or their parents to search for them. The triplets would always keep each other safe and warm during nighttime in the forest as the foxes and the wolves run around, and the triplets would also share whatever they have earned today by the campfire. If it comes down to campfires, it meant that it that someone will be singing around a campfire with their friends,

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She was just an ordinary girl with a normal life and a stereotypical suburban family.

While I was a sore thumb, sticking out in places I shouldn’t be noticed in.

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As soon as I entered the ship, I was greeted by the welcoming smiles with friendly eyes staring at me. The bystanders moved to make a pathway for me, and I couldn’t be happier than I am this moment. I walked cautiously, afraid of tripping on my own dress that I cherished; a white dress for the special occasion, a special dress for a certain someone. I clutched the hem of my dress, walking up the golden stairs in the ship as everyone kept their attention on me. I felt flattered, but at the same time, I could feel a hint of shyness in me. I was not used to people paying this kind of attention to me, which is the main reason of my heart beating fast.
And in the top of the stairs, my special man was waiting for me, his sweet smile decorating his handsome face.
“Rose,” My name slipped out of his lips so gracefully, and it sent an electric shock inside my body.
The way he was staring at me was so enchanting that I wasn’t able to finish my sentence, for it was cut shortly as soon as his name slipped out of my lips. “Jack..”

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The pumpkin patch was glowing under the golden sunlight. The orange skin added some colors to the green surroundings, and the crisp fallen leaves decorated the ground. The crows were flying ahead, the sky was blue with gray clouds floating like cotton balls dipped with dust. The patch was located on top of a hill, enabling visitors to see the quiet houses below, the silent roads without a single hair on it, and the children peering out from the windows with their noses pressed to the chilly glass. The pumpkin patch would always be there mysteriously, although no one had claimed to have taken care of it. Each and every one of the villagers were busy with their own chores and duty that it was almost impossible to take care of something quite as big as a pumpkin patch on the hill. The mystery of the golden pumpkin patch would always resurface in October, and disappear during winter for the golden color would be replaced by the pure white snow.

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The ones with red lips would always exchange lies filled with pride.

The ones with the brightest smiles would exchange knives under the cloak.

The ones that stands alone would always exchange tricks to block out the masses.

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Aurum was held accountable for the assumptions everyone had made.

It was her fault, or maybe not. After all, she was the one who grabbed the knife and clutched it tightly in her hand as the dead body laid in front of her, the villain shutting her eyes tightly as crocodile tears leaked out of it. Her face was red, cheeks stained with blood, and skin torn apart. She was supposed to end it all, she was supposed to kill everyone and end everything in one take. But it was all too late, the sirens had arrived and soon enough, people would come in and take her away.
Unless she blamed someone else, just like what she have done for the past fifteen years. The finger, she decided, would land on top of Aurum who had taken her knife from her in an attempt of defending herself.

Aurum — oh, the sweet naive girl — was standing innocently, her eyes widening at the thought of people filing inside the building and finding her clutching the knife. It was too late, the bottle had landed on her. She was the scapegoat, and she was the slaughtered sacrifice.

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The bright night light augments the brightness of the room along with the light coming from my computer screen. Instead of laying my head on the comfortable pillow and letting myself wander around in the dream world, I am stuck with procrastination and sleepiness, feeling hazy and hot in the middle of fall and beginning of winter. I can feel my eyelids closing slowly, as if they’re too big for my eyes to carry, and I can feel my hands slowing down at typing as if they were falling asleep like the rest of my body too. The ideas that were supposed to come at one in the morning when I stay up late didn’t come today, and now I am stuck with writing something that I do not feel passion for.

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The room was filled with space themed decorations.

Here and there, rockets stood on top of bookshelves, drawers, study tables, and bedside tables. The glow-in-the-dark stars were glued to the wall, facing the king sized bed with the navy blue comforters and black pillowcases. Action figures and puzzles were displayed inside a glass case nailed to the wall at one side of the room, facing the door.

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She stood in the middle of the room, looking around her as a war played out in front of her eyes. Her body was like a statue, and she found herself unable to run away from the white room — not that she could, for the room was locked. The white floor was stained with blood, and droplets of the red liquid was painted on the formerly clean wall. Everyone were shouting, crying, and fighting; more and more dead bodies kept piling up. It was amazing how a room of mere forty five people could turn into a deadly room filled with rage.
She took her bow and got into the position to fire some arrows, when she realized that the person who started all this war was merely sitting quietly at a corner, enjoying himself. Without giving it another thought, she directed a golden arrow — her trademark — at his direction, and released her grip on the sharp object. A split second before the arrow was planted on his body, a shrill cry could be heard from just beside her, and a stab could be felt on her neck.
She couldn’t feel anything, and for a moment, the world turned muted before everything went black all around her.

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She stood in the middle of the room, looking around her as a war played out in front of her eyes. Her body was like a statue, and she found herself unable to run away from the white room — not that she could, for the room was locked. The white floor was stained with blood, and droplets of the red liquid was painted on the formerly clean wall. Everyone were shouting, crying, and fighting; more and more dead bodies kept piling up. It was amazing how a room of mere forty five people could turn into a deadly room filled with rage.
She took her bow and got into the position to fire some arrows, when she realized that the person who started all this war was merely sitting quietly at a corner, enjoying himself. Without giving it another thought, she directed a golden arrow — her trademark — at his direction, and released her grip on the sharp object. A split second before the arrow was planted on his body, a shrill cry could be heard from just beside her, and a stab could be felt on her neck.
She couldn’t feel anything, and for a moment, the world turned muted before everything went black all around him.

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He was running.

His breath was shortening, but his legs were still sprinting. His shoes had came off of his feet, but he was still running on the cold ground; rocks tore his skin apart, blood leaked out of his pale skin and yet he was still running. From something, for something.

He was running for the lights above him, for the images and flashes of the past he would see when he would run and tilt his head upwards. He was running until the lamps on the sidewalk would turn to stripes that constantly moved, illuminating the dark sky.

He would run until the lights moved so fast that he could see the flashes of memories in the sky. The stripes of light would disappear by then, replaced by a familiar face with a glow that he longed for; the face would smile, laugh, and bat its eyelashes flirtatiously, as if inviting him to run more. The white clothing, the long hair, the singsong voice that would echo in his mind when the memories came back. He wished the memory could last forever, but his breath would run out and before he realized it, the face would turn slowly into a glow.

And the glow would come from the stripes, and the stripes would slow down, and the legs would finally let the pain absorb through its skin.

And then he would stop.

Out of breath, clutching his knees. Looking at the ground as he coughed furiously, hitting his chest as he tried to breath in the cold air to his lungs. Pain had started to be absorbed by his body, like a sponge absorbing water; he would start to feel the burn in his insides, the eerie pain coming from his torn skin on his feet, the dry throat aching for liquid. He felt like dying when he finally came to that part of the night, he would feel like closing his eyes and never opening them up again.

And as he lied down on the hard ground, he would look at the starless sky and the feeling of warmth would envelope him as laughter would echo again in his head. Then, without knowing, he would let out a grin or a smile – depending on how strong the memory is – and his breath would steady itself as his chest move up and down.

And by the end of it all, all he could hear would be his own breath and not the laughter that would echo in his mind.

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She raised the rifle and pointed it at him, her whole entire body trembling. Sweat formed on her forehead as her eyes looked cautiously at him, her heart beating a thousand times more than usual. Aurum could not believe what was happening; she was scared and terrified at how easy someone she trusted so much could turn out to be the biggest danger in her life. With the rifle still pointed at him, she gritted her teeth, trying to bring her fingers to pull the trigger albeit she couldn’t. Maybe it would be easier to do it if only he was someone that didn’t hold a big chunk of her heart, maybe it would be easier if only she had never known him like she did.

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He pulled up his sleeves, and with a frown on his face, looked at her. He couldn’t believe his ears, what he just heard, and the woman in front of him — it was almost like a dream to him. He didn’t want to say that it was all true, he wanted to say that everything was an imaginary thing — hallucination.

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The past called out to me and mentioned his name.

At night, I could feel sweat on my skin as I toss around in bed, trying to get rid of the past that would cling close to my mind. The details of the traumatizing experience that happened a few years earlier are still vivid in my mind, and no matter how much new memories I create in order to forget everything, the past will never let go of its clutch on my fragile little self. It had wrapped its skin against mine, slowly molding and blending into one with me, its existence choking my neck as it tries to take over my own life. The past is going after my mind, its goal to dominate and nestle inside the crooks and alleys of my brain; I am trying my best to protect my life.

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They styled her according to her aura; in her case it would be elegance.

Her body was covered with a long white silky gown that shone under the moonlight with a v-cut on the back as jewels glittered on the bottom of the dress.

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She revised the option of going to the spring ball over and over in her head. Aurum had wanted to take a little break from school by dressing up fancily to a party filled with people she barely knew, but the mere thought of looking at those strangers had made her feel scared already. After all, Aurum was just a shy girl that didn’t belong anywhere.

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Her world was collapsing, and there was nothing she could do else than stand in horror with her jaw opened. Her mind went blank and her whole body was numb, rooted on the spot as if she was a statue. People were looking at her, wondering why a girl would stay completely frozen in a park under the sunlight. To a mere passerby, she would probably look crazy and nonsensical, but her actions were actually normal for someone going through what she was going through.

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The captive looked around, fear evident in her eyes.

Her big brown orbs kept darting from one spot to another, as if doing that will make her see in the dark room. She was trapped somehow, and she could not find her way out. Each step that she took led her nowhere but to the walls of the darkness, and each wail that she uttered will bounce back and hit her right on her face — the reality was that she could never escape.

And the best part was that this was all in her mind.

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When the bell chimed, she would flee.

And when the birds chirped, she would return.

It was a routine, she had been doing this for ages. It wasn’t easy leaving in the middle of loving someone precious to the world, but she had to do it. Her wings made it hard for her to stay invisible and watch him from afar, but she couldn’t help it. She knew the consequences if she got caught falling in love with a human, and it would include taking away her wings; wings were important to her, and she would do anything to not have them harmed or removed from her. After all, she was a guardian angel.

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The fans’ cheers were not missed by the group of singers walking through the airport. There were banners everywhere, cameras and flashes of light. It was almost like their own concert avenue, but it wasn’t; it was an airport. Everyone wanted a piece of the celebrities, which explained why there were lots of pulling and pushing everywhere. From a corner of her eye, Aurum could see a fan trying to touch a part of her body while shouting due to the crowded place. If it weren’t for the ropes and the guards, Aurum and her celebrity friends would have been injured and touched by the fans’ by now.

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Everyone belongs in different worlds, and my world is the competitions.

Everyday, my parents would want me to compete and my coach would want me to win. Competing is the most valued thing in the family, and I am supposed to be one of the competitors. Competing, I hate that word. I belong in that kind of world, but I would do anything to move out of it.

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