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The Central Intelligence Agency headquarters is located in Washington, D.C. This is a federal organization that is ahead of all intelligence of the United States of America. It is also know as the C.I.A.

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When making an apple pie, the apples must be peeled. That is one of the most important parts of creating and apple pie. After that you can then cook them and add the spices. Then you put them into the pie crust. And lastly you must cook the entire pie until it is done.

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Some guy threatened another. So the person that was threatened called the police. When the police arrived they arrested the person that did the threatening. Threatening someone is illegal. He was charged and convicted.

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I only wear a suit on special occasions. They are sometimes uncomfortable if it is hot outside. but, if you are indoors most of the time it isn’t too bad. I like to wear suites. They make me feel professional.

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In our adult learning class we covered the subject of algebra. Algebra is one of my favorite subjects. Mostly because I really enjoy learning math. To me, algebra is like a puzzle. In algebra you have to find the values for variables.

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I do not like to study. But, I have learned to be successful you have to. Sometimes you have to do things that you don’t like to do. Even though I do not like to study I still do it. I have learned that in the end it really does pay off.

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Whenever I go to fast food restaurants I always get fries. They are just too good to pass up. Fries goes well with everything. I love to get sauce or ketchup to dip them in. Sometimes, I even put them on my burger and eat them like that.

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During the flag football game the quarterback ripped his sleeve. it was during one of the last plays on the game so it really didn’t affect his playing. Whenever he got home he had his mother sew it back together. He ended up getting a whole new jersey 2 games later because he ripped it once again. This time it was not able to be repaired.

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She composed one of the most popular pieces of music ever. To this day they still listen to it. Her piece is used in music classes across the world. It is a perfect example of that specific genre of music taught in high schools and universities.

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For our vacation we booked a luxury suite. They had everything imaginable. The room service was amazing. They really aimed to make our stay the best they possibly could.

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The writer was anonymous.
She requested to remain anonymous.
The person in the article was anonymous.
The card was signed “anonymous”

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