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My lover left me in a junkyard. One moment they were there and the next the only things surrounding me were twisted metal and rust. I’ve been wandering ever since, looking through oil drums and puddles of chemicals. feeling my way over rusted pipes and hardly decomposed plastic. I lost my way but I don’t mind. The feeling of metal beneath my fingers helps me through.

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He leant towards her, perfectly prepared to tell a lie. He’d never tasted truth upon his lips. And they parted to speak, words which filled him with shock.
“I was born in a new england village.” The start of his life story, of his actual honest-to-goodness hometown. Well, there was still time to turn back now.

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He used to walk up those steps every day. Something so small that he took for granted before. Now, they seemed impassable, like an everest sitting in his own house. He could only stare up at them and after but a moment, ring the bell for his attendant.

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Lens Mills Store stretches out for miles. The building is not that big from the outside but once you are in it; there are rows and rows of all sorts of things. Clothing, food, garden and craft supplies. Once you get into the back – the fabric section – there are rolls upon rolls of any fabric you could be looking for. Some fabrics are so bizarre; it makes you wonder what people ever use them for.

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The rain fell quietly around them. The sun was shining down over the land, cutting through the clouds. They were far from home, far from their element. But the land that sprawled before them could have been the same that they came from. Though this strange new world glistened with rainwater.

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“Oh, I forgot to mention” I said looking up from the paper, “our lease is about to expire. What do you think of staying here another year?” it was just a passing comment, but she stopped and looked at me with discomfort.
“Actually, I was thinking about a smaller place…”
“But here is just the right size for the two of us.”
“That’s exactly what I mean…”

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The box lay before her, carved from metal and not wood. A testament to the age they were living in. She had never opened it; never even tried. It had belonged to her mother, who’d wanted her to have it so badly. But she wouldn’t even look at it, thinking of that woman who’d seen her hurt every day and turned a blind eye. Who’d done nothing to help.

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You are a liar. You tell me things that you hope I’ll believe and yet you don’t realize I’ve seen through them all. You lie all the time, so much that your truths seem foreign and wrong. Your truths are more like lies than anything else you say. Why bother trying, I wonder each time you tell the truth; you’ll just taint the next thing anyway. And yet, I always stick around hoping for more.

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/Black velvet in that little boy’s smile./ The song flooded through the speakers, every bit as creepy as I remember it being. Like a link to my past that I couldn’t erase. It felt out of place in this dark bar, and yet as though it was home. A bad memory; which was welcome compared to no memory at all.

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There was a little girl who used to live below my apartment, her name was Velvet. Her parents were successful – doctors or something. I wonder now why the even lived there; in the shady part of town. We would play together as kids, but the class gap was clear between us. She was well off and we were far from it. All we had in common was that apartment building.

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She looked avross the sands, all those animals splayed out in front of her. All those whales. Why did they come so close to shore? What had brought them all here, to die? It was as though something had called them up, had lead them to the shore. It seemed the whales would get their wish, despite the desperate efforts of humans like her. Wherever they were going, she hoped they’d be happy.

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The ocean air streamed salty and damp around her locks, blowing though the wharf. He wouldn’t look at her face, which made her smile: she’d done her job well. She was a mermaid, born to lead men to the deaths, and never to love. But him, he had always been her weakness. Now he hated her; so he could live.

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The room stunk of cleaning fluids. He stared around in a daze, wondering what had happened the night before. It was as though he was trying to remember, but knew he had no idea. Blonde hairs clung to his wet body, and he realized he was in a bathtub, just slightly filled with water. The light of the room flooded suddenly towards him, and he felt himself gasping for breath in his new found clarity.

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The stars danced across the sky in the meteor shower. Ronald didn’t know why this girl had chosen him, but she was watching the stars with him whether he knew the answer to that or not. To be honest, she hadn’t chosen him per say, but she had agreed to come along on the astronomy club’s field trip. She wasn’t even a member.

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I picked through the grease trap, smearing the black gunk all over my arms in the process. Wonderful, someone had dropped an egg in here. Two, actually. What WAS that even? The goo plunked into the garbage can with a revolting sound. The smell was the worst of it, aside from the feeling of that slime on my arms.

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You were the only one. The only one who could stop those voices in my head. I never knew a time when they were silent that I didn’t see your smiling face next to me. But those days are over, and they talk all the time now. All the time. I saw your face one last time, as the coffin closed, and you were lowered into the ground. Without you, my world is never silent. If only I could have you back, I swear I would never hear again.

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He looked through the rack of clothing. Maybe it was lame, he didn’t know. He’d always thought girls liked this sort of thing. But finding matching outfits was harder than he expected. Somehow he didn’t think it would work just because all the clothes were blue. They didn’t make co-ordinated his and hers clothing anymore, though.

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I wanted to jump from the roof. To fall, without anything to hold me up. Finally let go of it all and just topple over. Not jump after all. Just fall, off that edge. Anything to steal away this vision of a black and white skyline. To leave such a place behind.

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It wasn’t as though the village didn’t trust her; she was just a woman. Her uncle would have wanted the farm to stay in the family – it had been there for generations, and she wasn’t going to allow the rest of the town to stop her from keeping up that tradition. She looked out over the fields of her home and still wished her uncle hadn’t given her the opportunity to inherit them.

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The dog shook water all over the children in front of it, drenching them. That would serve them for giving him a bath! He had been rolling for hours in that dead squirrel and now they had ruined all his work. He would have to do the whole thing over again tomorrow – but somehow the smell was never quite the same.

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She didn’t do it often, but Jeice caught it every time. She would give a little smile at him, then suddenly realize she was supposed to be yelling at him for some crazy sceme gone wrong. It was one of the things he loved about her. She could never hide that smile for long.

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I wasn’t sure at first – if I wanted to follow him. You know, its probably weird hearing it from me now. Of course I would follow him. But at the time? Yeah, I knew I could be killed if they found out his plan. Do you think I wasn’t scared? I was; I’ll admit it. But he would have done it anyway, and I was not going to let my best friend take the fall on his own.

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I didn’t feel like talking to anyone today. My mind was taught, my back rigid. I walked through the halls not making eye conact, not even brushing into anyone. But then it hit me:
The voice was like a brick to the side of my head. So close, and yet so far. I couldn’t escape through pure will alone, it seemed.

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I saw it flying though the sky on the way home. It reminded me of me – well, that would be a noble thing to say. Hawks kill for food, I kill for whatever reasons my brain make up. I’m not a hawk, I’m just a murderer. I’m nothing special.

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“That’s a stupid thing to say” Jeice hissed at Minh.
“I was just pointing out your inability to see things for what they are” the girl was unaffected and Jeice was steaming – as usual.
He didn’t know what she wanted from him. Well, he did; she wanted a chance to fight. But she was not going to get it.

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Heaven didn’t ask for this to happen. The battle between our worlds was contrived of mortals, and nobody knew it would turn out this way. She died without me, but i was looking for her. She died alone, and I couldn’t stop them. All this power, and I could not even save her life.

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I flew all the way to the moon and what did it get me? I was still alone, still an alien in this strange little world, consisting only of me. I didn’t get along with those on Earth, but I didn’t get along with the nothingness of this rock either. Why had I built that rocket? Why did I do this to myself?

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The boat glided through the water, lit only by the glow of a lantern at its bow. I wasn’t sure what I was doing here, but it had all happened so fast. there was nothing I could do about the situation now. I hugged my cape around me tightly.

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